What are fossil fuels? How were coal and petroleum formed?

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Hint:. fossil fuels are also known as natural fuel that are obtained from plants and animals through the decomposition process. Fossil fuels are naturally found in the crust of the earth and this is used for the production of energy.

Complete step by step answer:
- Fossil fuels are the naturally occurring substance and it is obtained by the natural decomposition of living organisms such as plants and animals in the crust of the earth, over a vast period of time. By the burning of fossil fuel energy can be produced in the form of heat. During the burning of fossil fuel, it uses oxygen gas and produces carbon dioxide gas.
-Coal also formed naturally through the geological and biological process in the crust of the earth by the degradation of ancient plants, which lived millions of years ago. So under the presence of specific heat, pressure and moisture degradation of dead plants or trees takes place and coal is formed.
-Petroleum is also formed naturally through biological processes in the bottom of the sea by the degradation of sea organisms, which lived millions of years ago. So under the absence of air and presence of specific heat & pressure degradation of dead organisms takes place and petroleum is formed.

Note: Here some of you may think that fossil fuels and coal & petroleum are different things but that is wrong, because coal and petroleum are the example of fossil fuels.