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Archaeopteryx is a connecting link that carried the characters of
A. Reptile and bird
B. Reptile and mammal
C. Fish and amphibian
D. Amphibian and reptile

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Hint: Some species share the characteristics of two different types of groups. These organisms are known as connecting links between the two groups. Since the organism bears the character of both the groups it can be placed in either of the groups according to the convenience.

Complete answer:
Ornithorhynchus is a connecting link between mammals and reptilians. The species represented by it is the duck-billed platypus. It can produce and secrete its own milk to feed its young ones like other mammals. But it lays eggs like the reptiles.
Protopterus is the connecting link between fishes and amphibians. It is the genus of lungfish. It has paired fins like fishes and nostrils, lungs and heart like amphibians. Seymouria is the connecting link between amphibians and reptiles. It is a lizard-like animal that existed millions of years ago.
Archaeopteryx Is a type of Dinosaur which can fly like birds. Dinosaurs are classified under reptiles. Archaeopteryx shares characteristics of both birds and reptiles. It is referred to as Urvogel. These are bird-like dinosaurs. They are small carnivorous dinosaurs. They have teeth and a tail. They also have hollow bones and air sacs in bones and also possess feathers. It is a connecting link between the reptiles and the birds.

Hence, the correct answer is option (A).

Note: The connecting link should not be confused with the missing links. Missing links are part of the evolution process. Missing links are different from connecting links as they are extinct organisms between two groups that existed before and after it during the evolution process. The name Urvogel is derived from the German language.