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What is an antonym for the word ‘dictator’?

Last updated date: 22nd Jul 2024
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Hint: Antonyms are another word for words with opposite meanings. For e.g. day is the opposite of night.The word ‘dictator’ refers to a kind of leader or ruler. From modern history, the definition of dictator is personified in the form of ‘Adolf Hitler’.

Complete answer:
Originally, the word dictator did not have a negative meaning. They were magistrates who were given supreme power for a limited period of time, usually during an emergency. Once their term was over, their powers would return to normal.

Presently, the word dictator refers to a ruler who has total power over a country. He is typically a ruler who has obtained this control by force. Some synonyms of the word ‘dictator’ are tyrant, autocrat, monocrat, absolute ruler, despot, oppressor, absolutist, authoritarian, totalitarian etc.

The word ‘dictator’ can have two kinds of antonyms.
- Firstly, the word ‘dictator’ refers to a ruler. Thus, opposites for this meaning will be followers, subjects etc.
- Secondly, a ‘dictator’ is a tyrannous ruler. Hence, opposites for this meaning will be democrat, liberator etc.

Note: Antonyms are of three types;
- Gradable antonyms – This is the type in which the meanings of both the words in the pair lie in a continuous spectrum. For e.g. hot-cold, light-dark, fat-thin, young-old, early-late, empty-full, less-more etc.
- Complementary antonyms – This is the type in which the meanings of the words do not lie in a continuous spectrum. For e.g. entrance-exit, pull-push, male-female, dead-alive etc.
- Relational antonyms – This is the type of antonyms in which the opposite words have a relation; i.e. one cannot exist without the other. For e.g. child-parent, doctor-patient, teacher-student, prey-predator.