An example of a monoecious plant is
A. Tomato
B. Rose
C. Cucumber
D. Shoe flower

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Hint: The male and female reproductive structures differentiate and develop in the flower. The male reproductive structure is the androecium that consists of a whorl of stamens and the female reproductive structure is the gynoecium.

Complete answer:
The flower is the reproductive structure of a plant. It bears the male and female reproductive structures. A plant that bears both male and female flowers is known as monoecious plant. The male and female structures are borne on separate structures of the same plant. Whereas, when male and female flowers are present on separate plants, it is termed as dioecious plant.
Hermaphroditic plants have male and female reproductive organs within the same flower. These flowers are oftentimes referred to as bisexual flowers or perfect flowers. Tomatoes bear both male and female reproductive parts.

>Roses are also examples of a hermaphroditic plant, that is, their flowers bear both male and female structures.
>A cucumber is an example of a monoecious plant where the male and female flowers are present on the same plant but on separate structures.
>Shoe flower or hibiscus is a perfect flower with both the stamen and pistil present on the same flower.

So, the correct answer is option C, Cucumber.

Note:The common feature between dioecious and monoecious plant that they both bear unisexual flowers. This means that there are only male or female reproductive parts on each flower. The male and female flowers grow on different plants in the dioecious plants. With monoecious plants, there are separate male and female flowers in the same plant.
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