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Alphonso, Neelam, Malika are names of
(A) Banana
(B) Apple
(C) Mango
(D) Orange

Last updated date: 15th Jun 2024
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Hint: Mango is the succulent and the aromatic fruit. This plant is the member of the Anacardiaceae which is the cashew family. It is the type of the drupe in which the outer skin is flesh and edible in nature but the center part of the fruit is like the stone called seed.

Complete Answer:
- The mango has many varieties in it. Among them, the Alphonso variety is very costly because they can be cultivated only for a short season.
- The prices of this mango are twenty percent more than that of the other varieties of the mango. These mangoes have the small stone seed and a greater flesh that are good in taste. This type of the mango originated in India.
- The Neelan mangoes are famous for their beautiful shape. They are widespread in many areas of the globe. They are larger in shape with the pointed end with the good aroma. They mainly produced during the season of June.
- The Malika mangoes are the hybridized mangoes of the Indian varieties like Neelan and the Dasheri. This variety was discovered by Dr. Ramnath Singh. These fruits are of good quality with any fibers and taste like citrus, melon and honey.

Thus, the option (C) is correct.

Note: In mango, the mesocarp and the exocarp form the fleshy fruit and it is edible. The stone inside the flesh forms the hard endocarp. While consuming the mangoes, there is an improvement in the process of the digestion and the vision. It also has the cancer protection antioxidant in them.