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After the fall of Chittor; the city which became the capital of Mewar was________.
A) Merta
B) Kumbhalgarh
C) Mandalgarh
D) Udaipur

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Hint: Emperor Akbar stormed the fort of Chittorgarh with more than 5000 troops in 1567 AD. The Mughals invaded the city after killing over 8000 Rajputs. From here, Akbar rose through the ranks of the princes. The Rajput Commander was killed by Akbar, and the Rajputs were demoralised as a result. The war was almost won by the Mughals.

Complete answer:
Chittorgarh, formerly known as Chitrakut (after Chitrang, a Rajput chieftain), is located at the base of the Chittor (or Chittorgarh) hill fort. It was the capital of the Rajput kingdom of Mewar and the fortress of the Sisodia Rajputs from the 8th to the 16th centuries.

Muslim attackers Al al-Dn Khalj, Bahadur Shah of Gujarat, and Mughal emperor Akbar besieged it three times. Rather than surrender, the defenders choose death for themselves and Jauhar (collective disintegration) for their community. Following Akbar's capture and a sack of Chittaurgarh (1568), Mewar's capital was moved to Udaipur, and the princely state became known as Mewar.

Hence, the correct option is D) Udaipur.

Note: Rajputs regained control after the fall of the Lodi dynasty. Rajputs in Chittorgarh were opposed to the Mughal rule, and Akbar was well conscious of this. He fought several battles against the Rajputs. Akbar also realised that the Chittorgarh fort could no longer be ruled by Rajputs, so he ordered his men to build a high mud hill in front of the fort on which cannons could be mounted and attacked.