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Abstract noun of the word decent

Last updated date: 14th Jul 2024
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Hint: In the given question, we have to form the abstract noun. Nouns can be abstract or concrete. Abstract nouns represent intangible ideas—things you can’t perceive with the five main senses. We can form the abstract noun of the word “decent” by adding the suffix “-cy” by replacing the “t”.

Complete answer:
A quality or more on something we can only think about, not what we can see or touch, is an abstract noun. These are usually uncountable like courage, happiness, fear or love. However, certain abstract nouns may have plural form as they are countable like joke, failure etc.
 For example, beauty, courage, friendship, intelligence, truth, love, hatred, liberty, slavery, talent, wit, wisdom, etc.

Sometimes we can also make abstract nouns from adjectives like child to childhood, happy to happiness; and from verbs like: know to knowledge. Proper nouns like Taj Mahal, Twin Towers, The Empire State Building etc. are not abstract nouns.

Example in sentences is-
He is wandering in fear here and there. (abstract noun: fear)
He fought with bravery for the sake of his country. (abstract noun: bravery)
I wished that I could love someone too much. (abstract noun: is)
The abstract noun for the word decent will be decency.
Example in sentence- She is praised for her decency.

Thus the correct answer is decency.

Note: Concrete nouns are different from abstract nouns and should not be confused with. Concrete nouns are tangible and you can experience them with your five senses. Consider the difference between an abstract noun like rage and a concrete noun like chair. A chair may be touched and seen, but rage cannot be touched or seen.