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Abbreviation for NGO is
A. Non-Governmental Office
B. National Geographical Organization
C. National Governmental Organization
D. Non-Governmental Organization

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Hint: Organization is a group of people who come together to achieve a particular aim. Organizations are needed to manage and pile up tasks and businesses. An organized workplace motivates the workers to be more efficient at their work; it reduces work-related stresses on a single person. By getting things organized the workers are able to achieve more and generate more business.

Complete step by step answer: An organization could be a company, an institution or any association working in an orderly manner to serve a particular purpose. There are organizations that work under the government and there are some organizations that are independent of government interference, such organizations are known as Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs). It is founded by the citizens only and is the sub-group of other organizations. Clubs and associations that provide services to the members are included in the NGOs. Generally, they come under the category of nonprofit organizations. These can be organized on the local, national or international level. NGOs are classified by their orientation and level of operation, such as;
Orientation includes:
i. Charities
ii. Service
iii. Participation
iv. Empowerment
Level of operation includes:
i. Community-based organizations (CBQs)
ii. City-wide organizations
iii. State NGOs
iv. National NGOs
iv. International NGOs
Hence, the correct answer is option D.

Note: People do have a very high degree of faith in organizations like NGOs. Many times, a ‘civil society organization’ or any other organization which is founded by the citizens could be the synonym for NGOs. It includes activities like health, development and human rights