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A Country that has a Constitution must be a democracy

Last updated date: 16th Jun 2024
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The Constitution is the Supreme Law that takes into account the harmony between The Constitution, the collection of teachings and practices which form the fundamental concept of the administration of the political state. People living in a territory and the relationship between government and citizens, as well.

Complete answer:
States which have a codified constitution may also have a system of traditional or customary procedure which may or may not be considered to be constitutional. Almost every state appears to have a constitution, and not every government acts continuously in a constitutional manner. The easiest and most supportive is the "arrangement of the police offices" in a State. In this strictly conceptual sense of the term, every country does have a constitution, no matter how terrible or erratically it may be governed.

Democracy, which comes from the Greek term demos or citizens, is defined essentially, as a government in which the supreme authority is bestowed upon people. Democracy may be exerted directly by the people, it is by the citizens by their elected representatives in nation-states. According to President Abraham Lincoln, democracy is government, “of the people, by the people and for the people”. Democracy and freedom are sometimes taken in a different manner but it is not so. Democracy is also a collection of ideas and values on equality, but it often consists of policies and processes that are being observed. It was shaped over a long, sometimes long and painful past.
Democracy is about a set of particular government institutions; it is based on a well-understood set of principles, attitudes and practises, all of which may take various forms and expressions between cultures and practices.

A nation with a constitution must be a democracy.

Therefore, the correct answer is True

Democracy is based on universal ideals, not on standardised procedures. Democracy is based on the ideals of popular sovereignty and human rights. Democracy protects against the central government and state government, acknowledging that all levels of government must be as transparent and open to the citizens.