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1km 250m = _______ km.
Fill in the blank by choosing the correct option from the following options.

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Hint: Convert the km value into meters. Substitute the value in the given question and simplify it to get the required values in km.

Complete step-by-step answer:
It is asked to find the total km made by 1km 250m.
We know, 1km = 1000 meters – (1)
1km = 100,000 centimeters.
Similarly, if we need to find the value of 1m, we need to divide the digit by 1000 to get the values in km.
Therefore, from (1) we get,
1km = 1000 m.
\[\Rightarrow \dfrac{1}{1000}km=1m\]
1m = 0.001 km.
Similarly, for \[250m=\dfrac{250}{1000}=0.25km\].
\[\therefore \]250m = 0.25km.
\[\therefore \]The value of 1km 250m = 1km 0.25 km = (1 + 0.25) km = 1.25km.
If we need to find the values in meters,
1km = 1000m.
1km 250m = 1000m 250m = (1000 + 250) meter = 1250 meter.
\[\therefore \]1km 250m = 1.25 km.
So, option (c) is correct.

Remember the following for the conversion of km to m to cm to mm and vice versa.
  & 1km\times 1000=1m \\
 & 1km=\dfrac{1}{1000}=0.001m \\
The km is in the distance calculation, was adopted in the year 1795 and from this you will understand that km is thousand times larger than meters. It is the basic unit for measuring length and distance.