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One Two Zoo Poem

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Overview of the Poem One Two Zoo

Have you seen small kids dancing and enjoying themselves while listening to poems? That's because rhyming poems for kids creates a very positive impact on them. Their listening and oral skills improve. 

As a small child, they are slowly learning and exploring new things. That's why, for kids, it's always seen that most animals, numbers, colours and trees poems are made so they can easily recognise and learn about them. 

So, today to make kids learn about animals and counting, we are going to discuss a beautiful “One Two Zoo” poem. In this article, we will learn about animals and numbers and to make this article more interesting we will learn one two zoo poems with pictures because kids love colourful pictures. So let's get started. 

One Two Zoo Poem



One, Two, Zoo!

One, one: the zoo is lots of fun. Two, two: see a kangaroo.

Three, three: see a chimpanzee. Four, Four: hear the lions roar. Five, Five: watch the seals dive. Six, six: there's a monkey doing tricks Seven, Seven: count the elephants eleven.

Eight, Eight: a tiger and his mate. Nine, nine: penguins in a line.

Ten, Ten: I want to come again!

The Theme of One Two Zoo Poem

So in this one two zoo poem summary, the poet wants us to understand that children enjoy learning through song, and we should appreciate them for it. Children can easily learn about animals, plants, and everything else if it's done in the right way. And not only should they learn this, but they should also recognise the beauty of nature. They should realise how beautifully nature has created different types of organisms which have their own unique features. Small kids will learn that they should be kind and lovable towards the other creatures of this world. And they should do something beautiful for them which will make their life a little bit better.

The Literary Meaning of One Two Zoo Poem

“One two zoo” poems are written so beautifully that every line expresses the wonderful creation of this world. In every line, the poet makes the small children count and at the same time look at the beauty of nature. 

In every line, the poet introduces a new animal, like in the first line, he is taking small, energetic children to the imaginative zoo where he will introduce a new animal at every new number, so the children will learn and recognize the animals easily and in an enjoyable way. So let's get started and move to the wonderfully imaginative world of animals. 



One, the zoo is a lot of fun, so while counting one let's move to the zoo.

“Two, two see a kangaroo” so when we count two let's see the kangaroo who has short hair, powerful hind legs, small forelimbs, big feet and a long tail.

“Three, three see a chimpanzee” so the next number is three and when we count to it we see chimpanzees who have long arms that extend below their knees, short legs and black hair covering almost their entire body. Their faces are flat with big round eyes, they have small noses and wide mouths.

“Four, four hear the lion roar”, so when we come to number four we hear the lion roar graauuuuu do you know the roar of a lion is one of the most thrilling and captivating sounds in the wild.

“Five, five watch the seals dive”, and when the number five comes, we see the seals diving so beautifully. 

“Six, six there’s a monkey doing tricks”, slowly slowly when we come to number six we will see that a monkey is doing funny and enjoyable activities like jumping, swinging and many other activities which will make you laugh. 

“Seven, seven-count the elephant eleven”, then the number seven comes and we will see eleven elephants. 

“Eight, eight a tiger and his mate”, then the number eight comes, and we see a tiger with his mate.

“Nine, nine penguins in a line”, so when the number nine comes we will see penguins moving in a line. 

“Ten, ten I want to come again”, so finally, the number ten comes and we came out from the beautiful and imaginative zoo which we enjoyed a lot and would go back to again.


So through this poem, we learned about the beautiful creatures of this world, how unique they are, and what different activities they do. We not only learn about animals but also about the sequence of numbers.

We learned about how beautifully every creature is made. The kids learned here how to recognize different animals. They learned that they should be kind to other creatures of this world. And what are the steps they can take to improve the life of other creatures? Like we should not pollute the environment because it affects the lives of other creatures in a very harmful way. In this article, we learnt the one-two zoo poem and its meaning. This poem has a great impact on us as it is connected to nature. We hope you enjoyed reading this amazing poem, in case of any other doubts, feel free to ask in the comments. 

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FAQs on One Two Zoo Poem

1. What was the first animal?

Sponges were among the earliest animals.

2. What is the purpose of the animal poems?

Their main purpose is to admire animals and their unique features. 

3. Write 3 rhyming words for the word animals.

Tangible, Capital, Manimal