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Imagine Poem for Kids in English

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Learn the Imagine Poem Rhyming Word

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Have you ever gone to the zoo and seen different animals? So here's the “imagine poem”, where we will meet with different animals and look at their features.

Imagine poem by Roland Egan is a rhyming animal poem. Through this, children can easily understand different animals and will be able to recognise every one of them in a very easy way. Read this funny poem ahead and learn about its theme and meaning.

Imagine Poem

Different Animals

Different Animals

Imagine a snail 

As big as a whale,

Imagine a lark

As big as a shark,

Imagine a bee

As big as a tree,

Imagine a toad

As long as a road,

Imagine a hare

As big as a chair,

Imagine a goat

As long as a boat

And a flea the same size as me.

Imagine Poem Theme

The theme of this poem is imagination. Throughout this poem, the poet has tickled our imagination and encouraged his readers to think differently. He has used rhyming words to help young readers memorise the poem easily. Through this poem, the poet says that children should never put a bar on their imaginative power. They can think of whatever things they want.

An imaginary Panda

An Imaginary Panda

Imagine Poem Summary

Imagine poem is a beautifully written poem by Roland Egan, and the words used in this poem are elementary to use and speak for small kids, and that's why they will quickly learn it.

Firstly, the poet says there is no limit to the imagination; we can think even out of the box. Through this poem, the poet has compared or matched different things with animals. He has imaged a snail as a whale, a lark to big as a shark, a bee which can be as big as a tree, a toad as a road, a hare as a chair, and a goat with a boat so we can see that it's a rhyming type poem. This poem may not have any strong meaning, but it is an excellent example of how children should be encouraged to use their imaginative power.

Ending Note!

It's a beautifully written poem by Roland Egan where small kids experience the world of imagination, where they can compare animals with different things. Through this poem, we can learn that our vision has no limits, and we can think whatever we want to, even without thinking about what other people will say. We just need to live our lives in such a beautiful way that they should be filled with happiness and a lot of fun. So live your life to the fullest, and think or imagine what you want.

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FAQs on Imagine Poem for Kids in English

1. Why is it important to learn about animals?

Children should learn about habitats because it is an excellent method to introduce them to the world around them and make them aware that various creatures require particular ecosystems to survive.

2. How does imagination make kids creative?

Children's social, emotional, artistic, physical, linguistic, and cognitive development are all aided by imagination; these are essential life skills that children will carry into adulthood. Most importantly, pretend play is a fun hobby.

3. Which animal is the wisest?

Chimpanzees are said to be the most intelligent animals on this planet. Chimps can manipulate their environment and surroundings to help themselves and their community. They can work out how to use things as tools to get things done faster, and they have outsmarted people many times.