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Everybody Has a Name Poem

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Learning the Everybody Has a Name Poem with Action

The funny thing about poetry is it is made on almost every object that is present on our earth. In the same way, this is a unique poem that is written on human names by Jean Warren. Unfortunately, we do not have much information about when this poem was written and where this poem was first published.

Poems can be very informative and funny at the same time. This is one such poem. Now, further, in this article, we will talk about Everybody Has a Name poem author, Everybody Has a Name poem with action, and Everybody Has a Name summary. We hope that the readers are excited to read and know the meaning of this beautiful poem.

Everybody Has a Name Poem Lyrics

“Everybody has a name.

Some are different, 

Some are same. 

Some are short 

Some are long, 

All are right,

None are wrong. 

My name is _________.

It’s special to me. 

Its exactly who

I want to be”. 

Everybody Has a Name Poem

Everybody Has a Name Poem

Everybody Has a Name Summary

Before jumping into the explanation of this poem, we can see that there are no stanzas in it. The poem is 11 lines straight, which may be called hendecasyllable. A hendecasyllable in poetry is a line of eleven syllables. We will explain the poem in two halves for the reader to understand well. 

First Five Lines:

The first five lines of this poem are very catchy. Here, the speaker or the poet talks of names. She says that everyone in this world has names. Unfortunately, we do not know if the speaker is only talking about human beings. But, we know that even domesticated animals, houses, cars, and even toys are named. In the following lines, we can see that the speaker is saying that many might have the same name but many have different ones. She also defines them as “some are short” and “some are long” in the next two lines.

In the current generation, we have heard different and unique names. In fact, some people have names that are very short, for example, only an alphabet from the English language. On the other hand, many people have names that are so long and complex that it could take more than a minute to read. 

Second Six Lines:

As per the first five lines of the poem, we can see that the speaker is slightly making fun of names by judging their length. But, that takes a serious turn in the second six lines of the poem. In the sixth line itself, the speaker is referring to short and long names as “all are right”. This proves that the speaker loves and is very comfortable with all sorts of names that she hears. In fact, in the next line, she even clears that by saying “none are wrong”.

In the next line in this half, we can see the speaker is expecting the reader to take his or her name. The speaker in the poem is saying “My name is ______” for the reader to take their name. She wants to say that everyone’s name is special to them in some way or another. In fact, it is exactly who the speaker wants to be when they grow up or in the future. 

This half of the poem proves that everyone in the world should be happy with the name they have been given. The speaker is giving a definition to the name, saying that when she grows up she wants to be that name. This is quite a unique way of motivating the young minds in our generation.

Your Name is Your Identity

Your Name is Your Identity

The Theme of Everybody Has a Name 

The theme of this poem is very simple: “be happy with what you have”. Name is what we get for free and it becomes our identity forever. No one can take that away. One should love his or her name and respect it. No name in this world is bad, they are just unique and beautiful in their own way.

Be Happy with What You Have

Be Happy with What You Have


Every poem in the world teaches us some lesson. The same is in this poem as well. Calling out different names can be hurtful and it should be strictly avoided. Everyone must try to call out the original names that the third person has been provided with. Everybody Has a Name is a poem with action. It gives the perfect reply to the stereotypes around the world. In this article, we learnt that everybody has a name poem with its meaning and theme. We hope you enjoyed reading this article.

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FAQs on Everybody Has a Name Poem

1. What are some of the famous works of Jean Warren?

Some famous works by Jean Warren include Alphabet rhymes: Reproducible Emergent Readers to Make and Take Home, Sing a Song of Colours, Birds, Bows, and many more.  

2. What is the moral of this poem?

The moral of this poem is to always be happy with what we have and try to be satisfied. This is because greed will help you go nowhere, but it will degrade you. 

3. How do we know that the speaker loves his name?

We know that the speaker loves his name because he says that he wants to be the name he has when he grows up. He calls it special.