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Maharashtra Board Class 10 Solutions for Political Science Chapter 3 Political Parties

Last updated date: 23rd May 2024
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Maharashtra Board Class 10 Solutions for Political Science Chapter 3 Political Parties- Download Free PDF

Learning about political parties in India is quite an interesting point for students because they get aware of different aspects of Indian politics. From national to regional parties, they get to learn everything. The Class 10 Political Parties Question Answers from chapter 3 of Political Science cover different areas of Indian politics. However, students in Class 10 may find it hard to understand the complete concept of Indian politics.

To help students understand the concept, subject experts have created the Political Parties Class 10 Solutions. These notes have the simple language to explain Regionalism and National Parties. Moreover, they also get to understand the characteristics of political parties. The solution notes come with questions and answers related to the chapter.

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Importance of Political Science Chapter 3 Class 10 Maharashtra Board

Indian politics is quite a complex area to understand but also an interesting one. In the chapter Political Parties, students are presented with different views of Indian politics and its history. Subject matters have explained the features of political parties, including their ideology, social support offered by these parties, and taking a stand on specific public issues. Under the Maharashtra Board Class 10 Political Science Solutions Chapter 3 Political Parties’ notes, students will also learn about the objectives of these political parties and the changing form of political parties in India.

Students will learn about the Indian National Congress, the Communist Party of India, the Bhartiya Janata Party, and others. This chapter explains the importance of these parties and their views toward the public. Since the chapter is quite complex, seeking assistance from Political Parties Class 10 Solutions is the best that can help students understand the chapter easily.

Benefits of Using Notes of Class 10 Political Parties Question Answers

One of the reasons why students must opt for these Class 10 Political Parties Question Answers notes is the organised pattern under which the chapter is presented. Students will understand each point of the chapter easily and grasp it accordingly. Other than these, there are some more benefits like-

  • Students will get to practice in an accessible format using notes makes them easy to memorise and recall the concept while appearing for the exam.

  • These solutions are best for last-minute preparation, where students can practice without feeling any pressure.

  • The entire solution is created keeping the guidelines of the Maharashtra Board in mind. Vedantu subject experts have ensured that the topic solution doesn't deviate from the concept and guidelines.

  • Students can quickly resolve questions and answers of Political Parties using these notes and score good marks in their respective subjects.

  • Students can use these solutions for future learning reference. They don't have to keep looking for practical notes or textbooks on Political Science.

Download the PDF Format of Political Science Chapter 3 Class 10 Maharashtra Board Notes

Students, who don't feel like using textbooks or other types of notes for preparation, can now download the PDF version of the Political Science Chapter 3 Class 10 Maharashtra Board. Students can refer to these PDF version notes for easy practice per the schedule. It is entirely free and easy to download. Just visit the Vedantu website and download the PDF format of Political Parties class 10 solutions that will help you practice and score well in the board exam.

FAQs on Maharashtra Board Class 10 Solutions for Political Science Chapter 3 Political Parties

1. Do political parties act as the link between the public and the government?

Yes! All political parties act as the link between the public and the government. They inform their elected representatives in government of the needs and grievances of the public.

2. What is regionalism in politics?

Regionalism is the sense of kinship that has grown in relation to our language and location progressively, which further develops into identity consciousness before giving rise to regionalism. People begin to focus exclusively on the growth and interest of their own area.

3. What are regional parties?

Regional parties are the group taking pride in their overall identity in the region and retaining power until the next election. However, they have limited influence.

4. What are national parties?

National Parties are political organisations made up of a number of people who come together to run for office. The following requirements must be met in order for political parties to qualify as national parties in India. Firstly, the respective party must be acknowledged as a state party in at least four states. In addition, the party must be able to secure 2% seats in the Lok Sabha' from three different states.

5. What are the characteristics of political parties?

Some of the characteristics of political parties are-

  • To remain in power.

  • To keep the ideology going.

  • To establish the government.

  • Act like the link between the government and the public.