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Maharashtra Board Class 10 Solutions for Maths Chapter 4 Financial Planning - PDF

Last updated date: 23rd Apr 2024
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Maharashtra Board Class 10th Solutions for Maths Chapter 4 Financial Planning – Download PDF with Solutions

The chapter Financial Planning is the 4th chapter of the Maharashtra Board Maths Class 10 Syllabus, and it helps the students understand the concepts related to finance, taxes, invoices, GST, and much more. Students will learn to solve different problems related to finances in this chapter. For further information about the chapter, students can download the Maharashtra Board solutions from Vedantu. 

The subject matter experts at Vedantu have taken specific care in forming the solutions for the problems and practice sets of the chapter. Students who are having some trouble understanding the chapter can gain necessary information from these solutions. Practising the solutions will also help them prepare for their exams in a better way. If you are facing some difficulties in Financial Planning Class 10 Problem Set 4A or any other sets, download the solutions from Vedantu right now.

Maharashtra Board Class 10 Solutions for Maths Chapter 4 Financial Planning - PDF will be uploaded soon

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Importance of Maharashtra Board Class 10 Financial Planning Chapter 4

The chapter on Financial Planning is a very crucial chapter included in the syllabus for Class 10 students of the Maharashtra Board. This chapter educates students on the concepts of commerce and finance. They can learn about tax invoices, different types of tax invoices based on the goods purchased, services provided, and much more. They will learn about goods and service tax. 

They can familiarize themselves with the concepts of input tax credit and GST. Furthermore, they will be educated on the topics of types of GST, and features of GST. They can learn how to solve problems on the basis of these concepts. Not just theoretical concepts but numerical and word problems are included in the solutions. Apart from that, students will also understand the difference between Market Value and Face Value. They will understand what a Stock Exchange is and what stocks are. They will be able to understand more about taxes on share trading, Rate of Returns, etc. The chapter also mentions other important terms such as Profitability, Dividend, Mutual Funds, SIP, and much more. 

Students can clear their concepts about these values and how to solve problems using the formulas, and much more. They will understand how to create tax invoices, add GST taxes to different purchases and services, etc. They can have a clear concept regarding the use of SIPs, the benefits of Mutual Funds, and so much more. They can solve these problems to gain more understanding of the chapter in detail. 

Benefits of Solutions for Class 10 Maths Maharashtra Board Chapter 4

  • The solutions for the chapter have been designed carefully by learned experts at Vedantu to help students improve their overall understanding of the concepts. 

  • Students can use the solutions to practice solving the questions, which will, in turn, be of help when they have to prepare for their exams. 

  • If you forget to take notes about the chapter during your classes, these solutions and details can come in handy. Using the solutions, you can understand all the concepts in the chapter carefully. 

  • Students will be able to solve complicated questions about GST, Tax Invoices, and much more using these formulas and concepts. 

  • The practice set 4.2 algebra 10th class solutions can be used as revision tools for students. 

Nail Your Exams With Maharashtra Board Class 10 Maths Chapter 4 Solutions 

This is your chance to download and study from the Maharashtra board class 10 Maths solutions chapter 4 financial planning practice set 4.1. Use the solutions to practice the study materials of the chapter and see the results in the end. If you want to prepare for your Maharashtra board exams in the best way, these notes will definitely be of help to you. Visit the official website of Vedantu and download the solutions now.

FAQs on Maharashtra Board Class 10 Solutions for Maths Chapter 4 Financial Planning - PDF

1. What are the different taxes that come under GST?

Various taxes that come under GST include CGST-SGST(UTGST), Composition Scheme, and IGST.  

2. What exactly is IGST? 

IGST or Integrated IGST is basically levied by the central government for certain Inter State trading activities. 

3. Who is a shareholder?  

In Stock Market terms, a shareholder is a person who owns a particular share of a certain company. A shareholder is considered to be a part owner of the company on the basis of the share that they own. 

4. When is the Market value higher than the Face Value? 

In case the share is at Premium, the Market Value tends to be higher than the Face Value.

5. Define Input Tax Credit.

The deduction of the Input Tax (GST paid during a purchase) from the Output Tax (GST collected during a sale) is called Input Tax Credit.