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Maharashtra Board Class 10 Solutions for History Chapter 7: Sports and History

Last updated date: 16th Jul 2024
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Download Free PDF with Solutions of Sports and History Class 10, Chapter 7

Sports and History is an essential chapter for Class 10 students in the Maharashtra Board. The chapter introduces students to the concept of Sports and History and followed with solved examples and practice questions. In this chapter, students will be able to learn all the methods to solve questions on Sports and History. In order to understand the chapter in detail, refer to the PDF where solutions can be downloaded for the chapter.

These solutions for Maharashtra Board Class 10 History Chapter 7 Sports and History have been carefully designed by the subject matter experts at Vedantu who are completely well-versed with the essential topics and sub-topics included in the chapter. Downloading the Sports and History Chapter 7 solutions will help students gain a better understanding of the chapter.

Access Maharashtra Board Solutions for History Class 10 Chapter 7 Sports and History


1. (A) Complete the sentences by choosing the correct option.

(1) The ancient event of Olympic competitions used to be held at ………….

  1. Olympia, Greece

  2. Rome

  3. India

  4. China

Ans: The Correct Answer is (A) Olympia, Greece.

The ancient Event of the Olympics used to be held in the ancient city of Greece, Olympia.


(2) The wooden dolls made in Maharashtra are known as ………….

  1. Thaki

  2. Kalichandika

  3. Gangavati

  4. Champavati

Ans: The Correct Answer is (A) Thaki.

There are various regional doll-making customs in India. Thaki was the name given to the wooden dolls produced in Maharashtra.


(B) Identify and write the wrong pair in the following set.

  1. Mallakhamb – Outdoor game based on physical skills

  2. Water polo – Water sport

  3. Skating – Adventurous ice sport

  4. Chess – Outdoor game

Ans:  The wrong pair is the Chess – An outdoor game. Chess is an indoor game.


2. Write Notes :

(1) Toys and Festivals


  • Toys can shed light on the past. Through them, we can also catch a glimpse of cultural and religious traditions. 

  • Model forts are created as part of the traditional Diwali celebrations in Maharashtra. These model forts are decorated with clay sculptures of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, his warriors, and various people and animals. 

  • Other festivals, such as Makar Sankranti, Durga Puja, Gangaur, etc., use toys to carry out religious rituals.

  • This custom preserves the legacy of the forts in Maharashtra's past. In the excavation of the ancient Italian town of Pompeii, an ivory doll manufactured by Indian artisans was discovered. It is from the first century C.E. 

  • This artefact sheds light on the trading ties between the Indo-Romans. Toys discovered during archaeological digs can therefore reveal information about old international cultural exchanges.


(2) Sports and Movies


  • Movies about sports and athlete biographies have recently been released in a number of different languages like Mary Kom and Dangal.

  • The first female boxer from India to compete in the Olympics and take home a medal is Mary Kom. 

  • The life of the Phogat sisters, the first Indian female wrestlers to win gold medals at major international championships, served as the inspiration for the film Dangal.


3. Explain the Following Statements with Reasons.

(1) Currently the structure of the sports economy has been significantly affected.


  • India's sports economy has suffered, primarily as a result of social and economic inequality. 

  • The absence of appropriate infrastructure required for organizing and conducting sports is one of the main causes. 

  • A small portion of the population has access to these facilities. As a result, it has had a negative effect on both the level of participation and quality of sports.

  • Stadiums and other sports venues are concentrated in towns and cities as a result of the lack of funding for sports infrastructure.


(2) Toys can tell us about cultural history.


  • The timeline of toy history is rumoured to shed important light on regional culture.

  • The fact that these particular toys offer valuable information about the nation's culture is one of its most important features. 

  • Toys can be a significant factor in boosting children's skill sets in various countries.

  • Toys will be undoubtedly handled differently by kids from different areas.


4. Write detailed answers to the following questions.

(1) Write about the history of sports equipment and toys in ancient India.


  • Sports bring fun and exercise together. The history of sports starts with the beginning of humanity. There have been many different games played since the beginning of humanity. While the ancient people did use hunting as a means of collecting food, they also enjoyed it as a pastime and form of recreation. Ancient Indian literature makes reference to a variety of activities, including chess, wrestling, horse chariot racing and dice games.

  • The history and advancement of technology can be revealed through toys. Through them, we can also catch a glimpse of cultural and religious traditions. Model forts are created as part of the traditional Diwali celebrations in Maharashtra. These model forts are decorated with clay sculptures of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, his warriors, and various people and animals. 

  • In the excavation of the ancient Italian town of Pompeii, an ivory doll manufactured by Indian artists was discovered. It is from the first century C.E. This artefact sheds light on the trading ties between the Indo-Romans. 

  • Toys discovered during archaeological digs can therefore reveal information about old international cultural exchanges.


(2) Explain the close tie between sports and history.

Ans: In order to create articles and reviews about sporting events like the Olympics, one must turn to history.

  • Knowing history is helpful for expert commentators because they need to be well-versed in statistics, previous results, notable players, historical anecdotes, etc relevant to the games in question.

  • Live broadcasts of games in a variety of sports, such as cricket, football, kabaddi, etc. Professionals who monitor these telecasts play a crucial role.

  • Sports experts, coaches, and trainers are expected to understand the strengths and weaknesses of players through historical context.


(3) Explain the difference between indoor and outdoor games.

Ans: What separates indoor games from outdoor games

Indoor sports:

  • These games are referred to as indoor games since they are played in a closed environment.

  • Indoor games are played in places like party halls, hotels, malls, and residences.

  • It includes activities like wrestling, computer gaming, and table tennis.


Exterior sports:

  • The word "outside games" refers to those games that are played in a public space.

  • Stadiums that are designed for outdoor sports are used to host these events.

  • Basketball is played on a basketball court, whereas football is played on a football field.



1) Collect information about your favourite sports and their players.

Ans: My favourite sport is Badminton. I have loved to play it since my childhood. So basically, badminton is a sport played using racquets and a shuttlecock. The racquets are used by the players to hit the shuttle across the net. The sport can be played with big teams but I like to play it as singles which involves two players playing against each other. There are many famous talented players in badminton. Some of them are Saina Nehwal, PV Sindhu, Prakash Padukone, Jwala Gutta, etc. My favourite player is Saina Nehwal. I feel inspired by her dedication to the sport. Saina Nehwal is a well-known Indian professional badminton player. She has won around 24 international titles. She has also represented India three times in the Olympics.


2) Discuss the hardships sportspersons have to face while training for the sport with the help of information gathered through movies and literature.

Ans: There are many challenges and difficulties which are faced by sports persons while training for the sport.  There can be mental as well as physical challenges.

  • As we saw in the movie ‘Mary Kom' that even though she was one of the best in boxing but after marriage due to some household management problems she had to choose to be a housewife instead. This reflects the mental challenges. But sooner she got back in the field with his husband’s motivation.

  • Also in the movie ‘Dangal’, we saw the challenges faced by the girls as they didn't get enough support financially from the government quota. They didn't get to practice with professional tools and equipment.


Let us find out:

1) In India, there are regional traditions of making dolls. The wooden dolls made in Maharashtra were known as Thaki. Let us find out about other regions where dolls were made or are still being made. Let us also find out the local names of such dolls.

Ans: Other than Maharashtra these wooden dolls are also made in the regions of West Bengal. These are variants of Owl, Jagannath, etc.


2) Get to know more about wrestlers Khashaba Jadhav, Maruti Mane, and cricketer Bharatratna Sachin Tendulkar with the help of the internet.

Ans: Khashaba Jadhav - He was a well-known and very talented freestyle wrestler. He was the first individual athlete from independent India to win a medal at the Olympics. He was also awarded the Arjuna Award in the year 2000 for his contribution to wrestling. He was extremely nimble on his feet, this was the thing that made him different from other wrestlers.

Maruti Mane - He was an Indian former wrestler who competed in the summer Olympics in the year 1964. He was crowned The Hind Kesariin the year 1964 after he defeated Rajasthan’s wrestler Mahiruddin. It was known that he worked out for around 10 to 12 hours each day. He was also awarded The Dhyanchand Award in the year 2005.


Sachin Tendulkar - This is the name everyone is aware of. Sachin Tendulkar is considered the god of cricket. He inspires youth as he joined cricket at the age of eleven and has been one of the best players till now. Sachin received the Arjuna Award in the year 1994. He also received the Khel Ratna Award, Padma Shri, and the Padma Vibhushan award in the years 1997,1999, and 2008 respectively. He is now retired from the cricket ground but still resides in people’s hearts as he has millions of fans around the world.

Importance of Maharashtra Board textbook solutions for Class 10 History Sports and History

The Chapter 7 of the Class 10 syllabus of History for the Maharashtra Board, Sports and History, is quite crucial. The chapter discusses all the important topics. They also get to learn the formulas and its application in real life.

1. Access to solutions by experts: Getting guidance and learning from experts who have curated the answers that focus on learning standards specific to the age group. It also provides well explained and easy to understand solutions for a student.

2. Beneficial for resolving doubts: Sometimes, questions asked in the chapter become challenging to comprehend, especially for students who find History difficult. The textbook solutions can present them with elaborative and comprehensive answers or solutions which will benefit them in case of doubts.

3. Learning through mistakes: When a student is trying to solve a question, it is often observed that they get the correct answers but do not follow the proper method. In such cases, textbook solutions can help them understand the experts' approach, which they can use while finding the answers.

4. Practice with the right approach: Practicing the questions by following correct methods and techniques becomes significant for a student. These practice questions become the building blocks for their further question-solving practice. Hence, it is crucial to solving many questions based on a concept with the right approach.

Benefits of using Vedantus' PDF Solutions for Class 10 History Maharashtra Board

  • The solutions for Class 10 Chapter 7 for the Maharashtra Board Students have been created by Vedantu experts. With amplified knowledge about the concepts, they have left no detail unexplained in the chapter. Students can use elaborate explanations, examples, etc., to gain further understanding of the chapter.

  • Solutions for Sports and History will help students understand how to solve complex problems related to the chapter. These solutions have been explained in a way that is easy to comprehend for students.

  • They can prepare properly for their examinations by solving the problems with the help of the solutions. All details about different ways to solve Sports and History have been explained. Students can build a strong foundation for the chapter with these solutions.

  • During revision, these solutions and practice sets can come in handy to revisit anything when you are having doubts about your answers.

Complete Your Practice With Maharashtra Board Class 10 History Chapter 7 Solutions

Download Maharashtra board Class 10 History solutions Chapter 7 Sports and History and start your practice today. With time, you can download more practice sets and solutions to strengthen your problem solving.