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Maharashtra Board Class 10 Solutions for Geography Chapter 2 Location and Extent- PDF

Last updated date: 16th Apr 2024
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Maharashtra Board Class 10th Solutions for Geography Chapter 2 Location and Extent– Download PDF with Solutions

Vedantu is offering important solutions on the chapter Location and Extent for students of Class 10 Maharashtra Board. In order to study the geographical features of any country, region, or area, it is important to know about its location and extent. How far is the region from a specific location? What is the total area of the region, area, or country? These are some important questions that students can familiarize themselves with through these solutions and notes. To get into more details about the chapter and the different locations of places in the world, download Class 10 Geography Chapter 2 notes and solutions.

By solving the questions and referring to the solutions that are offered by the experts at Vedantu, students can get a proper understanding of the chapter. Learning about the locations and extent of different areas will help students to understand the geography of the world in detail. So, these important solutions are incredibly resourceful study materials for the students.

Access Maharashtra Board Solutions for Class 10 Geography Chapter 2 Location and Extent


Q1. Are the sentences right or wrong? Rewrite the wrong ones

(a) Brazil is mainly located in the Southern

Ans: Right.

(b) The Tropic of Capricorn passes through the middle of India.

Ans: Wrong. India's central region is where the Tropic of Cancer lies.

(c) The longitudinal extent of Brazil is less than India.

Ans: Wrong. Brazil has a larger longitudinal extent than India.

(d) the Equator passes through the northern part of Brazil.

Ans: Right

(e) Brazil has a coastline along the Pacific Ocean.

Ans: Wrong. Along the Atlantic, Brazil has a coastline. Ocean.

(f) Pakistan is a neighbouring country to the southeast of India.

Ans: Wrong. Pakistan shares a border with a nation to India's northwest.

(g) The southern part of India is called Peninsula.

Ans: Right.

Q2. Answer in Brief:

(a) What problems did Brazil and India face after independence?


  • India was governed by the British for about one and a half centuries before gaining independence in 1947.

  • After gaining independence, it experienced several difficulties, including three wars, famine conditions in various areas, and other concerns.

  • After being ruled by the Portuguese for more than three centuries, Brazil attained independence in 1822.

  • It was ruled by a populist military dictatorship for more than 50 years, from 1930 to 1985, and in the latter half of the 20th century, it experienced financial troubles on a global scale.

  • Thus, following independence, both Brazil and India experienced numerous issues.

(b) How are Brazil and India different from each other in terms of location?


  • While Brazil has some territory in the northern hemisphere and most of it in the southern hemisphere, India is situated in the northern hemisphere of the planet.

  • Brazil is located in the western hemisphere, and India is entirely located in the eastern hemisphere.

  • Brazil is located in South America, whereas India is located on the continent of Asia.

  • Brazil is located in the northern part of the South American continent, while India is located in the southern region of the Asian continent.

(c) Describe the latitudinal and longitudinal extent of India and Brazil.


  • The area of mainland India is between 68°7'E and 97°25'E latitudes and 8°4'N to 37°6'N latitudes.

  • Indira Point is India's southernmost point.

  • It is situated on the 6°45'N parallel.

  • Brazil's continental territory spans the latitudes of 5°15'N and 33°45′S as well as the longitudes of 34°47'W and 73°48'W.

Q3. Select the correct option

(a) India’s southernmost point is known as

  1. Lakshadweep   

  2. Kanyakumari

  3. Indira Point      

  4. Port Blair

Ans: 3) Indira Point

(b) These two countries in South America do not share their border with Brazil.

  1. Chile-Ecuador

  2. Argentina- Bolivia

  3. Columbia- French Guiana

  4. Suriname –Uruguay

Ans: 1) Chile-Ecuador

(C) Both the countries have ........... type of government 

  1. Military     

  2. Communist

  3. Republic     

  4. Presidential

Ans: 3) Republic

(d) Which of the following shapes show the coastal part of Brazil correctly?

seo images


seo images

(e) Which of the following shapes show the coastal part of India correctly?

seo images


seo images

(f) Considering the hemisphere, which shape correctly represents the hemisphere in which India lies?

seo images


seo images

(g) Considering the hemisphere, which correctly represents the hemisphere in which Brazil mainly lies?

seo images


seo images

Give it a Try 

1) Find the difference between the post-independence characteristics of India and Brazil.

Ans: The difference between the post-independence characteristics of India and Brazil is as follows:

S No.




The current population of India is approximately 1300 million.

The current population of Brazil is around 212 million.

The national anthem of India is “Jana Gana Mana”.

The national anthem of Brazil is “Hino Nacional Brasileiro” 


The capital of India is New Delhi.

The capital of Brazil is Brasilia.


The sex ratio and the literacy rate is low in India. 

The sex ratio and the literacy rate is high in Brazil.

2) The imperial part which ruled Brazil also ruled a part of India. Find out when that part of India achieved Independence.

Ans: Portugal is the imperial part that ruled Brazil as well as a part of India named Goa.

Goa achieved its independence from the Portuguese in 1961.

Importance of Maharashtra Board Geography Class 10 Chapter 2

The chapter on Location and Extent will help students understand various concepts about the topic. Locations of different regions and areas are explained in proper detail with the help of maps in the chapter. These maps will help students understand what country is situated where in the world. Also, students will be able to learn other important geographical details about the places as well.

In the chapter, the geographical locations and other parameters of the two countries are taken into account. Students are told about the locations of India and Brazil. The chapter also discloses important information about the history and development of these nations.

The students of Maharashtra Board Class 10 will definitely have a lot of help from this chapter as it discusses important topics related to the locations of these places. Through the chapter, students will also be able to figure out some similarities between India and Brazil as countries and their surroundings as well. So, there is no doubt that with the help of these notes and solutions, students will have a sound understanding of the chapter. Solutions have been provided for the chapter Location and Extent Class 10 Exercise for students and they can read those solutions to prepare for their examinations.

Benefits of MSBSHSE Class 10 Geography Chapter 2 Solutions

  • One of the most important benefits of having these solutions for the chapter from the experts at Vedantu is that students can learn more about the topics and details included in the chapter for sure. They will be able to answer difficult questions about the chapter after practising the solutions properly. 

  • The experts at Vedantu have taken special care to make sure that all the answers provided for the questions in the chapter are completely detailed. So, there is no compromise on the quality of the answers and students can rely on the accuracy and precision of these answers for sure. 

  • The Location and Extent Class 10 Question Answer PDFs are available at Vedantu for free. Students can use these solutions to revise the chapter before their examinations. In case there are any doubts that they might have about the chapter, they can easily clear those doubts by referring to the solutions.

Learn About Locations With MSBSHSE Solutions for Class 10 Geography Chapter 2

Download Maharashtra Board Class 10 Geography Solutions Chapter 2 Location and Extent PDF right now from Vedantu. Download the solutions and include them in your study material to get the best resources for your exam preparation.

FAQs on Maharashtra Board Class 10 Solutions for Geography Chapter 2 Location and Extent- PDF

1. Where is India located?

India is located in the Northern as well as Eastern hemispheres of Earth. It is situated in the southern location of the Asian Continent.

2. Where is the location of Brazil?

Brazil is situated in the earth’s northern hemisphere and a major portion of the country rests in the Southern hemisphere as well. 

3. What is a famous sport in Brazil?

Football is one of the most popular sports in Brazil.

4. Describe the origin of the name Brazil.

The name Brazil is derived from a local wood tree which is named ‘Pau Brasil’.

5. When is Independence Day celebrated in Brazil?

The Independence Day is celebrated on the 7th of September every year in Brazil.