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Means of Communication for Kids

Last updated date: 27th Feb 2024
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What are the Means of Communication?

Communication is a medium through which people connect with each other in the world. It helps people express their views, ideas, and wishes to each other. Through communication, all kinds of news can be spread across the world.

In the early time, people used writing as a means of communication. They used to write and send letters to each other for various purposes. People used to transfer the information verbally as well. Some kings also used to keep a messenger who used to travel all around the village to transfer the information. A list of means of communication from ancient to modern times includes hand-written letters to mobile apps’ texts. 

Means of Communication

Means of Communication 

Slowly and gradually, with time, means of communication have been developed with new technologies. We have learned the basic concept of means of communication for Class 1. We will learn about different means of communication for kids in this module.

Kinds of Communication

There are various kinds of communication, i.e., verbal, written, and gestures. Verbal communication is done by speaking with each other. A written form of communication is done via writing letters, papers, announcement boards, etc. Communication through gestures is performed by making specific gestures to each other. For example, showing your thumb to another would mean that you are saying okay. 

Means of Communication

There are two main forms of communication, i.e., Mass Communication and Private Communication. Mass Communication is communicating or connecting with the public at large. On the other hand, private communication is talking privately to your friends, parents, teachers, etc.

Let's see the 2 means of communication through which we can connect.

Various Means of Communication

Various Means of Communication

Mass Communication


Television is a medium of mass communication. It telecasts various kinds of news and reports which can be seen by the public at large. Television is the fastest means of mass communication. It can communicate news to millions of people at a time.


Radio is a means of mass communication that spreads news in audio format. Radio is used to telecast various news and songs to the public. In the 20th century, radio was the most popular means of communication.


Newspapers are also a means of mass communication. Through newspapers, people all around the world can read important news and events happening in the world. What is happening in Delhi can be easily read in any other state of India through newspapers.


With the development of new technologies, internet services have become the most popular and convenient form of communication. Anything can be sent and done to connect with anyone in the world. Mobile apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., have made communication extremely easy. It is the latest means of communication. 

Private Means of Communication


A telephone is a private means of communication to talk and express ideas. Two people can talk about anything over the telephone. There is a limitation attached with the usage of a telephone that you cannot carry it around with you.

Mobile Phone

Mobile is the easiest and the most convenient form of private means of communication. Two people can easily connect on a mobile phone and talk with each other over a phone call. Messages can also be sent through mobile phones to each other. It is a pocket-sized device, and you can carry your mobile phone anywhere.


Means of Communication are used to send any news, ideas, or message to a specific person or around the world. It is also used to receive any kind of information from a specific person or any other place. Mass Communication and Private Communication are two means of communication. Through mass communication, any kind of information can be spread in the world; on the other hand, private means of communication are used to talk to any specific person in the world. 

Means of communication have made sending or receiving any kind of message or information very easy and convenient. Children should learn the concept very carefully. Children may also write an essay on means of communication for kids to assess their understanding of it.

FAQs on Means of Communication for Kids

1. What are the Means of Communication? Give some examples of means of communication.

Means of Communication are used as a medium to send out and receive all kinds of information, messages, ideas, feelings, and news.

Communication can be done verbally, written, or through gestures. Some examples of means of communication are radio, television, mobile phone, newspaper, computer, etc. These mediums have made communication very easy and convenient.

2. What is the difference between mass communication and private means of communication? Describe the following with a few examples.

Mass means of communication is connecting with people all around the world. Radio, Television, and Newspapers are a few examples of mass communication. Through these mediums, all sorts of news, information, ideas, and messages can be sent across the world.

Private means of communication are connecting with specific people as per your requirement. Private communication can be done through mobile phones, telephones, and letters.