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What is Accountancy?

Last updated date: 28th Feb 2024
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Accountancy: Application, Courses and Career Opportunities

Accountancy is a field of education available in academic curricular and professional programs. There are different courses for those who wish to make a career in accounting. Accountancy is the subject that deals with the process of accounting, which means recording and assessing financial transactions related to any commercial activities. Accounting is the backbone of every business organization as it keeps track of financial transactions and analyzes the company's financial performance, which in turn helps the stakeholders make appropriate decisions.

Application of Accountancy

Accountancy is the study of the process of recording, classifying, and summarizing events in terms of money transactions in a significant manner that helps to interpret the financial character and results of an organization. Accountancy provides learning on how to create, maintain, and audit a detailed and accurate system that demonstrates the financial transactions of a business or organization.

Financial accounting involves preparing financial statements to represent a company’s financial status and performance, and Management accounting involves the collection of data which is then analyzed for financial accounting purposes.

Accountancy Courses

There are many courses available for aspirants who can study accountancy and pursue a career in accounting. Accounting courses are available as degrees, diplomas, and certifications. Several institutes have started offering both offline and online accounting courses. The study of accountancy requires a good command of Mathematics, whether you opt for an accounting degree, diploma, or certification. Therefore, the academic eligibility criteria for accounting courses include Mathematics up to Class 12.

The course-wise syllabus of accounting degrees, diplomas, and certifications includes an in-depth study of some basic concepts related to finance, accounting, economics, and management, with special emphasis on certain aspects of specialized fields. The accounting courses, in general, include the following subjects:

Career Opportunities in Accounting

The field of accounting offers a wide range of career options. The accounting function in an organization is a highly responsible job and is vastly lucrative and monetarily rewarding. The accounting function is crucial for the assessment and control of the financial health of a business organization. Hence, there are enough opportunities for skilled professionals in this field to prove their worth and earn very high. After completing a relevant accounting course, one can take up, such as an accountant or finance manager, in an organization. One can start a career as a financial analyst, tax analyst, and personal finance consultant, among others.

Accountants have job opportunities in private businesses or corporations as internal auditors or outside consultants. Career growth can lead them to higher positions to become controllers of financial activities as chief financial officers of companies. Some also move into the financial sector of government jobs.

Accounting has different specialties, and they all require different skill sets so the accountants focus on gaining specialized experience and developing specialized skills to move successfully in the career path. Even if you start your own business, you can use your knowledge of balance sheets, profit and loss ratios, and other business-related concepts to monitor and control the financial health of your business.

How to Start a Career in Accounting?

People interested in a career in accounting should start learning the various aspects of this field and acquire the necessary knowledge. There are many different paths for starting a career in accounting:

  • Obtain a Bachelor’s Degree. A bachelor’s degree is an educational necessity to start a career as an accountant. You can choose the general accounting field or go for other subjects like mathematics or computer science to strengthen your knowledge base for taking up an accountant’s job.

  • Choose a Specialty. When pursuing a bachelor’s degree in any other subject, take a specialization in an accounting subject so that you can get some fair knowledge about the field. Specializations include financial accounting, taxation, business accounting, etc., depending on your interests.

  • Get An Internship or Entry-level Position. After completing your bachelor’s degree, it is better to start an internship or join an entry-level position with a company related to accounting. This will help connect you enhance your practical knowledge and connect with employers that help you get you to move on the right path toward building a successful career path.

  • Certification: It is always advantageous to carry out some professional courses in accounting and get a certification that enhances your credibility as an accounting professional.

Skill Requirements For Accounting Jobs

Accounting is an excellent career choice for people interested in mathematics, like working with numbers and having a passion for accounting and analysis. Understanding the skills and qualities required by an accountant to make a satisfying and successful career is essential. It requires a certain mindset, necessary skills, knowledge, and personality traits to succeed in accounting. Employers look for some qualities in an accounting professional, which are as follows:

  • Analytical skills: A skilled accountant meticulously follows and analyzes financial statements and other documents to extract meaningful information that might affect financial performance.

  • Organization skills: Good accountants follow an organized approach to keeping detailed records of data and activities to ensure easy access to relevant information and documentation.

  • Critical thinking skills: Accounting requires analytical skills to identify and analyze problems to find solutions aligned with meeting business objectives in financial terms.


Accounting is essential to the success of any business or commercial activities because it helps track expenditures, income, profit, and loss maintain statutory records, and offer relevant financial information to investors, management, and the government. Accountancy is an important branch of commerce studies that provides thorough knowledge of accounting activities and opens up career opportunities for many students and professionals.

FAQs on What is Accountancy?

1. What is the role of an accountant?

An accountant has responsibilities of handling the budget, monitoring daily transactions, providing updates about expenses and income, and interpreting financial records.

2. What are the career options for an accountancy student?

Accountancy students can work as accountants, auditors, financial consultants, tax consultants, and chief financial officers.

3. What are some of the top accounting recruiters in India?

Some of the top accounting recruiters in India include PWC, Deloitte, Ernest & Young, and KPMG.

4. Which are accounting courses at the graduation level?

At graduation level, one can opt for B.Com in Accounting & Finance or BBA in Accounting & Finance.

5. What are the main accounting subjects taught in the UG course?

The main accounting subjects taught in the UG course are Finance, Accounting, Management, and Economics.