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Programming Languages for Kids

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Introduction to Kid Programming and Learning Programming Languages

Pandemic has changed everything right from businesses to education. Online education after Covid-19 is one of the accepted ways to provide education. But, do you know how it takes place? The answer is education apps. But, how these applications are made? Well, programming languages help us create these apps. 

A Syntax Code

A Syntax Code

A programming language is a type of computer language involving a set of rules that commands a computer or device to perform a specific task. It helps make various software through coding for education, gaming, business, security, etc. It is important to learn programming languages to become a kid programmer. 

Let us dive deep into the programming world. 

How can Programming Languages Help Kids Learn Coding? 

Programming languages allow children to learn the basic and advanced concepts of coding. From a personal point of view, it teaches them how to reach solutions logically, followed by analyzing problems. It builds their analytical, technical, and problem-solving skills. It challenges them to think out of the box and come up with innovative ideas. This boosts their confidence and makes them stand out from the crowd. 

What are the Latest Programming Languages that Kids should Learn? 

When it comes to learning programming languages or coding, these must be considered. 

  • Scratch - Visual programming for kids is best compatible with Scratch. As it does not involves difficult codes, aspiring child programmers can learn through dragging and dropping commands and create interesting images, animations, games, etc. It is a free tool that can be downloaded and used on any device, such as mobile phones, PC (Android or macOS), laptops, etc. It has various features like sound effects, object motion, etc. 



  • Python - This language was used to make popular social media apps like Facebook and Instagram. It is a complex language that ensures software safety. It is used in artificial intelligence and cybersecurity. The coding involves text-based commands and is based on the English language, which makes the language simple to understand. Python has a user-friendly interface that helps to write codes quickly. Children can download Python from its official website. 



  • Java - It is one of the most widely used programming languages. Kids interact with Java through games like Minecraft, mobile apps like Gmail, etc. 



How can Kids Learn Programming Languages?

Programming is a creative activity that any kid can enjoy. With the help of programming, kids can develop various interactive games and websites. Many child programmers have created and designed websites and applications. 

There are many kids programming languages that help these young minds to improve their coding skills. The following steps can help kids to learn programming languages:

  • Younger kids should start with Scratch and Python. These coding languages benefit kids by providing them with a simple graphical interface. They will be able to develop programming and typing skills with the help of these programming languages.

  • Programming requires practice more than understanding concepts. After learning programming fundamentals, kids should try to write codes for games or websites. They can use various resources to learn how to write codes.

  • Kids should skip some computer science topics as they may confuse them in understanding programming languages. These topics include recursion, design pattern, object-oriented programming, SQL databases, data structures and networking protocols. 

  • Kids can also join coding classes to learn basic concepts of programming languages. Teachers will guide these kids on how to write codes and programs for games, websites, and applications.


Starting with understanding programming languages can help budding coders become experienced programmers in the future. Becoming a coder comes with numerous advantages, such as better job opportunities, good salary, etc. Coding languages help children prepare themselves mentally and psychologically for a better future.

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FAQs on Programming Languages for Kids

1. Why should kids learn coding languages?

Kids should learn to code because:

  • The demand for coders is high.

  • Coding is satisfying and fun.

  • Kids will be able to enhance their communication, problem-solving and creative skills. 

  • By learning the fundamentals of coding, kids will be able to compete with others.

  • With the help of coding, kids will be able to remain persistent and collaborate with others. 

  • Basic coding concepts will enable kids to interact with other technologies.

  • Using coding, kids can develop complex and interesting apps and websites.

2. What are some programming languages kids can learn?

Programming helps kids to develop their creative and thinking skills. Different programming languages will enable the kids to enhance these skills. Other than JAVA, Python, and Scratch, kids can also learn the given programming languages:

  • JAVA Script - It should not be confused with JAVA, these both are different. It is a lightweight programming language that will help a kid learn web designing. 

  • PHP - It is best known for creating interactive web pages. It is used to write fast and efficient codes. It is best for kids who have some experience in programming. 

  • Ruby - It helps understand the basics of coding.