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Better Ways of Using Computers

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Introduction to Computers - Types and Fun Facts

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Everyone loves computers, society is heavily dependent on computers. Computers have a huge impact on our lives. Few parents might be in a dilemma about whether they should introduce their kids to computers and I know it's a big decision. In this article, I am going to mention better ways of using computers. If you read this article carefully I am sure you will understand all about it. 

What is a Computer? 

A computer is a device that helps in working with information. Information could be anything between numbers, pictures, movies or sounds. Information stored in computers is called data and computers have the ability to process huge amounts of data very quickly. 

Everyone uses computers at work, school or at home. Computers are also used to send e-mail, write content, do banking, watch videos and the list goes on. There are many benefits of children using computers and those will be discussed further. 

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Types of Computers 

  • Computers can come in many forms. Desktop computers, personal computers which are also called PCs are used for completing tasks at school, college, at home and at the office. 

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  • Supercomputers are very powerful and expensive computers that are used for complex work such as solving complex problems and forecasting the weather. 


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  • Tablets, laptops and notepads are the same things as computers but they are smaller and easier to carry. 

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  • There are very small computers that are used to control machines. They are built-in complex machines such as aeroplanes, cars or the robots in the factories which helps in controlling and monitoring them. 

Uses of Computer:

There are various uses of computer for kids. They have been mentioned below.

  • Education 

  • Entertainment 

  • Art and sketching

  • Watching videos 

  • Typing practice 

  • Viewing images 


Today it is required for children to study with the use of computers. Learners can use computers to access audio-visual packages, interactive exercises, and remote learning, such as online tutoring. The uses of computer in school include conducting practical classes for the students to understand topics. They can be used to get educational information from the internet and other online sources, as well as from e-books. Computers played an important role during the Covid pandemic to provide education to each and every student. 

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A  computer can be used to entertain your kids. There are a number of ways to entertain kids using computers such as playing video games that help in improving their cognitive skills, Watching entertaining videos that help them to learn new information about the world. 


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Art and Sketching 

Gone are those days when art was done only on a piece of paper. Now computers are used in virtually every branch of the art. Computers are used to create drawings, graphic designs and paintings. They are also used to edit, copy and send pictures. Teaching kids to do art helps in improving their imagination. 

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Typing Practice

It is important that kids should improve their typing skills. Computers can be used to do the same and help in improving their typing speed. Having the skill to type characters, letters etc are very important in today's world and kids should learn this skill as soon as possible. There are many online games and typing software that will help your kids to learn to type very easily. 

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Playing Games

Games are a very important part of a child whether it's indoors or outdoor games. Similarly, there are many games developed for children on computers that a child could learn by playing these games. Parents should be very careful while buying games for the children as there could be games that would be inappropriate for the kids. 

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Viewing Images and Watching Cartoon 

By using computers, the kids can see any photo they want. Computers could be considered a very good medium through which children can see images related to studies and learn as much as they want. 

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Children can also watch cartoons using a computer. Today there are many cartoons that children can watch on the computer as they are a very good medium to do so. There are different animated cartoons on the internet that help children to grow mentally and help them learn new things about this world. 

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Fun Facts

  • Computers are machines that take input and provide output to the users. So all you have to do is command it and follow it to produce a result. 

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  • As we run computers and operate them, they get hot. Computers have fans installed in them to avoid this problem. 

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  • The computer has RAM, which helps in storing information that is not required. We can access this information whenever we can. 

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Now can you answer places where computers are used? 

From this article, we can understand what a computer is, the benefits of computers and the places where computers are used. It is very important that the children know the advantages of computers as that would allow them to use them correctly. Students can visit the official website of Vedantu where they can also learn more about the importance of computers and other topics related to them. 

Learn by Doing:  

1. Observe the image below, can you mention the device that outputs the sound from the computer?  

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2. Identify the devices given below and mention their uses.

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FAQs on Better Ways of Using Computers

1. Explain application of computer

The basic application of computer are : 

  • Education 

  • Communication 

  • Health care 

  • Art and design 

  • Banking

2. Write down the basics of computers?

Computers are made up of many parts but here are the few important components that make the basics of a computer. 

  • Monitor: It helps in seeing the work and files just like a TV. 

  • CPU: Central processing unit is considered to be the brain of the computer. It helps in turning on and off the computer. 

  • Floppy Disk Drive: This can read information from a very thin, floppy disk present inside a hard plastic case. Floppy disks can hold upto 1.44 megabytes of information. 

  • CD- ROM Disk Drive: Compact Disk- Read memory is flat, the shiny disk that helps in storing information.

3. What are some of the uses of Computers in School?

Uses of computers for kids at school can help in: 

  • Researching for homework.

  • Learning programs 

  • Learning with entertainment

  • Solving problems using the computer.

4. Does Vedantu have any coding courses for Kids?

Vedantu understands the advantages of computers and the importance of children coding as soon as they can hence we have different coding courses that will surely help the students to learn and love coding.