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CBSE Class 8 Hindi ‘Bharat Ki Khoj’ Worksheet Chapter 8 Tanaav

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CBSE Class 8 Hindi ‘Bharat Ki Khoj’ Worksheet Chapter 8 Tanaav - Download Free PDF with Solutions

Hindi is a pivotal subject of the overall Class 8 syllabus. A firm grasp on the subject is not only important to score good marks in examinations but also because Hindi is one of the two official languages of India. Moreover, Hindi is also an optional subject for class 9th and 10th standard boards, and most students end up choosing Hindi.

Therefore, young minds should pay attention to the subject and make concerted efforts to master the language. Parents and teachers should encourage young students of class 8 to engage with the discipline wholeheartedly and not feel intimidated by it. Chapter 8 of Class 8 ‘Bharat Ki Khoj’ Hindi textbook is titled ‘Tanaav.’ The chapter is about the Quit India Movement, which is rightly deemed the era of the highest political tension in India.

Gone are the days when solely relying on NCERT textbooks and exercises was enough. Nowadays, the world has become so competitive that referring to extra study materials has become mandatory to excel in academics. Learning about Hindi lessons like Tanaav Class 8 may be challenging for students, and thus, some extra hand-holding goes a long way. Therefore, parents and teachers should ensure that children are receiving all the additional guidance that they require in the form of extra study materials from reliable sources.

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Tanaav Lesson Summary

Tanaav, or Hindi for ‘stress’ is a chapter of the NCERT Hindi textbook about the Quit India Movement of India, which started in 1942. The lesson throws light on the period of World War II and explains how global events merged with India’s freedom struggle. The chapter tells us about the All India Congress Committee’s proposal in an open meeting known as the Quit India Resolution wherein the pertinent suggestion was to form an interim government that represented Indians from all classes.

The Congress Committee also appealed to the predecessor of the United Nations, known as the League of Nations, for India’s freedom. The Quit India Resolution was ultimately passed on 8th August 1942, after which Jawaharlal Nehru and other leaders were imprisoned in Ahmednagar Fort. 

Importance of Learning Hindi Chapter 15 – Tanaav Class 8 

  • The chapter helps students peek into the era of the highest political tension in India – the Quit India Movement.

  • Students learn about India’s freedom struggle and the roles of important leaders like Nehru, Maulana Azad, and so forth.

  • Young minds are also equipped with the world politics of the time.

  • Students learn a variety of new Hindi words and grammar rules, and their vocabulary improves considerably.

  • Much of the information presented in the chapter is useful for higher-level competitive exams like UPSC, SPSC, SSC, etc.

Examples of Tanaav Class 8 Worksheet 

Match the Following

  1. Quit India Movement      i) 1939

  2. Period of World War 2    ii) Getting cooperation from friendly countries 

  3. Interim Government       iii) 1942

  4. Quit India Resolution      iv) Imprisonment


  1. iii)

  2.  i)

  3. ii)

  4. iv) 

Including fun and interesting exercises like the one above helps students learn faster.

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FAQs on CBSE Class 8 Hindi ‘Bharat Ki Khoj’ Worksheet Chapter 8 Tanaav

1. When did the period of World War II end?

World War II ended in May 1945.

2. Who was the first PM of India?

Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru was the first PM of India.

3. What was the slogan of the Quit India Movement?

Gandhi gave the slogan ‘do or die’ for the Quit India Movement.