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CBSE Class 8 Hindi Worksheet Chapter 3 Bus Ki Yatra - PDF

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CBSE Class 8 Hindi Worksheet Chapter 3 Bus Ki Yatra - Download Free PDF with Solution

Hindi is a language spoken throughout India. So it is only natural for the hindi-speaking states of India to publish their school textbooks in Hindi. However, for those who are not familiar with the language, there is content online where they can read an English-translated version of their subjects/chapters. In this Hindi topic, students will be learning about bas ki yatra Class 8, a short prose story. So what is this lesson about? Here, the author of this story gives a detailed description about his journey to Panna via bus and the obstacles he had to face as the bus was quite old with outdated and poor mechanical parts.

Since the bus was described in such a way that it wasn't fit to be in any sort of working condition whatsoever, the passengers, the author, and his friends had mixed feelings about the bus. This includes feelings of respect for the driver as he was willing to drive this bus despite knowing that it was old and respect for the bus because it has journeyed to various destinations and dropped off and picked up people, so the author was honoured to journey in this bus. 

After travelling for a while, the bus broke down many times as the petrol was over and had to be filled since there was a leak and one of its tyres was punctured/ripped off from the bus. He relates the movements of the bus’s parts as that of the movements during the civil disobedience time, where every party or citizen was at loggerheads with each other. At the end of the story, the bus is now moving at an excruciatingly slow pace and the author isn’t sure if he will ever reach his destination at this rate but surprisingly ends up joking around with his friends and other passengers as if there isn’t a care in the world, and that is one of the hidden beauties in this story.

In the worksheets of this topic, you will find other versions of the bas ki yatra lesson summary like the one above. The main objective of this topic is to always trust the process and not get baffled whenever things go completely wrong, as that is part of life as a whole. You can also find the bus ki yatra essay in hindi on certain platforms.

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Benefits of Learning Bus Ki Yatra in Class 8 Hindi Worksheet

The bas ki yatra worksheet can be answered in a stress-free and easy way, giving students time to think about the lesson and their own experiences. They come with different forms and styles of learning concepts, attempting to answer any and every question the child may possibly have.

The bas ki yatra question answers in the worksheets contain questions about the lesson as well as questions related to other basic general knowledge. Hence, students can brush up their progress on their lessons while also simultaneously being asked out-of-the-box or creative questions that improve their mental stability.

The bus ki yatra essay in Hindi is also available in few worksheets and has been written by the people well-known for their experiences and standards in these fields, who vow to bring out the best in students.

Examples of Usage of Bus Ki Yatra for Class 8 

These are a few common bas ki yatra Class 8 exercises’ examples:

  1. Answer true or false :

  • The author had to travel to Jaipur by bus.

  • The passengers were comparing the bus to that of an old lady/man.

  • The author harboured ill feelings against the bus drivers and company holders.

  • Before the journey, the author and his friends were advised not to travel by bus.

  • At the end of the story, the characters were all jubilant and not worrisome.

  1. Answer the following questions :

  • Why did the author mention the civil disobedience movement and what did he compare it to?

  • Why were the author and his friends told not to travel at night?

  • After the bus broke down for the second time, what statement did the author use to describe other cars that were passing by?

  • Why did the author feel that he was sitting inside the engine of the bus?

  • Elaborate on the author’s feelings when he saw the countless trees and the lakes; why did he feel that way?

What Does the PDF Consist of?

  • With technology and science and what not being introduced to our lives, it is only natural that they have been developed with a purpose - to make our lives easier. 

  • With that being quite obvious, won’t we all use some of the advancements and enjoy the process?

  • The bas ki yatra worksheet pdfs contain enough content to strengthen the students’ mastery over this lesson and are available at Vedantu’s website for free downloads.

  • By using pdfs, You are given the option to create, edit, save, and even share any form of content through PDF files to anybody. 

Pdfs of bas ki yatra question answer and the bas ki yatra lesson summary are present at Vedantu’s platform and are developed by their very own experienced and professional subject matter experts and specialists. They can also be downloaded and used by students to boost their Hindi language as they progress to higher classes.

FAQs on CBSE Class 8 Hindi Worksheet Chapter 3 Bus Ki Yatra - PDF

1. Who is the author of this short story?

Shri Harishankar Parsai is the author of this story.

2. Who are the bus company’s shareholders?

Though not described openly, it is safe to assume that the bus company’s shareholders could be the driver, conductor, and/or owner of the bus.

3. When and why did the civil disobedience movement take place?

The Civil Disobedience Movement was begun by Ghandhiji in December 1929 to revolt against the British who were heavily exploiting the Indian citizens and their culture.