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CBSE Class 7 Hindi Worksheet Chapter 2 Dadi Maa - PDF

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CBSE Class 7 Hindi Worksheet Chapter 2 Dadi Maa - Download Free Pdf

In the lesson, Dadi Maa Class 7, the grandma is the piercing story of the essayist and his grandma's undertaking. The essayist's grandma was the symbol of Mamta, friendship, and kindness. The creator's grandma used to go with the family like Shadow in each troublesome period of the family. He additionally confronted tough spots with extraordinary tolerance. The creator under the shadow of his grandma was constantly feeling better. Even though the creator always remembered his grandma, he recollects his recollections of each event. 

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Benefits of Class 7 Hindi Chapter 2 Dadi Maa Worksheet

Class 7 Hindi Chapter 2 question answers were prepared by the language experts in the form of worksheets. These worksheets contain plenty of extra question answers, and multiple choice questions extra. 

All the worksheets can be answered only by understanding the gist of the lesson like the memory of the grandmother, the writer's depiction, etc. Along with the questions and examples, the worksheets also contain key solutions with detailed explanations. 

The Class 7 Hindi Chapter 2 worksheets were easily downloaded for free from the official website and it vanishes the internet connectivity issues, restricted time and place etc. Once the PDF is downloaded,  students and teachers also use it for practising and gaining knowledge. 

Dadi maa worksheet contains extra questions, etc. All these worksheets were prepared as per the prescribed syllabus from the board of CBSE. The teachers can provide solutions and also clarify doubts through the chat process. 

Examples of Class 7 Hindi Chapter 2 Dadi Maa 

1. इस पाठ के लेखक का नाम बताएँ-

(a) शिवमंगल सिंह ‘सुमन’

(b) शिवप्रसाद सिंह

(c) यतीश अग्रवाल

(d) नागार्जुन

Answer: b

2. दादी माँ क्यों उदास रहती थी?

(a) पड़ोसियों से झगड़ा होने के कारण

(b) अपने पुत्र द्वारा अपमानित करने के कारण

(c) दादा जी की मृत्यु हो जाने के कारण

(d) पुत्र की मृत्यु हो जाने के कारण

Answer: c

3. विवाह से चार-पाँच दिन पहले औरतें क्या करती थीं?

(a) भजन

(b) भोजन

(c) अभिनय

(d) रात भर गीत गाती थी

Answer: d

4. कौआ पहले कहाँ बैठा था?

(a) आम के पेड़ पर

(b) खिड़की पर

(c) छत पर

(d) दरवाज़े पर

Answer: b

Class 7 Hindi Chapter 2 Question Answer Worksheets - Download Free Pdf

The PDFs were easy to download, printable, and handy. Dadi maa question answer worksheets were also taken as a free PDF from the official website of Vedantu. It is quite simple like a cakewalk. 

Once the PDF is downloaded, the students can prepare and transfer these files from any gadget. Even teachers also use these PDFs to prepare their students by giving question papers etc. to enrich their abilities etc. 

Dadi Maa Class 7 Hindi pdf contains some extra questions and answers, summary of the lesson, etc. All these PDFs can be taken as hard copies of printouts so that the students can prepare in their feasible timings whenever and wherever they want.

Practising these PDFs not only gains knowledge and improves scores in the examination but also saves time, consumption of the internet and its charges, etc. Take a step forward and choose Vedantu for all PDFs, and worksheets of Class 7 to reach your goals easily and consistently.

FAQs on CBSE Class 7 Hindi Worksheet Chapter 2 Dadi Maa - PDF

1. मुझे लगता है जैसे…… दिन आ गए हैं। 

मुझे लगता है जैसे क्वाथ के दिन आ गए हैं।

2. लेखक का बुखार कब उतरा? 

लेखक का बुखार रात बारह बजे उतरा।

3. दादी माँ को कितने किस्म के दवाओं के नाम याद थे?

दादी मैं को गँवई- गाँव यानी शुद्ध घर की पचासों किस्म की दवाओं के नाम याद थे।

4. रामी की चाची को गाँव वाले किस नाम से पुकारते थे?

रामी की चाची को गाँव वाले धन्नो कहकर पुकारते थे।