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English Grammar Class 2 - The Verb

Last updated date: 28th May 2024
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The Verb Class 2 - Download Free PDF With Solution

Do you get confused about verbs in a sentence? Don’t you worry, this confusion is common to most of us. In English, verbs are action words and play important roles in grammar. Once students get the hang of it, it’ll soon help them divide sentences into the subject, verb, and object components, upgrading their grammar as they move over to higher classes. 

Before we begin, what is a verb definition for Class 2? A verb is any word that shows an action (dance), occurrence (develop), or state of being (exist). In verbs for Class 2 English grammar, you’ll learn how to form and identify verbs. Students will effortlessly understand this grammatical theory through various worksheets and exercises that put their skills to the test; a list of action words for Class 2 students is also provided.

Benefits of Learning the Verb in Class 2 English Grammar

  • Verbs showcase the action words in a sentence and using them will reveal the subject/object agreements, which will later help students.

  • They are important because they will help students to start creating basic sentences.

  • They are very much required in English grammar and add more clarity to the sentences.

  • Most students are initially confused, learning about this topic as a separate module in Verbs for Class 2, along with a short list of doing words for Class 2, will make it easier for them to understand.

  • Having verbs in a sentence gives out more information on the subject's condition or status.

Examples of Usage of the Verb for Class 2

These are a few verbs exercise for Class 2:

  1. Fill in the blanks with the correct verbs:

  • Children ___ at school.

  • The ice cream is _____.

  • My mother _____ good food.

  1. Spot the verbs in the sentences:

  • Babies cry when they are born.

  • Fruits fall from trees.

  • The tiger growls.

Interesting Facts about the Verb for Class 2

  • A verb is something that explains an action.

  • It is usually positioned after a noun or a pronoun, expressing what the person/animal/thing is doing. 

  • These are a few verbs sentences for Class 2:

    • The bird flies.

    • The cat runs.

    • The sun sets in the west.

  • In English grammar, verbs are the only words that change to show the past or present tenses. 

  • The basic form of a verb is called “infinitives”.

Important Topics of Class 2 - The Verb

These are the following topics you will be learning in verbs for Class 2:

  • What are verbs and how to use them in sentences?

  • Fill in the blanks with the appropriate verbs.

  • Spotting the verbs in sentences.

  • Verb definition for Class 2 and studying the list of action words for Class 2.    

  • Many other verb examples for Class 2, which will contribute to students gaining a general idea on verbs.

Class 2 English Chapter 9 Free PDF Download

  • All the free PDFs of verbs exercises for Class 2 can be downloaded easily from Vedantu’s website to any electronic device. 

  • Verbs and their properties can be understood easily through this PDF.

  • Various verbs exercises for Class 2 can be found, such as filling in the blanks with proper verbs, identifying verbs in a sentence, and choosing the correct verbs to be positioned accordingly in sentences, which will serve the students well during their exam preparations.

Several verb examples for Class 2 are available at Vedantu, including a revised list of the doing words for Class 2, many other exercises and worksheets which are understood easily by the Class 2 minds, and we'll help them work out grammar concepts with no difficulty. 

FAQs on English Grammar Class 2 - The Verb

1. What is the purpose of verbs?

As verbs form the core of various clauses and phrases, its purpose is to show what the subject is doing or feeling. Moreover, it is compulsory for a sentence (even the shortest of them) to contain a verb. 

2. How many types of verbs are there? What are the three main types?

There are three main types of verbs and they are listed below:

  • Action verbs

  • Linking verbs

  • Helping verbs

These will be dealt with in your higher classes.

3. Can you begin questions with a verb?

Yes you can, though it is mostly for one-word answers, or yes/no questions. An example of questions that usually begin with helping or modal verbs is - Can she bake?