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English Grammar Paragraph Writing for Class 2

Last updated date: 28th Feb 2024
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English Grammar Class 2 Paragraph Writing - Download Free PDF with Solution

One of the learning activities that capture children's attention the most is writing a paragraph for Class 2. It aids in determining a student's talent for writing, creativity, and critical thinking. 

Composition for Class 2 is one of the most important and innovative components of any worldwide examination. Writing essays for Class 2 allows young students to express themselves on paper. 

It aids in discovering their knowledge and writing abilities on a particular topic. Writing creative essays is one of the best things kids can do these days to develop. So, we suggest you encourage your children to learn how to write English paragraphs for Class 2 on various topics.

English Grammar for Class 2 Paragraph Writing Download free PDF

Today we will study an exciting topic “paragraph writing”. Like writing stories, students also like coming up with interesting paragraph topics. It helps kids write better with creativity and imagination. No matter what a student writes in a paragraph, he or she should make writing a habit. While reading can help one understand different styles of writing, practising writing gives one a stronger grasp of the language. Let’s start our discussion on this interesting topic.

English Grammar

English Grammar

What is a Paragraph?

A paragraph is a group of a sentence about a topic. A paragraph is a group of sentences that are all related to the same issue and are ordered and cohesive. Almost all writing that is longer than a few sentences should be divided into paragraphs. 

The Paragraph Writing

The Paragraph Writing

Tips for Better Structuring and Writing a Paragraph:

  1. Your first lines should be about introducing the topic. 

  2. The middle sentences should offer assistance and speak about the topic in a supportive manner that provides more information about the topic.

  3. Make your final sentence a summary of the paragraph's primary concept or a segue to it.

Paragraph Writing on My Family

My family is fantastic, and I adore each and every one of them. Grandparents, parents,  an aunt, an uncle, two brothers, and I make up my family of ten. My mother works as a school teacher and my father is an engineer. My grandma is a stay-at-home mom, and my grandfather is a retired government employee. All of my brothers and sisters attend the same school, and both my uncle and aunt are attorneys. My family members adore, value, and look out for one another. A picnic with my family happens once every two weeks. Every night after dinner we enjoy visiting with one another. Family is truly the most important part of one’s growing up years as they shape our ideas and guide us throughout our lives. When we grow old we can take care of our family.

My Teacher

My Teacher

Paragraph Writing on my Father

My father’s name is Raj Sharma. He looks after my complete family and is a caring and obedient individual. He is a very diligent individual and works as an engineer. He is an intelligent man who provides me with clever responses to all of my questions. My father values each member of my family, including my mother and his own parents. He keeps up good ties with our family, friends, and neighbours. Every day, he drives my mother to work, my sister, and me to school. He regularly assists my sister and me with our schoolwork. He imparts to us the importance of morality, humanity, and excellent manners. I look up to my father as an example, and I hope to emulate him in the future.

My Teacher 2

My Teacher

Paragraph Writing My Favorite Teacher

Ms Samridhi is my favourite teacher in school. She oversees my class and regularly takes attendance. She has a very strong attitude and demeanour, yet she is also naturally compassionate and gentle. She is always on time for class and has a strong sense of discipline. She shares a lot of fascinating stories while instructing us in English. Every day, my teacher greets us with a warm hug as we enter and exit the classroom. During any competition or school occasion, she leads us with great expertise. Instead of giving us a tonne of homework every day, she teaches us how to study and collaborate with our peers. She assists us with our schoolwork and makes it fun for us to learn.

My Teacher 3

My Teacher

Difficult Words with Meaning




Impressive or something frightening


Feeling of devotion and attachment to one’s country.


Block of different colors


To understand the value of something.

Practice questions

  1. Write a paragraph on pollution.

  2. Write a paragraph on how was your weekend.

  3. Write a paragraph on the My home.


1. Pollution

The major issue that the entire globe is currently experiencing is pollution. When toxic compounds are added to the environment, pollution occurs, contaminating the water and the air. The environment becomes unbalanced as a result of pollution. Most of the time, human beings are responsible for all forms of pollution. People have seriously disrupted the natural ecological balance by turning the life support system of every living thing into its own resources. The most fundamental answer to pollution is to transition toward alternative energies. It is critical to generate renewable energy. 

2. My Weekend Experience

This weekend was awesome! I went to the ring ceremony of my uncle. I also went to the cricket field. There we played as two teams, the blue team and the green team. At first, there was the toss and my team won the toss, we got the chance to select whether we want to do batting or bowling, and we chose bowling first. Firstly, they gave me a chance to do bowling and to my surprise, I took one wicket. Everyone appreciated me for that. we had tough competition but last, my team won the match. Our coach gave us the treat as a reward for winning and we all enjoyed the Pizza. Overall there was a lot of enjoyment and my weekend was awesome.

3. My Home

My home is a beautiful three-story structure located within the city's borders.  Both the front and back of the house contain gardens. You enter the house and find yourself in the large living room. Five rooms make up our home. The greatest house in the world is mine. Every evening, I spend time on my balcony with my grandfather to watch the sun go down. Wherever I am with my family, I feel at home.

Importance of Paragraph Writing for Class 2

As the name implies, paragraph writing calls for writing seven to ten lines about a subject. A child is free to write a paragraph on any topic they choose. These can include non-fictional subjects, fictitious sequences or mini-stories, and more. 

English writing for Class 2 students is a very progressive exercise. Students will be active and encouraged to use their imaginations by writing paragraphs. Children's general personalities develop early; hence, it is important to encourage students to learn essay writing skills. 

For children to proceed to more complex writing, such as essays and articles, it is essential to teach them that paragraphs have a beginning, middle, and end. Because paragraphs build upon one another, paragraph writing is crucial. Composing lengthier essays, articles, and stories in blocks. 

Before learning to write paragraphs, pupils must have a firm grasp of sentence construction. Evaluate your students' abilities to create complex, grammatically accurate phrases before having them compose paragraphs.

Examples of Paragraph Writing Topics for Class 2

There are several general topics on which Class 2 students can do paragraph writing. The most common topic is "My Mother." Below you can find a sample paragraph on the same topic. 

“My mother's name is Mrs. Prabha Desai. She is a beautiful lady and the strength of our entire family. She always keeps us together. She is a librarian by profession. She is a very friendly and honest person by nature. She is also very caring and shows love to all my friends. My Mom supports me with my school assignments. I wish God would always keep her healthy and protect her from evil.”

Important Topics of the Chapter

The NCERT book for Class 2 has two clear and concise short paragraphs on the topics "The Dog" and "My School." Both the paragraphs are written in an easy-to-understand language with simple vocabulary that a grade 1 student can easily understand.

What Does the Pdf on Paragraph for Class 2 Consist of?

Our subject experts at Vedantu offer Grade 1 essays on the most popular topics in clear, uncomplicated language. The given pdf consists of important paragraph writing topics for Class 2. Students can view these topics and read them before writing their paragraphs. 

For first graders, we have compiled a list of simple essays in English. To make it simple to get the details and information they want to include, beginners should start with personal themes. They can look into topics like My Family, My Summer Trip, My Favourite Game, Movie or Book, Any Festival, etc.


A paragraph refers to a group of a sentence about a topic defining the topic. A typical paragraph begins with a simple paragraph defining the topic in short, followed by a short description of the topic and the basic structure of the topic is built in the middle paragraph. At last, the central idea is conveyed to the reader, for example, we should not cut trees, this type of message is conveyed at the last. Paragraphs are useful in writing because they give a framework for organising your thoughts in a logical order. Using a clear framework for your paragraphs aids the reader in navigating your written work.

Vedantu is a reputable and trustworthy platform for any English Grammar topic for all classes. As a team, we felt that the information provided on Essays for Class 2 had given you sufficient inspiration for essay writing. 

Please feel free to ask us about adding any topics to the English essays list; we welcome your recommendations. Stay tuned for the most recent information on paragraph for Class 2 on the most popular topics for students. 

FAQs on English Grammar Paragraph Writing for Class 2

1. How do you compose a compelling essay?

A compelling introduction and conclusion are essential for a persuasive essay. A strong beginning statement and a closing statement capture the user's attention. 

2. Where can I find important topics for short paragraphs for Class 2?

Using the pdf published by Vedantu, you can find important essays for Class 2 that interest you in reading more about it. You can also receive instructions to practise writing paragraphs.

3. What constitutes a paragraph's key points?

A successful paragraph should always have four components: unity, coherence, a topic sentence, and adequate development.