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CBSE Class 2 English Worksheet Chapter 13 Going to the Fair

Last updated date: 09th Apr 2024
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CBSE Class 2 English Worksheet Chapter 13 Going to the Fair - Download Free PDF with Solution

When it comes to adventures, amusements, thrill-themed parks, everybody enjoys the fun, the heart-stopping rides, the shops where you get stuff for reasonable prices and the adrenaline rush that comes with it. The other variations are named as a “fair”, where the rides are more gentle, mildly anxiety-inducing and filled with rows and rows of shops. In going to the fair class 2, students will have an idea on what they might experience if they were to attend a fair.

A fair is put up at the town of Narela, Delhi. A third-person narrator explains the events taking place and what the people are doing. Yesterday, people from far-off places had arrived in the town of Narela to attend the fair, buying and selling various things. Many stalls were present, selling savouries, snacks, toys, tickets and clothes. After purchasing toys from the shops, the children went on the merry-go-round, most of them settling for rides in the giant wheel. Seating themselves down in the seats attached to the wheel, they exclaimed in fright and mirth, wallowing in both emotions. Camel rides, elephant rides and horse rides were also entertained by the people, and they withdrew from the fair, going back home with satisfied hearts and minds as each one had had their share of pleasure and joy. 

One of the main facts pointed out in going to the fair is to give the children a taste of what it would be like if at all they were to visit an amusement park or a fair. That it's really a place of fun, vigour and hectic happiness all over around, and that there's nothing to be afraid of. It also tells us how a long trip is very much worth the time and effort when you go and have fun as a family.

Access Worksheet For Class 2 English Chapter 13- Going To The Fair

1. Change the given verbs into their respective past forms

  1. Bend 

  2. Break

  3. See

  4. swim 

  5. Cut 

  6. Do

  7. Eat 

  8. Get 

  9. Hit 

  10. Keep 

2. Underline the correct spelling out of the given:

  1. Driv, drrive, drive

  1. Letle, little. letile

  1. Summer, sommer, sumer

  1. Eraise, irase, erase

  1. Light, lit, leight

3. Chose the correct word out of the options given and fill them in the spaces provided

  1. As fast as ________. (horse, tortoise)

  2. As beautiful as _________. (mud, flower)

  3. As white as ___________. (sunflower, teeth)

  4. As blue as______. (ocean, grass)

4. What kinds of shops were there at the fair?

5. What were the different animals that were present in the fair on which the kids rode on?

6. From the given box, construct five sentences.

A camel 



In the circus



A clown

In the market



Our friends 

An elephant

7. Underline the letters that are silent in the words given below

  1. Handsome 

  2. Edge 

  3. Wednesday 

  4. Palm 

  5. Wrist 

8. Write the plural forms of the given by adding ‘s’ or ‘es’ at the end of the word

  1. Branch 

  2. Flower 

  3. Orange 

  4. Banana 

  5. Apple 

  6. Box 

  7. Baby 

  8. Country 

  9. Nose 

  10. Eye 

9. Fill the crossword puzzle using the hints below 

Crossword puzzle


3. It is a ride that makes you experience horse riding


1. Game in which you hit the target with a gun

2. Places to eat in a fair

10. List some things you would like to do if you go to a fair. 

11. Read the given story fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verb and then answer the given questions.

Yesterday Shreya (go)  _ to a fair with her family. They (go) _ there by bus. There (is) _ many things to play with at the fair. There were various types of food. As Shreya was hungry she (go) ____ towards one of the food stalls. They enjoyed the fair a lot and Shreya's father bought her many cakes. And got back home by 5 pm.

Answer the Questions: 

  1. Where did Shreya and her family go?

  2. How did they go there?

  3. What did Shreya’s father bring for her?

  4. At what time they went home?

12. Change the given sentences into their negative forms 

  1. Pritam and Shagun went to the fair 

  2. Shagun ate a burger. 

  3. Pritam bought a balloon 

13. Describe in your own words your views on a giant wheel 

14. Fill in the puzzle given below with the words provided as instructed below

Crossword puzzle


1. market

3. sister

4. sandal

5. teddy


2. evening

4. sweet

15. Read the paragraph given below and answer the questions 

Pankaj and Aman are very excited about tonight. There is a fair that is held in their town tonight and Aman's father is taking them there. While riding to the fair day both were talking about the best things that they will find in the fair. They were very excited to try all the rides that were there at the fair they wanted to eat many kinds of food and have fun tonight. So Pankaj and Aman went from ride to ride and only stopped for snacks in between the rides. later they both felt tired and asked Aman’s father to go back home. 

1. Who were the main characters in the story?

  1. Shrey and palak 

  2. Pankaj and Aman 

  3. Rahul and David 

2. What were they doing tonight 

  1. Waiting to go to the fair 

  2. Waiting to sleep tonight 

  3. Playing together 

3. How did the story end?

  1. They both went to doctor 

  2. They both went to school 

  3. They went home 

16.  Match the following:

















17. What do you do at the fair 

  1. Dance 

  2. Cry 

  3. Ride and eat 

  4. None of the above 

18. Which of the following animals cannot be at a fair?

  1. Camel 

  2. Horse 

  3. Lion 

  4. Donkey 

19. Write the names of the following animals:






H_ _S_




20. What do people do at fairs?

  1. Sleep 

  2. Ride and eat 

  3. Cry 

  4. Vomit 

Answers for the Worksheet


  1. Bent 

  2. Broke 

  3. Saw

  4. Swam 

  5. Cut 

  6. Did 

  7. Ate 

  8. Got 

  9. Hit 

  10. Kept


  1. Drive 

  2. Little 

  3. Summer 

  4. Erase

  5. Light


  1. Horse 

  2. Flower 

  3. Teeth 

  4. Ocean

4. There were sweet shops, toy shops, shoe shops, etc.

5.  Camel, horse


  1. Yesterday I saw an elephant in the circus

  2. Yesterday I met a clown in the circus 

  3. Yesterday we met our friends in the market 

  4. Yesterday they met us in the market 

  5. Yesterday we saw a camel in the circus


  1. Letter d is silent 

  2. Letter d is silent 

  3. Letter d is silent

  4. Letter L is silent 

  5. Letter w is silent


  1. Branches 

  2. Flowers 

  3. Oranges 

  4. Bananas

  5. Apples 

  6. Boxes

  7. Babies

  8. Countries

  9. Noses

  10. Eyes


Completed Crossword Puzzle

10. Ride on different rides, eat different types of food, buy new shoes, clothes, etc.

11. (Went)

  1. To the fair 

  2. By bus 

  3. Cakes 

  4. 5 pm


  1. Didn't go 

  2. Didn't eat

  3. Didn't bring

13. It is a huge ride in which we can sit and it moves in circles


Completed Crossword Puzzle


  1. Option b 

  2. Option a

  3. Option c


  1. 1- C

  2. 2- A

  3. 3- D

  4. 4- B

17. (c)

18. (c)


  1. Camel 

  2. Horse 

  3. Bullockcart

20. (c)

Benefits of Learning Going to the Fair Chapter 13 in Class 2 English Worksheet

The going to the fair worksheet contains a lot of smart, jolly and fun questions that can be answered quite adroitly. The worksheets also have great solutions related to the topic and have enough answers and material to end any possible enquiries the students might have.

The going to the fair worksheet’s questions and answers are of high-level usefulness for class 2 teachers and students, as both are able to gain a considerable amount of knowledge on studying this topic. It's a win-win situation, where the teachers will figure out ways to teach this topic in a simple manner so that the children can understand it with clarity. 

To make things easier for them, these English worksheets have been brought into existence by the very best mentors and teachers present in this field, having had a lot of experience and knowledge.

Examples of Usage of Going to the Fair for Class 2

These are a few going to the fair class 2 exercises’ examples :

1. Answer the following :

  • What rides were present in the fair?

  • Where did the people come from?

  • Where did the fair take place?

2. Mark the following sentences as true or false :

  • The children screamed in pain and agony while on the giant wheel.

  • The fair happened yesterday.

  • The people stayed back and left the fair the following day.

What Does the PDF Consist of?

  • The pdf format is one of the most widely used forms of digital files, famously used to create, save and share various types of information.

  • Students and teachers can download the going to the fair poem pdf and going to the fair worksheet pdf for free from Vedantu’s website. The better your internet connection is, the faster the download speed.

  • These worksheets have been updated with the latest specifications and precepts from the CBSE syllabus.

  • The exercises in the worksheets are of the best qualities, offering good questions that test the student’s speaking, writing and reading skills. 


By having a thorough reading of going to the fair poem pdf, students will be able to answer any form of question that comes their way. All these pdfs are accurately created by experts in this field, and are made available at Vedantu’s platform. These worksheet pdfs will undoubtedly improve the skills of grammar and English of the students and provide them with time-saving revision before or during their exams preparations.

FAQs on CBSE Class 2 English Worksheet Chapter 13 Going to the Fair

1. What is a giant wheel?

Also called a “Ferris Wheel '', the wheel is elevated vertically and has seats/ small glass cages that spin in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction in a slow, serene and pleasant way, offering tranquillity and peace to the passengers.

2. What is a merry-go-round called?

A merry-go-round is otherwise named as a ”carousel”, frequently found in circuses and circus-themed amusement parks.

3. Will the worksheets have answers?

Absolutely, most worksheets will contain answers and solutions in a separate page, to check if your answers were right or wrong.