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What are Some Do's and Don'ts When Answering the NEET Paper

By Asmita KunduSeptember 14, 2020
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Dos and Don’ts for NEET 2021 Preparation


  • Do Lay Out a Daily Schedule:

Consider the time that you necessitate for preparing new topics and revising all that have been studied. Dedicate enough time for mock tests, past year papers and their analysis.

  • Do Stick to the Syllabus:

Now is not the time to study the topics that are beyond the recommended syllabus for NEET exam 2021. The topics in NEET 2021 syllabus have been made familiar and taught to the candidates, thus it’s advised to only stick to the syllabus and not search for additional study material.

  • Do Break the Syllabus into Small Chain:

Break the NEET syllabus into smaller units and prepare each topic separately. It will help alleviate the burden and to prepare the whole syllabus in one go. You can also check the NEET 2021 chapter-wise weightage and significant topics and prepare as per the study plan.

  • Do Revise Regularly

Once the study plan is ready, it is essential to maintain certain decorum to keep things going as desired. Revision is the way to go. It is essential to revise the topics that you have read again and again to memorize maximum information.

  • Do Take Time Out for Refreshment:

Studying rigorously for a competitive exam like the NEET exam is good, but avoiding health is not. Along with the NEET preparations, candidates are advised to not bypass their activities to refresh their minds. This helps in increasing the level of concentration and makes studies more interesting.


  • Do Not Keep Doubts Unresolved:

In order to obtain good marks in NEET 2021, it is crucial that you clear the doubts that occur during the preparation. Not resolving these question marks can cost you marks in the NEET examination.

  • Do Not Refrain from Referring to Online Tutorials

In the past few years, the number of YouTube tutorials, online lectures, and e-learning modules has increased exponentially. Some of these tutorials are excellent and highly informative. It can be very useful referring to these videos to understand any concept or clarify doubts.

  • Do Not Dither

Try to complete your stated study plan and to-do list daily. Do not shift tasks to the next day. This will only increase the blanks in the next day’s list and so on. An assemblage of unaccomplished tasks will only lead to anxiety and disappointment.

  • Do Not Discuss Your Preparation Strategy

It is not bad to talk to friends about your preparation, but discussing your preparation strategy with a counterpart may have bleak effects on your preparation. You might get panicky with what one has accomplished or get lethargy seeing lesser efforts on the other side. Do not get influenced by others and just keep working towards your goal.

  • Do not delay things for the exam day

It is the worst habit to put important tasks on the last day. Do not wait to download your NEET 2021 admit card until the last day. What if the official website stops working just a day before the exam due to massive downloading or technical issues? Sometimes there might also be a spelling error on the NEET 2021 admit card. It is thus advised that you check and download the admit card for NEET exam 2021 well in advance.

Last Moment NEET Exam Dos and Don’ts

Prior to three days of the NEET exam, make sure you follow the following instructions as it can help you wear the crown of excellence.

Dos in the Last 72 Hours

  1. Practice total length mock test papers for overall evaluation

  2. Focus on formulae, flashcards, diagrams, quick revision notes

  3. Reinforce those concepts which you have a strong grasp on

  4. Devote at least seven hours a day for problem-solving.

Don’ts in the Last 72 Hours

  1. Skip starting or going through new or untouched topics.

  2. Avoid studying the whole chapter from the beginning.

  3. Avoid studying for long hours without a break.

  4. Keep yourself calm and do not stress out.

Dos and Don’ts for NEET 2021: Exam Day


  • Visit the location of the exam centre a day before the NEET exam. This will help save time on the day of the examination.

  • For same city candidates, try to reach the centre at least an hour before the exam begins. Reaching late at the exam centre may cause chaos and confusion.

  • Make sure to follow the NEET dress code on the day of the examination. Not adhering to the dress code may result in losing time.

  • Check the pen provided to you in the examination hall before the exam begins.

  • Keep checking on time. You might end up spending more time on one section if you don’t keep a check on the clock.

  • Mark the answers in the OMR sheet very carefully.

  • First, solve the questions that you are sure about. Attempt those later/in the end that you feel are tricky/time-consuming.


  • Do not get swayed by what others are doing.

  • Do not involve in any sort of conversation with the other students seated in the examination hall as this might build unnecessary stress.

  • Do not waste your time on a question you do not know or find it difficult to answer.

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