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Class 10 Preparation Tips 2022: Practical Subject-Wise Strategy

By Manasvi GuptaMay 04, 2022
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Class 10 Subject Wise Preparation Tips

Feeling overwhelmed with everyone talking about preparing for Class 10 board exams? Or, confused about how to score good marks in class 10? Fret not, we’ve got you covered. We know class 10 is an important milestone in a student’s life and with everyone talking about the exams - from friends to teachers, and from parents to relatives, an air full of tension surrounds you.

This is why we have taken the initiative to help you relieve stress with our easy tips for every subject for how to get started with exam preparation. Take a long breath and de-clutter your mind of all the negativity filled thoughts and pressure. When you’ve done all this, scroll down to read our practical subject-wise study tips for class 10.

Follow them and you’ll thank us later!

Study Tips For Class 10 Mathematics

1. Be Prepared!

Don’t underestimate the power of solving as many CBSE Class 10 sample papers (available for free at Vedantu) as you can as they will prepare you with the type of questions asked in the exam, the weightage of each topic, and what questions could be asked from a particular topic. Knowing this will help you to plan your strategy - both topic wise and time-wise.

2. Formulas are Important

Devote a separate notebook for the maths important formulas to be able to remember them clearly on the exam day. If you feel you don’t have enough time, refer to Vedantu’s CBSE Class 10 Maths Chapter-wise Formulas to keep them at your fingertips and go through them every day.

Study Tips For Class 10 Science

1. Smart Time Management 

Look at Class 10 previous year's question papers with solutions available at Vedantu to know the exam pattern and marking scheme and devise a timetable accordingly. Divide the chapters according to their weightage and make a separate column for the ones you find difficult. Now select the common chapters from both columns and give priority to them. Start preparing the chapters or topics in this descending order.

Allot more days to the difficult ones and a day or even hours to the easier ones. You can also schedule the difficult ones on weekends as you have to juggle school on weekdays.

2. Section-wise Tips

Since Physics is full of numerical and theorems, it is important that you focus on them the most, along with the fundamental concepts. Diagrams of Physics are the most scoring so pay attention to all those circuit diagrams and practice them repeatedly.

For Chemistry, which contains reactions and compound names, you can prepare handwritten notes of all the name reactions and other important ones as it will help you remember them correctly. Make a table of compound names to revise them before the exams. It is also important to know what kind of Class 10 Science important questions could be asked from each topic so that you could prepare them elaborately.

In Biology, complex diagrams constitute most of the parts so don’t forget to practice them regularly even when you think you have done enough. Further, learn all the life processes and similar topics by heart.

Study Tips For Class 10 Social Science

1. Qualitative over Quantitative Approach

Trying to complete all the chapters at the end is a big NO! It will only put you under increased pressure to complete everything and you will not be able to focus on the individual important topics. So, it is advised that students follow a qualitative approach and try to understand the topics of Class 10 Social Science rather than preparing them just to score marks. So, start early to reduce load and study effectively.

2. Section-wise Tips

History is all about dates and important personalities and events, present in abundance. So, to remember them and not get confused, jot them down chapter-wise. Make a separate page each for dates, what events happened, and the important people associated with them.

For Geography, a question related to maps is always asked so practice identifying all the places on it according to your syllabus. Don’t just read the maps, but practice them with your hand.

For Political Science and Economics, make notes of all the important terms and their meanings. Understand all the concepts and don’t just cram them. Vedantu’s chapter-wise revision notes will help you to score good marks in class 10 in all subjects.

Study Tips For Class 10 English

1. Work on Writing Speed

One of the most important English class 10 preparation tips 2022 is to enhance your writing speed as you have to write multiple essays, long answers, and complete unseen paragraphs which require a lot of time. Solve previous year's papers and sample papers to be able to complete the exam within 3 hours. You can do this by keeping a track of time, while simultaneously focusing on handwriting and the quality of the essay.

2. Section-wise Tips

Each English section checks your different abilities so do not assume you can focus on one section more and skip the other. For the paragraph section, learn how to skim through it in minimum time and answer all the questions.

To ace the grammar section, remember all the basic grammar concepts and practice them regularly by solving grammar exercises online or using a reference book.

The writing section is the most scoring one as you have to use your creativity and complete it within the stipulated time. Work on all types of formats to score maximum marks. It is recommended to attempt this section at the end.

In the reading section you know what kind of questions could be asked from each chapter, so just follow the basic study tips for class 10, and you will effortlessly score good marks in this section.

Study Tips For Class 10 Hindi

1. Work on Your Spellings

Many students tend to make maximum mistakes in spelling in the Hindi exam, so work on your Hindi spellings by solving as many sample papers and previous question papers as you can, to eliminate any chance of error.

2. Paper-Solving Strategy

Always prepare a strategy to solve your Hindi paper as it can be lengthy. So, we suggest you start with the section you know best, which is often the last section. Then start with the first section as it takes less time. Then go for the grammar section, and attempt the writing section in the end as it can take up a lot of time.

Best Reference Book For Class 10

Check out these best reference books for class 10 that you must study to be better prepared for all the questions that come your way in the Class 10 board exams of all subjects.

Reference Books For CBSE Class 10

We hope our practical and easy-to-follow Class 10 preparation tips 2022 help you in acing the exam; however, remember that these tips will work only if you are consistent in your approach. If you need any other help to prepare for your board exams, do visit Vedantu's website for a plethora of study resources available for free. Also, help out your peers studying in class 12 by referring them to our NCERT Solutions Class 12 and other study resources!

All the best for your exams!

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