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Healthcare Profession: Top Benefits of Joining Medical Industry

By Manasvi GuptaJuly 05, 2022
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Many people aspire to be doctors. While the objective is universal: “I want to be a doctor,” the motivations for becoming a doctor vary from person to person. Some people desire to provide healthcare to the needy; others want to provide medical services in underserved and rural areas; still, others want to earn the recognition that comes with the title "doctor”. While some simply see it as a great economic opportunity and a symbol of accomplishment.

This field is for those who enjoy pushing themselves every day. Good decision-making ability is required to shape a career in medicine. Real-time thinking and knowledge application are critical components of a medical practitioner's employment; a minor error can have a significant impact on someone's life. Compassion for people, a strong belief system, and a desire to effect positive change are the driving elements behind achieving success in medicine.

Benefits of Choosing Medical Profession in India

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One might strive to reach the global stage in this field, but only with patience and the greatest dedication. Wearing a white coat entails a great deal of duty, the responsibility of changing people's lives. Only a doctor can completely grasp how joyful it is to rescue the life of a patient who is in the grip of a life-threatening sickness. 

A doctor’s discovery of an antidote could save millions of lives throughout the world. This extraordinary joy and fulfilment drive many people to pursue a career in medicine.

Pros of Choosing the Medical Profession

Social Benefits 

Doctors are well-liked members of society, and gain respect due to the invaluable services they offer.

Financial Benefits

Granted, the learning curve isn't steep and it takes years to become a well-paid doctor, but compared to the typical employed Indian, a good doctor earns substantially better.

Career Flexibility

Since MBBS is the foundation of medical science education, enough exposure to all departments – clinical and paraclinical – is offered. A PG aspirant can choose any stream depending on their personal preferences, which will ultimately lead to job happiness.


Given that medical science is here to stay and is always expanding, there are numerous options to pursue. You can take a few screening exams and realize your ambition of working in the United States, the United Kingdom, or New Zealand. Visas are relatively simpler to obtain because every country wants to increase its medical resources, for which doctors are essential.

Mental Security

Several jobs disappear as time passes. A decade ago, news channels would hire a cameraman and a helicopter to provide live reporting from difficult-to-reach locations; however, the introduction of drones rendered both professions obsolete. When it comes to medical sciences, the scene is different; doctors will remain as long as humans do. The introduction of AI is likely to supplement rather than replace the profession.


There is an enormous sense of satisfaction and gratification when you heal a patient, ease a person's suffering, or assist in the delivery of a baby to a mother. It's difficult to quantify, but it's something that many doctors strive for.

Impact on Society

Several doctors and hospitals set up medical camps to give widely utilitarian services to society and the community. Several highly qualified doctors volunteer their services at these camps for the benefit of the less fortunate. Not everyone has the power to have such an impact on the lives of hundreds, if not thousands, of people.

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Why Should You Become a Medical Professional?

Great thing if you have decided to become a doctor for a wonderful cause. If you are a student unsure about pursuing a medical degree and terrified of being asked, "Why do you want to become a doctor?" you have come to the correct spot.

Here are a few reasons why a career in medicine is the appropriate choice and why you should become a doctor for you and all other students who are on the verge of picking a career or who are struggling to decide what to do with their job life:

Doctors are Gods in Disguise

It may sound like an overwhelming statement, yet it is extremely true. When you become a doctor, you not only save one life but countless lives and their families. The thrill of rescuing lives transcends any other emotion.

People claim that God works miracles. We agree, and we believe that doctors may also do miracles. Being a doctor is both a privilege and a lifetime obligation. During a health crisis, there are only two things that people cling to for hope: God and doctors.

The World Requires More Doctors

People look forward to young people like you selecting this wonderful profession, becoming a doctor, providing the treatment they require and making the world a better place.

The World Health Organization (WHO) revealed an estimated deficit of 4.3 million doctors and healthcare professionals globally in 2006. Since then, supply and demand have not been equal in many parts of the world. 

You’ll Be Happier

Do you know what the key to happiness is? Yes, we do. Make people happy, and you will be happy. That is the timeless formula for happiness. By becoming a doctor, you relieve the pain and suffering of others by providing medical care and treatment. You are a constant source of joy for many patients and their families as a doctor, hence, in turn, you too feel happier.


A career in medicine is one of the oldest and most respected professions; it allows you to have a true impact on human life, and job satisfaction is unrivalled. Medicine is a service, not merely a vocation, in which one must prioritise other people. The hard work and endless hours required to study medicine may appear to be a difficult endeavour, but the ability to save lives is well worth the effort.

People are getting increasingly careless about their health as the globe advances at such a rapid rate. While continuously surrounded by technology and maintaining a work-oriented lifestyle, Generation Z is more prone to illness. The demand for good medical experts is continually increasing due to factors, such as the increasing prevalence of diseases and modern lifestyles.

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