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National Doctors’ Day (India): 1st July 2022

By Charu BhatiaJune 30, 2022
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When is Doctors’ Day Celebrated in India?

National Doctors’ Day is celebrated on 1st July every year across the country. It is celebrated to pay our respect, gratitude, and thankfulness to the life-saving doctors. Though the doctor is always considered a noble profession, they come in more highlight during the COVID-19 war as a frontline warrior. In India, National Doctors’ Day is celebrated to give tribute to the Bharat Ratna Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy.


National Doctors’ Day

Doctors and Their Influence on the People

Being our family doctor or our granny’s favourite ophthalmologist whom she approached multiple times in her 90s to get her eyesight back as before, a doctor is always special. They not only treat us with utmost care and discipline, but they also help us to grow physically and psychologically. They make a huge impact on our bodies as well as our minds.

Have you ever felt that? Well, Doctors always encourage us to fight the disease. They instil strong willpower to overcome the diseases. They not only connect our breaking bones but also connect us with positivity. Can you recall how your doctor helped you to move your fractured part after surgery? Isn’t it Great? Indeed!

Of all, we should also be thankful to the Doctors who are equipped in the research field and tirelessly contribute to improving medical science. They continuously upgrade their skills to provide us with the best possible way to treat our illnesses. 

History of National Doctors’ Day

This is the most common question about why we celebrate Doctors’ Day? Though there are a lot of answers ticking in your mind, in India, Doctors’ Day is celebrated in the memory of Bharat Ratna Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy. 

Who was Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy?

Dr. Roy was a renowned physician, freedom fighter, and well-known politician. Dr Roy, the visionary man, served for more than 14 years as the chief minister of West Bengal. People of Bengal called him the ‘Maker of Bengal’ as he founded many reputed educational institutions and cities like Ashoknagar, Durgapur, Kalyani, and Bidhannagar.

In 1961, he was awarded India’s most prestigious civilian award “Bharat Ratna”. Throughout his life, he served the people of India in various domains. And, after his demise on 1 July 1962, his death anniversary is declared National Doctors’ Day in order to honour his services.

Theme of National Doctors’ Day 2022

Every year Doctors’ Day is celebrated with a dedicated and specified theme to pay gratitude to doctors. This year the theme of National Doctors’ Day is ‘Family Doctors on the Front Line’. 

Activities to Perform on Doctors’ Day 

Doctors are the saviours of society. They work day and night and are available for their patients 24 x 7. They continuously upgrade themselves with the latest medical science technologies. And, we must pay our gratitude to such amazing doctors.

Pay Thanks to Your Doctor

Visit your doctors, a gentle smile and happy wishes are sufficient to make your Physician feel special. You can share your experience and why he/she is an important person in your life. You can also wish him on your social media account and tag him/her to make you feel special. 

Buy Memorable Gifts for Your Doctor

What can you gift to your favourite doctor? Don’t worry! We have all the beautiful suggestions for you. You can give a ‘Thank You’ greeting card, a recent medical science book or trending Medical Journal, or anything you like to gift. You can also give something which is useful for his/her clinic or hospital. 

Facts about the Doctor

  • ‘Doctor’ derives from the Latin word ‘Docere’, meaning to teach.

  • Doctors do more over time than other professionals. A report said that 60% of physicians work approximately 60 hrs in a week.

  • The longest duration of an operation in the world is 4 days. Isn’t it great? It’s unbelievable! 

  • Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy is the physician of Mahatma Gandhi and the First Prime Minister of Independent India Mr Jawahar Lal Nehru. 

To conclude, we can say that Doctors’ Day is not just the celebration of a person, but it is the celebration of all those special human beings who cure and treat us with love, empathy, and respect. So, we are, and forever will be, grateful to our doctors because, without them, no one can join your broken bones, help you control your blood pressure, and protect your brain as well as your heart health.

So, doctors are incredible and truly superheroes. We must celebrate this day with full of love, fun, and warmth.