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Top 10 CBSE Schools in India

By Shiwani PandeyJanuary 04, 2023
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School education has changed drastically. The top 10 best CBSE schools in India today offer holistic development of your child and are not limited to only board education. From a focus on character development and value-oriented education to extracurricular activities, the top schools prepare their students for a successful life ahead. With the announcement of the new education policy, all CBSE schools have developed a better curriculum for their students. And to help you pick the best school for your child's future, here's a detailed guide on the top 10 CBSE schools in India.

Top 10 CBSE Schools in India

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Top 10 CBSE Schools In India That You Should Know About

  1. Delhi Public School

Arguably one of the most popular schools in India, Delhi Public School (DPS) has been a long-standing pillar of quality CBSE education in India. DPS has a solid network of schools across the country in almost every major city in India. The English medium education of DPS is sought after by thousands of students across the country from pre-nursery to higher secondary. DPS also offers a residential facility for its students, making it the ideal choice for your child's education regardless of where you're in India.

  1. The Heritage School

Founded in 2003, the heritage school is a new-age school that focuses on a student-centric curriculum. This English medium school out of Gurugram has a unique curriculum for today's children. The school focuses on an experimental curriculum that borrows from global best educational practices. This school allows your child to develop holistically from extracurricular activity to music education. Even though the school isn't available in many locations, it's still a top pick for CBSE schools in India.

  1. HAL Public School

The HAL public school is based in Bangalore and was established in 1999. Like DPS, the HAL public school focuses on students' education with a tried and tested curriculum. Self-discipline, empathy for others, and focus on academic brilliance are key values taught in this institution. Apart from academics, the school also focuses on helping children explore sports and develop their capabilities in extracurricular activities. The best part about HAL public school is that it's affordable for students, which helps make it one of the top 10 CBSE schools in India.

  1. Sri Kumaran Children's Home

Sri Kumaran Children's Home is the ideal school for children of all ages. The school's curriculum focuses on inculcating Indian values in its students while focusing on their academic careers. Sri Kumaran Children's Home also features infrastructure for sports and extracurricular activities and an impressive faculty to help students be their best by learning from the best. The school is based out of Karnataka and is known to have few branches. However, thanks to their commitment to enshrining Indian values in students makes them a top Indian school.

  1. Bluebells School International

If you want to inculcate the values of discipline, cleanliness, and morality, you should consider choosing Bluebells School International (BSI). This school has been educating children for over 50 years in Delhi. They have won multiple awards over that period and are generally known as one of the best schools in India. BSI focuses on practical learning as they try and take their students on tours to instigate curiosity and an explorative personality.

  1. Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan

In a world of globalisation, it's important to prepare today's children as global citizens and proud Indians, and that is exactly where Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan (BVB) specialises. BVB is an incredibly well-rounded school that helps students create and pursue their career paths per their interests. And thanks to their innovative curriculum, they are an award-winning institution. BVB has over 300 schools across the country, all offering affordable and quality education for its students. 

  1. Army Public School

Like the BVB, Army Public School (APS) is also located across the country, imparting quality education to its students. As a parent, if you want your child to learn the values of leadership, commitment, and responsibility, APS is best suited for them. From academics, sports, extracurricular activities to life skills, APS helps students become the best version of themselves grounded in values and culture. APS ranks among the top CBSE schools in the country thanks to their commitment to quality education for all.

  1. Sardar Patel Vidyalaya

The Sardar Patel Vidyalaya (SPV) was founded in 1958 and has educated generations of Indians. SPV is one of the only schools on this list that is not English medium. Students are taught subjects in Hindi till class 6, with Sanskrit being a mandatory subject till class 8. Students can also take up a third language subject if they choose it as a part of their curriculum. SPV features an innovative curriculum that helps students learn as many as three languages right out of school.

  1. Don Bosco International School

The parent organisation of the Don Bosco International School (DBIS), the Don Bosch Society, is spread over 132 countries worldwide. So, students get to experience a truly international curriculum at DBIS. Special focus is laid to ensure no child is left behind and all students get to learn at their pace and progress collectively. The curriculum is curated to promote compassion and empathy for others while helping them become mature global citizens. From academics to extracurricular activities, students are encouraged to express themselves and become more open in the process.

  1.  South Point High School

South Point School, located in Kolkata, has a rich history of notable alumni and historical significance to the city. Upon its inauguration in 1954, South Point was the first co-educational school in Kolkata. Over the years, South Point has perfected its curriculum making it one of the top CBSE schools in India. The curriculum focuses strongly on helping students grow academically while also focusing on extracurricular activities and sports for the complete growth of a student.

Wrapping Up!

As the top CBSE schools in India, they can help you fast-track your academic career and help you get the best education. However, you need some guidance to be a top student at these top institutes. With Vedantu, you can get the best CBSE online coaching in India and improve your academic ranking, accelerating your career growth. For more information, check out class-wise CBSE courses on Vedantu.

FAQs on Top 10 CBSE Schools in India

1. Are CBSE schools best for your child?

Yes, as the central education board of India, CBSE schools help prepare your child for all major competitive examinations in India as a part of their school curriculum.

2. Do CBSE schools offer residential education?

There are CBSE schools like the Delhi Public School that offer residential educational opportunities for students.

3. What is the best CBSE school in India?

It isn't easy to pinpoint one school as the best because the top 10 CBSE schools in India each have unique prospects making them one of the top schools in India. You can choose any school from among the top 10 best schools in the country that suits your needs for your child.