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Whatever the grade - Class 6 or 12, we at Vedantu provide online tuitions for students pursuing the CBSE board of education. Whether you're still learning the basics of a subject or want to get ahead of your peers, Vedantu lets students of all grade levels connect with an online CBSE tutor and so that they can enjoy a personalized learning experience. Our subject experts will help you tackle difficult subjects like Maths and Physics, and break them down in a simplified manner in digestible chunks.

Whatever the subject - Physics, Maths, Chemistry, Biology, Social Science, or Hindi, Vedantu covers all your needs for online tuition for CBSE and goes beyond the boundaries of traditional learning through a flexible digital education curriculum. Programs at Vedantu can be customized according to student's needs and we enable students to study at their own convenient timings and paces, thus integrating learning with lifestyle and making it truly enjoyable.

We also provide NCERT solutions for class 6 to 10 and allow students to download these PDF files for free which are accessible across a range of different electronic devices that bundle e-reader support.