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Secret Tips to Ace Class XII Biology Board Exam

By Bharath KMay 18, 2022
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Biology is a science field that can serve as a stepping stone to a satisfying career in medicine or biotechnology. The CBSE Class XII Biology syllabus is broad, making it challenging for students to finish the entire syllabus on time while also practising and revising. It is, however, possible with effective planning. In this article, we will discuss the Blueprint for class XII Biology, Important topics, tips and tricks to score good marks in your board examination. 

Class XII Biology Board Exam

Blueprint of Biology Class 12

The CBSE Class 12 Biology Blueprint is a manual for students and teachers which explains which units have the most marks so that students may concentrate on the most important topics and teachers can design papers depending on that marking scheme. Though each topic in the syllabus is important, knowing which topic has the most marks is necessary for gaining the highest marks, which is why a CBSE class 12 biology blueprint for each topic is given. Refer to the table below for Blueprint of Biology Class 12:

Question Paper Unit Details

Sl. No.

Unit Name

Total Marks






Genetics and Evolution




Biology and Human Welfare



Biotechnology and its Applications



Ecology and Environment


Grand Total




Important Topics with Maximum Weightage

1. Human Reproduction

  • Role of hormones – Source and their target organ structure

  • Gametogenesis and all stages involved

  • Menstrual Cycle

  • Labelling of reproductive structures in a pregnant and non-pregnant female

2. Reproductive Health

  • Methods of contraception

  • Measures to counter infertility

3. Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants

  • A detailed structure of anther and embryo sac

  • Pollination

  • Structure of seed

4. Principles of Inheritance and Variations

  • Probability calculation of Mendelian disorders

  • Pedigree analysis

  • Chromosomal therapy of inheritance

  • Exception of Mendelism

5. Molecular Basis of Inheritance

  • Structure of DNA

  • Replication fork and transcription unit

  • Operon concept

  • DNA fingerprinting and Human Genome Project

6 Important Tips to Ace Class XII Biology Board Exam

1. Know the Exam Pattern and Blueprint of Biology Class 12

It is important to understand the CBSE Class XII Biology paper pattern. Knowledge of the exam pattern is helpful not only in determining the types of questions that will be asked but also in determining the marks distribution, which is key during the preparation. It also helps in planning ahead a strategy for preparation, such as which questions to attempt first, how much time to spend on each question, and so on. This will also help you save time during the exam. Also understanding the Blueprint will help you know the distribution of marks in Biology Class XII Exam. 

2. Stick to the Basics and the Syllabus.

You must thoroughly prepare the entire syllabus. The priority should be on mastering the concepts. A good understanding of the NCERT textbook is required. Pay close attention to every line of your NCERT textbook, as well as the in-text questions and exercises, so that you'll be ready to handle any question in the exam.

3. Use Diagrams and Important Terminologies to Your Advantage.

To succeed in a theoretical and conceptual topic like Biology, you must know all of the key definitions, terminologies, and diagrams. Keep a separate book in which you can jot down all of the relevant definitions and terminologies and revise them at least twice a day. To be able to easily draw diagrams in the exam, practise as many as possible with precise labelling.

4. Revision of Important Topics

Although it is necessary to thoroughly read the full syllabus, give special attention to the important concepts that carry greater weight. Also, work on previous years papers for class 12 biology and sample questions papers class 12 biology on a timely basis. Weightage of subject units in cbse biology past papers will give you an idea of the marking scheme in examination papers. Having Revision Notes class 12 biology will also help you in last minute revision.

5. Take Multiple Breaks

Biology is a theoretical subject that can be stressful due to the fact that it includes theory, practicals, formulas, equations, and a variety of terms. To keep focused and fresh, students should take frequent short breaks during their studies. Remember to do some pleasant activities for a short period of time, exercise, and eat healthy foods.

6. Management of Time

It is important to manage time during the exam in order to complete the exam paper within the specified time. Set deadlines for each section to help you manage your time. Don't get stuck on any specific question. Planning ahead of time can not only keep you organised, but it will also relieve you of a lot of stress. Here's an idea of how you could divide your time:

  • Section A: 10 minutes

  • Section B: 30 Minutes

  • Section C: 50 Minutes

  • Section D: 30 minutes

  • Section E: 1 Hour

Secret Tips to Ace Class XII Biology Board Exam

These Secret Tips for Last Minute Preparation are Important before Examination:

  • Before writing an answer, read the Important Questions for Class 12 biology carefully and make sure you understand it.

  • Use a sharp pencil to write neatly and draw diagrams.

  • Highlight the important phrases.

  • Keep your answers short, simple, and to the point.

  • Even if the question does not mention, draw a diagram.

Best Books to Prepare for Biology

Choosing the right textbooks and reference books is important to students who want to create a strong foundation in Biology. Based on the last CBSE biology question paper, the NCERT textbooks are the best place to start studying for the exam. You can choose from the following reference books after completing the NCERT Solutions Class for 12 Biology:

  • Pradeep’s A Text Book of Biology class 12 by P.S. Dhami

  • S. Chand’s Biology for class XI and XII by B.P. Pandey

  • CBSE Biology Chapter-wise Solved Papers class 11th and 12th by Arihant Expert

  • Trueman’s Elementary Biology for Class 11 and 12 and NEET by K.N. Bhatia and M.P. Tyagi

  • Together with Biology by S. Chand Biology by Campbell and Reece

How to Attempt Different Types of Questions in Biology Paper?

  • Understanding: Students must have a conceptual understanding of the questions before they can attempt them. Students can also benefit from comparing, contrasting, explaining, and summarising facts. In the Biology paper, such questions account for 30% of the total.

  • Application: These questions are answered by applying abstract information to actual situations. They require the use of critical thinking abilities and the application of knowledge to new situations, as well as the interpretation of given content. The density of such queries in the paper is 30%.

  • Remembering: For these questions, students only need to recall facts, concepts, theories, ideas, and principles. The density of this question type in the paper is 10%.

  • High Order Thinking Skills (H.O.T.S): These questions demand comparing, categorising, contrasting, or differentiating between various bits of information. It's also important to organise or integrate information from many sources. The paper has a 17% density of application questions.

  • Evaluation: Such questions need the ability to judge, justify, and assess an outcome. The paper has a 13% density of evaluation questions.

Protip: Have a thorough understanding of the blueprint to know the distribution of marks in Biology Class XII Examination.