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Preparation Strategy To Crack NEET-UG 2023 in First Attempt

By Shiwani PandeyAugust 10, 2022
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First thing first, cracking NEET 2023 in the first attempt is for serious doers. Candidates who are willing to sacrifice a lot of things just to achieve that one goal are usually the ones who will make it to the desired college. A random study routine without a defined plan is the cause of failure of many candidates.

If you are willing to make it to the NEET 2023 in the very first go then you need to come up with a structured plan and a dedicated study timetable, which should be evaluated in a timely manner to make the required changes. Below, we have mentioned a few tips to create an effective preparation strategy for NEET 2023.

NEET 2023: Preparation Roadmap To Crack Medical Entrance Exam In First Attempt
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1. Create A Sitting Habit

Yes, you read it right. Often you might have read or heard from the toppers about the long study hours they have dedicated to achieving the desired success. To put long study hours, you need to first cultivate the habit of sitting for long hours. With regular school and coaching, you need to identify a particular time slot in your routine in which you are just focused on the NEET 2023 preparation and nothing else. Don’t mix it with the time you invested in homework or school tasks. Once you start with 2-4 hours a day, then it will be easy for you to stretch it to 7 to 8 hours when required. 

2. Focus On Concepts

This is the time when you should work on clearing the concepts. Start with reading your NCERTs. Before heading to any other study material, the concepts should be cleared from the NCERTs. Solve all the questions given in the textbooks, additional exercises, trivia and any other information that is mentioned in the NCERT books.

3.Work On Solving Methods

Finding the right answer to the question should not be the only aim. When you have enough time for preparation, you should focus on finding the best ways to get a solution. Speed plays an important role in any competitive exam. Work on reducing the time to solve a particular problem. Consult your mentors, and friends to identify methods to reduce the time taken for some of the widely asked problems. 

4. Keep Evaluating Yourself

Be it a school test, or a test at your coaching centre, you should keep evaluating yourself with the marks you are securing in each test. This is the right time to identify your mistakes and work on improving them. Don’t be in a dilemma that if you are securing low at this point of time then you will be able to cope up at the later stage. There will be no miracle at the later stage, you need to take the charge of your performance and start working on improving it. Identify the areas where you are lagging and start focusing by giving additional focus on such topics. 

5. Spend Time Judiciously

If you are thinking that you have enough months for preparation then you are wrong. You have only limited months of preparation and your time should be invested properly. Stop spending hours on Social Media or hanging out with friends unnecessarily. Social media will be there forever, and hangouts can be postponed but the time which is available for preparation cannot be replaced or renewed. In short, you should avoid any activity that is taking up on your preparation time. 

6. Leaving Topics

This is not the time to leave topics. This is the time when you should clear your doubts on a regular basis so that you complete your course on time. There are cases where students leave topics for taking them up at a later stage and end up completely avoiding them due to time crunch. So, don’t leave topics and instead try to cover them with the help of your teachers and friends. Don’t consider any topics unimportant as you never know which topics may surprise you on the final day. 

7. Sticking To Your TimeTable

The sooner the better. Most of the candidates work on creating a timetable when there is just a month or two left for the exam. That can be a blunder as the last few months will be very hectic and you will not be able to do proper time management due to different exams. It is better you utilize this time by creating a timetable for your boards and NEET preparation parallelly. If you are a dropper then, you should just focus on creating a timetable dividing slots for Class 11 & 12 topics. Further, stick to your designed timetable. Many students create a timetable but often fail to follow it. 

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