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List of Best Biology Books to Refer for NEET Preparation

By Amaresh VenkatapurMay 31, 2022
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The Best Biology Books for NEET 2022

To successfully clear any competitive exam, the candidates must have a target-driven strategy. The National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test renowned NEET is an eminent medical entrance examination conducted throughout the country by the National Testing Agency. The NEET exam is a highly competitive entrance test for passionate candidates looking for admission to medical programs in India.

Before starting for the NEET exam preparation 2022, the candidates must ensure to acquire a good insight into the specified NEET syllabus. Additionally, the candidates should also be aware of the important dates/ events and other relevant information on NEET 2022, which enables them to set up their study timetable accordingly.

An important portion of the NEET syllabus includes the NCERT class 11 and 12 board syllabus. Therefore, the NCERT books for classes 11 and 12 are considered as the best NCERT Biology books for the NEET exam 2022 to obtain a thorough knowledge of various concepts that can be asked in the examination. However, NCERT books do not cover all the NEET topics. Hence, to attain a thorough understanding of the concepts, candidates must work diligently and refer to other best reference books for NEET Biology.

Overview of the NEET Exam 2022

Exam Name

National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test

Exam Conducting Body

National Testing Agency (NTA) 

Mode of Exam



Physics, Chemistry, and Biology

Time Limit

3 hours 20 minutes

Total Number of Questions 


Marks per Questions

4 Marks

Maximum Marks

720 marks

Negative Marking 

1 marks for an incorrect answer, 0 for unattempted answer

Courses Offered

MBBS, BDS, and Ayush Courses

Best Reference Book for NEET Biology

When the highest number of questions are asked from a particular subject, the kind of book you choose to prepare for the exam is extremely important. We at Vedantu brought a list of the best reference books for NEET Biology. Read the article below to know the expert-recommended best books for NEET 2022 Biology.

The Biology section of the NEET exam 2022, has the maximum weightage in this particular National Level Entrance Test. Marks obtained in the biology section can be the turning point for many candidates attempting the exam. The questions asked in the NEET Biology are theoretical and straightforward, hence, they do not require any analytical skills. The key to obtaining maximum marks in the NEET Biology section is to have a stronghold on the theoretical part. The best NEET Biology books will affect the candidate’s performance incredibly as there are no shortcuts for the NEET Biology exam. Candidates preparing for the NEET exam 2022 can refer to the below-given list of best reference books for Biology suggested by the experts of Vedantu.

Best NEET Books for Biology

To start the preparation for the NEET BIology section, refer to the NCERT books. Start preparing the basic concepts first and then turn to the more complex textual portion. As the diagram plays an important role in the Biology section, the best reference book for NEET Biology with a lot of diagrams will be very helpful. Vedantu experts and beginners suggested the following NCERT books for beginners.

  • NCERT Class XI Biology textbook.

  • NCERT Class XII Biology textbook.

  • MTG NCERT textbook at your Fingertips.

Candidates can move towards a more complex portion after completing the NCERT books. This includes the best reference books for NEET Biology and question banks. The following best reference books for NEET Biology will be useful for the average candidates.

  • Objective Botany by Ansari.

  • Pradeep Guides on Biology .

  • G R Bathla publication for Biology.

  • Together with Biology by S Venugopal.

  • Trueman’s Biology - Volume 2 and Volume 2].

  • Medical Entrance Biology ( Volume 1, 2, and 3) by Mamta R Solanki and Lalita Ghotik (target Publication).

  • Exploring Biology ( Volume 1, and 2) by Sanjay Sharma and Sudhakar Banerjee  (Arihant Publication).

  • Objective Biology ( Volume 1, 2, and 3) by K N Bhatia (Dinesh Publication).

Referring to the best NCERT books for Biology and other reference books mentioned above would be beneficial as it helps us to get information about the NEET exam pattern and section-wise weightage for different topics. Candidates seeking to attempt NEET 2022 are suggested to thoroughly understand the section-wise weightage for the different topics in Biology discussed in the table given below. The table given below helps the candidates to prepare a list for the important topics and adequate time should be given to prepare those topics.

NEET - Biology Section - Wise Weightage

Name of the Topic

Importance/ Weightage

Animal Kingdom

Most Important 

( 2 or more questions can be asked)

Molecular Basis of Inheritance

Plant Kingdom


(1 or 2 questions can be asked)

Biodiversity and Conservation 

Principles and Inheritance and Variations

Morphology of Flowering Plants 

Sexual reproduction in Flowering Plants 


Biotechnology and its Applications

Biotechnology: Principles and Processes

Chemical coordination and Integration

Digestions and Absorption

Human Health and Disease 

Human Reproduction

Body fluid and Circulation


(0-1 questions can be asked)



Environmental Issues                                       

Locomotion and Movement

Microbes in Human Welfare

Breathing and exchange of gases

Environmental Issues

The Living World

Transport in Plants 

Structural Organism in Animals 

Biological  Classification 

Transpiration in Plants 

Reproductive Health 

Plant Growth and Development 

Reproduction in Organism 

Photosynthesis in Higher Plants  

Neural Control and Coordination

Strategies For Enhancement in Food Production

Why are the Best NEET Biology Books Important for Preparation?

As the National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test (NEET) is the most competitive entrance examination of the country therefore, candidates must understand the set of important books for NEET 2022 preparation.

  • The candidates can strengthen their NCERT concepts with the help of the best NCERT Biology books for NEET.

  • There will be 100 questions asked in the bIology section, of which 50% questions follow the pattern of NCERT concepts. The other best reference book for NEET Biology helps the candidates to understand the concepts of Biology thoroughly and can solve the questions easily.

  • NEET exam includes Multiple Choice Questions and refereeing the best books for NEET Biology helps the students to solve MCQ within a few minutes.

  • Practicing the MCQs from the best Bio books for NEET will help the candidates to enhance their preparation approach, speed, and accuracy level.

  • All the experts and toppers are advised to refer to the best NCERT books for NEET Biology and other best NEET Biology books which will help them to line up their preparation level.

  • Biology NCERT and other best reference books for NEET Biology suggested by Vedantu will not merely enhance the conceptual knowledge of the students but solving these for the NEET exam helps the students to understand the NEET exam pattern for 2022, such as marking scheme, Medium of paper, strategies of questions asked and other relevant aspects.


The list of important books for all the subjects surely helps in the preparation for NEET. The list of best books for biology is provided here. Apart from this, an overview of the NEET exam and biology section-wise weightage is given.

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