Last Minute NEET Exam Preparation

by Sagar Mankar, April 16, 2020

Last Minute NEET Exam Preparation

National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test (NEET) is conducted by NTA. This entrance exam is conducted for admissions to MBBS and BDS seats offered in all Medical and Dental colleges of India. There is a very huge competition among the students and it is really important for the students to be prepared well before giving a hit. It is estimated that more than 15 lakh students attempt the NEET 2020 exam every year. The level of competition for this exam is really high. So, clearing this exam needs a lot of hard work and dedication to beat the competition. Students need to prepare a smart plan well in advance to attempt the exam. Below given are the few tips and preparation strategies on “How to prepare for NEET exam at the last minute?”. 

Subject-Wise Preparation Tips:

It will make it easier for the candidate to start preparing the exam subject-wise. The preparation strategy differs from subject to subject, it will not be the same for all the subjects. Students are suggested to prepare the study strategy plan according to the subject which they feel is easier or difficult to start first. Below are the tips mentioned for subject wise preparation.

How to Prepare for NEET in the Last Minute - Biology Preparation Strategy 

  • Target High Weightage Chapters

Students need to focus firstly on the high weightage chapters and then move down to low weightage chapters. Taking the easier chapters with high marks weightage also will help them. Topics like Plant Physiology, Reproduction, Animal Physiology, Cell Biology, etc, are to be covered under the study plan. 

  • Scheduled Plan

In this plan, students should make themselves get fixed to cover at least 80 - 90 questions per day or it can also be concept-wise. Make a list of easy and difficult chapters, try to cover one difficult concept with two easy concepts. In this way, you will have time for revision as well. 

How to Prepare for NEET in the Last Minute - Physics Preparation Strategy 

  • Make Up Your Priorities

Priorities matter for subjects like Physics. As it is a subject which needs to be prepared with a good proper plan for each chapter. If concepts in physics are completely formulas and problem-based. Few other concepts are completely theoretical. Many students feel that theory to be easier than solving problems with formulas. And, it is vice-versa for the others. So, based on all these you’ll have to set up your priorities before you start the preparation. 

  • Learn new concepts every day

Learn new concepts every day and keep revising the concepts that you have studied the previous day. In this way, you can build a strong knowledge of the concepts and can memorise them for a longer time as well. 

  • Weekly plan

Change your preparation strategy for physics every week. This will not make you bore in following the same strategy every day. This will also make your learning a bit more interesting. 

How to prepare for NEET in the last minute - Chemistry preparation strategy 

  • Numerical concepts in the first place:

It is suggestible, to begin with, the numerical concepts as they are the topics with high scoring marks. Focus more on Solid-state, Mole concept, Equilibrium, Electrochemistry, Atomic Structure and Chemical Kinetics. Chemistry is one of the easiest subjects when compared to others. 

  • Preparation plan for Organic and Inorganic Chemistry:

Preparing for Organic and Inorganic Chemistry needs a separate preparation plan. In these concepts, a lot of memorizing is involved for which you need to practice them regularly. Students who are in the initial stage of starting has to start from Chemical bonding concepts perfectly. Concentrate more on coordination compounds, Molecular structure, p and d block elements, and retention of the properties. 

  • Organize the topics: 

Periodicity and classification of elements carry the maximum number of questions in the exam paper. This is the section which takes less time to solve the problems when compared to others. 


Before you start your preparation, make a copy of the syllabus and important topics to be covered in it along with the weightages of the concepts. You can make short notes of the points which are to be remembered and revisited again to memorise them. You may also include the formulas, equations, derivations and any other points. Solve previous year question papers which gives you a picture on types of questions asked in the exam. By solving these papers, you can also mark your position on your preparation and how to move forward with it. 

Last Minute NEET Exam Preparation