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5 Important Preparation Tips of NEET Toppers: How do NEET Toppers Study?

By Asmita KunduJune 15, 2022
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NEET Preparation Tips By Toppers

NEET is one of the most coveted national level entrance examinations, and aspirants are doing everything they can to crack it for admission to medical school. Lakhs of students take part in this exam every year; some gain admission, while others get back to preparing tirelessly for the examination in the next year.

Candidates often miss the most basic things required to prepare for the NEET exam and crack the much-anticipated examination. Our aim with this blog is to compile and present to you some of the most effective tips and strategies that NEET toppers have followed over the years to achieve success in NEET.

5 Important Preparation Tips

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5 Most Important Tips From NEET Toppers

Now that we have covered most of the strategic points that NEET toppers generally bank upon let us now take a look at some important tips from NEET toppers.

No Pause in Practice

Taking on new knowledge daily and solving questions based on it is mandatory. You can't determine how well you're prepared by just learning and memorising facts. The only way to figure out whether you have understood a concept or chapter is by solving questions (easy, medium, and difficult) daily. Also, you should revise each chapter at least once a week and once a month. In this way, you can brush up on your concepts without building any time lags.

Cover Everything Asked in the Exam

It is well known that knowing the answer to any formula is important. However, this does not mean that your exam will be based exclusively on this. To crack the NEET exam, you will need to concentrate on the basics. Getting ready for NEET requires a solid grasp of the applications of important topics and an in-depth understanding of the basics. 

Therefore, focus on the things asked in the NEET exam, study the topics that will frequently appear in it, solve the questions that match its level, and hone your skills to prepare accordingly.

Solve as Many Papers as You Can

The NEET exam is the only thing that can give you a sense of its level. To have a better understanding of it, always solve the previous years’ question papers. By doing so, you will also be able to determine if your preparation is satisfactory.

Prepare Subject-wise Daily Revision Guide

Write facts, names, solutions, and tricks on plain coloured chart paper for each subject you are studying in your room as you progress through your courses. Be sure to keep revising them daily and adding content to them each day. Ideally, you should revise them at the beginning of the day and the end before you go to bed. In this way, you will have a huge guide ready in front of you when the exam date comes. This will also help you feel confident about the test.

5 Important Preparation Tips of NEET Toppers

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Relaxation and Rejuvenation are Equally Important

While studying is a critical part of daily life, a good balance of relaxation and rejuvenation is crucial as well. Getting your mind ready for study can be accomplished by going for a run or jog, doing some light exercises, or by meditating. Taking a long time to prepare for a big target is effective only if you give it your best shot!

Major Hurdles Faced by NEET Students

In contrast to the number of seats available, the number of candidates who attempt the NEET exam is too high. Students are under too much pressure since they not only have to prepare for exams but also take mock tests, practise papers, etc. They also have to manage their school with the preparation for NEET, which can become very tiresome for the young aspirants.

Several factors can negatively impact an aspirant's performance on an exam, but many are unaware of them. So, during your preparation for NEET 2022, be aware of the things that might hamper your performance and try to avoid them.

Juggling between School and NEET Coaching

Medical students face a number of challenges, including attending school and keeping up with the NEET coaching. In addition to the work they have to do in school, the students also have to attend NEET coaching after they return home. The right NEET study schedule, prepared according to your school schedule, will make the whole process much simpler and easier. Creating a daily schedule as well as separate holiday/weekend schedules will enable you to streamline your preparation.


Backlogs are another major problem for NEET students. In fact, the syllabus is vast and completing the NCERT syllabus, learning supplements, solving previous question papers, etc., can create a lot of confusion. If you have piled up backlogs, then come up with a plan to clear them without delay. Delaying will only make you less prepared for the NEET entrance exam.

Ignoring Difficult Concepts

The difficult things in life are often left out, whether a chapter, a task, or a topic. Students preparing for the NEET exam tend to get entangled in such habits, which pose a huge problem during the test. In the worst-case scenario, you may fail the test entirely.

Focusing on One Subject

Many students focus on one subject while falling behind in the other two. They do not realise that the final score is based on a mix of all three subjects. Therefore, each subject should be given enough time.

Using Multiple Study Resources

It is common for students to accumulate many reference books around them due to a variety of influences. Students cannot concentrate on their studies as a result of this. It is suggested to stick with only one study material, one that has simplified theory, numerous examples, and good practice questions.

Strategy Used by NEET Toppers

The candidate must know everything about the exam, including the syllabus, format, duration, marking scheme, and topic-by-topic weighting. They must also recognise their weak areas and continuously work to improve upon them.

Even though all these tips are from toppers, one characteristic that has been observed in NEET toppers is an uncompromising and staunch sense of discipline. It is critical to carefully and conveniently create a plan, regardless of the timeframe, once one has set goals and gathered all the material.

Secure the Best Study Material

Selecting the right study material is a tedious task. It is not easy to choose among thousands of available resources. Selecting the right study resources will also increase your chances of passing the exam with excellent marks. As per Arunangshu Bhattacharyya - AIR 19, NEET 2019, one should avoid too many different books because this creates confusion. Have a couple of good books for each subject and just follow them.

Smart Work over Hard Work

You should know how much time you should devote to each concept. Avoid referring to multiple sources for topics and overloading with points. The concepts remain the same, while the questions are always tweaked. Almost all students have studied the same topics but what makes a topper stand out is the ability to apply that knowledge, which can only be learned through a relentless approach.

Prepare Notes

It cannot be emphasised enough how important it is for candidates to take notes. Here they take note of important concepts, formulas, diagrams, mnemonics, and much more, further bolstering their ability to learn.

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Taking up these series topic-wise regularly will help you outperform the exam. After solving the paper, tally up your answers, arrive at a score, and compare it to the cut-off score for NEET. Check out more papers aligning with this pattern and see how you progress. You should also take note of your mistakes, identify your weak areas, and work on them accordingly.

Practice and Revise, Non-Stop

Take up different topics, learn, understand, and try to solve as many questions about them as possible. Aspire to solve 150 questions a day and try to tackle new questions every time. To assess your abilities, you can read the additional information related to the questions, examine each question and the options provided, and solve formula-based questions. 

You will gain conceptual transparency, enhance your logical thinking abilities, and feel more confident in your decisions regarding the answers as a result of this. Thus, mock tests, practice papers, and sample papers should be taken as often as possible. Also, ensure that you practice sample papers in ideal exam situations.


Make sure you practice as many questions as possible before the test. Practising is the only way to get a fair idea of how the questions are asked in the exams and how to manage your time during the examination. NEET toppers strongly recommend solving the previous year's papers before you sit the exam. You can do it if you trust yourself. Maintain proper health, sleep well, and you are sure to excel.

Hopefully, the above points helped you prepare in the most effective way possible for NEET. If you want to achieve success, it is always wise to learn from the pros instead of starting from scratch. Often, you might discover that something that worked for them also works for you.

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