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Effect of Online Classes on Students: Good and Bad

By AiswaryaApril 27, 2023
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How does Online Education Affect Students?

The advent of online education mode in schools and institutes has removed so many hurdles students face. This new mode of teaching has a great impact on the learning process. On the other hand, students and teachers are facing newly emerged physical and mental issues. The effect of online classes on students overall must be discussed, and precautions should be taken to preserve its benefits.

Students attending online classes enjoy the flexibility and vastness of resources. Teachers can communicate with attending students well and find easier ways to teach them. Let us discuss the effects elaborately from all aspects and make the right moves.

Pros of Online Classes

Quality Education

Imagine a student seeking advanced tuition from subject experts offline. He has to rely on the local options and will have to focus on whatever study material he can gather. This is where online tuition emerges as a brilliant platform for education. This is a positive impact of online classes on students on academic performance. They can find the best tutors across the country in the leading online tutoring portals and can avail themselves of the best study material for their respective subjects.

Flexible Learning Environment

Let us discuss another example here. A student entering a significant school education level must seek tuition in a batch outside his comfort zone. To gain from top tutors' expert teaching and attention, he has to leave his home and scout in different locations. He has to abide by the tuition schedule set by the tutors.

This is different from what happens in online tuition. Due to the immense convenience of online tuition, a student enjoys a more flexible study environment. He can set the tuition schedules according to his study time and school curriculum. The online student education, thus, adds more flexibility in setting class schedules and adds the convenience of studying at home in peace.

Study Material

Another brilliant reason that makes online tuition the need of the hour is study material. Experts from different domains collaborate under the banner of an education brand. They compile the ideal study material with their experience and expertise and address the common pitfalls students face.

Due to such arrangements, students will not have to look any further to find study material and can kick-start their academic process immediately. They will also save time and refer to the online study material for chosen subjects. This is one of the positive effects of online classes.


When all the factors are considered and compared, online tuition turns out to be more affordable than offline classes. Even if a student enrols in a coaching centre, he will have to pay more for the classes than online tuition. For example, Vedantu has created a flexible set of courses where students can study all subjects or choose specific topics and chapters.

Even if a student wishes to choose the entire syllabus to study, his tuition fee will remain within the budget. It is more affordable than what the offline tuition modes ask for. Online tuition courses are designed to address this issue and to make education more affordable.

Academic Performance

It has been found that students' academic performance has escalated due to the online tuition mode. The leading portals add exclusive technology-driven features that engage students’ attention in a peaceful environment. The grasping power of the students increases manifold due to such interactive teaching methods.

New technologies such as augmented reality, whiteboard integration, concept videos, audiovisual teaching aids, interactive features, etc make online tuition more effective. The imagination and visualisation powers of students increase multiple times, and they perform well academically. In fact, it is the prime objective of online classes on academic performance.


Online tuition adds more convenience to your academic pursuit. You can easily adjust the timings, study at home away from chaos, concentrate better on the topics explained and resolve your doubts on time.

In fact, the tutoring services keep the batch size small so that the assigned tutor can easily provide individual attention to all the attending students. It also becomes easier to design a personalized approach to help a student understand fundamental concepts following his learning style and pace. It makes you feel more comfortable and confident to study new topics online.

Side Effects of Online Classes

Apart from the positive experience of online classes on academic performance, there are cons of online classes that need to be discussed.

Eyesight Issues

There is a significant increase in screen time. Students and teachers are facing eye strains resulting in frequent headaches.  The proper adjustment of screen brightness can help in reducing such effects.

Classroom Ethics

Students must understand that online classes must also follow the classroom ethics practised offline. It creates a creative decorum to study.


Back pain, feet numbness and shoulder pain are a few of the issues caused by constant sitting in the same posture. These physiological issues can be avoided by proper exercise and outdoor activities.

Vitamin D and Calcium Deficiency

Spending more time indoors results in the improper formation of Vitamin D. Eventually, the human body will absorb calcium a lot less, causing musculoskeletal issues. This is why frequent outdoor visits are mandatory.

Online Classes for Better Outcomes

The objective of online classes on academic performance can be preserved well if we work on the issues stated above. Add the benefits of online classes to your academic curriculum and enhance your performance. All you need to do is to find the right subject experts and study material to continue your academic courses.

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FAQs on Effect of Online Classes on Students: Good and Bad

1. How can I reduce my screen time for online classes?

Try spending less time watching television and using a smartphone. Focus mostly on online classes.

2. What is the best way to prepare to study new subjects?

The best way to study new subjects is through online tuition. You can study at home under the guidance of a subject expert and make remarkable progress. Hire private online tutors for this purpose.

3. How can I resolve doubts during online tuition sessions?

Resolving doubts is easier online as the tutors conduct dedicated sessions. You can also ask questions during an online tuition session as the batch volume is quite low and resolve your queries instantly.