How To Use Sample Papers Effectively For NEET Preparation

by Preeti Bhardwaj, July 25, 2020

NEET exams are of great importance for students determined to get admission in MBBS. It is the gateway to the top medical colleges of India and thus the competition is very high. Students who crack NEET have a strong hold of the concept of the chapter. These concepts are built from practicing sample papers and previous years papers. Since, previous year's papers are in limited numbers, sample papers serve the best for maximum practice. Solving sample papers not only tests your speed but also your recapitulation power. 

Importance of Solving Sample Papers

The marks you score is directly proportional to the number of questions you have solved while preparing for NEET. Solving sample papers increases your chapterwise knowledge and tests your problem solving skills. Solving structured questions similar to NEET paper increases your level of confidence. It clears the fundamental concepts and solved paper also serves as a revision note. Given below are some of the benefits of practising Sample papers. 

  1. Solving sample papers and revising the same helps you grab the important points in the chapter that you might have missed while studying the chapter. It is more like a thorough revision in the form of question answers which is more beneficial because it summarizes the chapter, helps you recognize and rectify your mistakes and  improve the areas you are weak in. 

  2. Solving sample papers is the best way to analyze your preparation and test your knowledge. Inspite of studying the chapter, often students fail to recall during the exams. It is because of lack of practise. Solving sample papers promotes solving random questions from the chapter helps you brainstorm the answers and also brings you to the realization of how strong your preparation is. 

  3. Sample papers are not general questions. It is made keeping in mind the complexity level and the types of questions that come in exams. Therefore, solving maximum questions makes you cognizant of the types of questions. You also get used to the magnitude of the complexity level.

  4. Practising maximum sample papers improves your speed  and delivers you the skill of perfection in your answer. You get hold of the technique of solving papers and learn to manage time well. Usually, there is always a limitation to the number of questions that can be answered from a chapter but solving more sample papers makes you answer the same question in different ways which in turn leads to memorization. Answering a number of repeated questions after a certain interval pins all the important points in your brain.

The Best Ways To Use Sample Papers Effectively For NEET Preparation

Solving sample papers helps you score good marks in exams but if you blindly mug up the answers of the questions then it won’t work out. It is very important to study the chapter before you start solving the sample papers. While solving questions make sure that your approach is right and your base is strong. Given below is the best strategy to utilize your sample papers to the fullest in order to bag good scores.

  1. Before Solving Sample Papers

Sample paper is to test your knowledge, increase your speed and help you recognize and work on your mistakes or weak areas. So, before solving questions from sample papers, make sure you have understood the chapters, went through the examples and learnt the formulas. 

  1. Solve Under Timed Condition

The main purpose of solving questions from sample papers is to practise for exams and test your knowledge. Many students fail to complete the paper on time in spite of knowing the answers. This is because of the lack of speed and accuracy that makes students take more time to solve questions. Therefore, it is advisable to solve the sample papers under timed conditions so that even you can keep a track of your time and improvement. 

  1. Mark the Questions You Get Stuck in and Rectify

While solving the paper you will come across a lot of problems  and doubts. Keep a note of all your doubts and mark the questions you get stuck in.It is important to understand the concept and for that you need to recognize the portion which is not clear to you. Clear your doubts, rectify your mistakes and keep revising to not repeat your mistakes again.

  1. Get Hold of the Complexity Level and Question Pattern

Solving questions will make you get addicted to the complexity level so NEET question paper doesn’t panic you or freak you out, It is important to stay calm and in your senses. Therefore, solving more complex problems will improve your problem solving skills. 

  1. Do Not Skip the Questions

Skipping questions can make you unintentionally miss the important concept. So try attending all the questions and if in case you find a question difficult then mark it and solve later referring to our book. Sometimes students skip repeated questions. As explained above, even repeated questions are important because they make you revise the important topics and increase your speed level.

  1. Mnemonic, Flashcards and Sticky Notes 

While solving questions or referring to books, you come across a lot of important points and keywords which later you forget. In order to remember these important keywords and points, it is advisable to make flashcards, mnemonic and sticky notes to keep revising. 

  1. Revision

Learning and forgetting makes the net outcome zero. Therefore, it is important to make notes of all the solutions and make a revision plan to keep revising all that you have studied as you proceed. 

How To Use Sample Papers Effectively For NEET Preparation