How to Study for NEET When Only 100 Days are Left?

by Raunak Varma September 14, 2020

How to Study for NEET 2021?

Earlier every state in India had its own medical entrance exam, which created a lot of load among students as they need to take different entrance exams. Hence the Government in India has decided to conduct a common entrance exam National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test NEET as a plan to conduct one exam replacing multiple exams that were being conducted as part of the One Nation One Examination policy. 

NEET is an offline test carried out in a pen-paper mode, standing as the only medical entrance exam at UG level.

The National Eligibility/Entrance Test (NEET) is eligible for class XII students to sit in a single entrance examination to get admission to almost all medical colleges in India, including private medical colleges.

Now for those of you who neglect your textbooks all through the year, and you have left with just 100 days for your NEET exams your exam will turn into a nightmare. It becomes a race to see how fast you can cover a year's worth of syllabus. So let us see how to do NEET preparation in 100 days.

100 Days Means Complete 3 Months and 10 days.

During a time of such intense exam pressure, you first need to realize that studying for long hours a day is not something very healthy. The effective way of studying is with full concentration taking short breaks in between. Your focus shouldn't be how long you studied but on how much you studied.

With just a few months in your pocket, never give up and maintain a positive attitude to achieve success in NEET. Challenge yourself and cracked the prestigious exam in a mere 100 days preparation.

As quoted by Shakespeare, “All things are ready, if our minds are so'', therefore, to prepare for NEET in 100 days, you must be prepared mentally to go extra miles. It requires a formal attitude towards self-study and an affirmative approach towards the time table to make sure that the preparation for NEET does not lag.

Here are 10 Must-Do Things for How to Crack NEET in 100 Days

  • Calculate the Time

As very few days left for the NEET examination first target is to cover those subjects that really need to work hard upon. Candidates should prepare a good time-table for the NEET exam preparations. Preparing as per the time-table will help you to cover the complete syllabus. Allot more time for your weak subjects.

 Work Smartly

NEET doesn’t mean that you need to work hard day and night in order to crack the examination. Rather, it requires you to work smartly. It requires your time, attention, and high level of concentration.

Therefore, plan your study time table and follow it accordingly. Solve as many tests, as you can to understand the concepts more clearly.  

  • Different Hours for Different Subjects

Study the toughest subjects such as Physics and Chemistry in the morning hours and study Biology at night. The reason for choosing the toughest subjects in the morning is because one is more active during day time.  

  • Strategy for Different Subjects

Use different strategies for different subjects. Sometimes students are very strong in one subject & weak in others. You must work hard & try to work on your weaker topics with the help of your teacher, friends, and parents. This will help in overcoming the fear of your weaker subjects effectively and you can appear for your exams confidently.

  • Choose Proper Study Material

Pick the best books and material that covers the complete NEET syllabus prescribed by CBSE. Students should prepare from the best NEET 2021 books for the examination. It is necessary to study NCERT books as well as books prescribed for NEET preparation to crack your NEET exams.

  • Online Coaching

Online coaching saves time and money and around 45% NEET aspirants prefer online coaching than any physical medium.

Give your time to the internet to understand complex questions and also join online coaching classes like a crash course in NEET

  • Use the Internet in a Different way

The Internet can help you to prepare the NEET exam well. So join NEET online groups on Facebook to get the latest updates about the exam and tips to clear the exam shared by other users.  

  • Prepare Through Mock Tests

Students can practice for the NEET exam with the help of an online mock test. Download NEET mock tests from various websites on the internet. This mock test helps the students to crack the NEET exam more confidently. Mock Tests are available for each and every subject which covers each chapter and topics. It will improve your skills, knowledge, performance and you are able to know your speed to solve the paper too. Practice as many mock tests as you could in the allotted time frame. Ultimately, this will help you get a good rank in the NEET exam.

  •  Good Health Possesses Good Mind

The most important aspect is to be healthy. One needs to be healthy to perform healthily. Hence, one needs to focus on his/her health to avoid any kind of obstacle in NEET preparation.

General Tips

  1. Take at least 6 hours of sleep

  2. Uninstall apps like Fb, Twitter, Instagram, and Tiktok to avoid any distraction

  3. Give 3 hrs to both physics and chemistry and 2 hours to biology daily

  4. Give a mock test daily from the remaining time

  5. Do analyze your mistakes in the test

  6. Clear all your doubts from teachers and friends

  7. Try to solve All India Test Series papers.

  8. Follow the Early to bed and early to rise formula

  9. Eat healthy and nutritious food

  10. Keep yourself away from all negative thoughts. Don't lose hope unless you give your NEET exam

  11. Avoid those friends who try to demotivate you

Cracking NEET is not an unachievable task. In fact, those students who have the right attitude to make it can even crack the exam in a mere 100 days preparation. So knowing the tips and tricks for how to prepare for NEET in 100 days bring out the talent in you, challenge yourself, and start right now to make it happen.