How to Score a Perfect-360 in NEET Biology?

by Raunak Varma October 09, 2020

Are you among those students who are afraid when they think of the subject Biology and that too in NEET examination? Well, there is nothing to be feared of as such. Biology is such a subject that needs to be understood and learned. It also include a lot of diagrams, and that requires your practice. Well, the NEET exam is a National level exam for Medical Students. Hence, every year the number of students gets increased, and as a result, the competition also increases. As a result, the possibility of getting good ranks and marks is also decreasing day by day. The questions of these competitive exams are also a little hard to frighten the students.

The question paper of the NEET exams carries 180 questions, out of which 45 questions are for Chemistry and Physics and the rest for Biology where you can score 360 marks out of 720 marks. Now you might be thinking as to how to score 360 marks. Many students also have the question of whether 360 is also a good mark in NEET or not. Scoring 360 marks is not at all difficult, in the past years also students have acquired 360 marks in the Biology section, and even you can do it. But there are certain steps or rather tips that you need to follow. If you are serious with your studies and want to score 360 then you must go through this article which will explain to you the tips for getting the marks you want in Biology.

How to Score Good Marks in NEET?

You can get good marks in the NEET exam, but it is not that easy; for example, say 360 in Biology. It is obviously difficult to get full marks in some competitive exams due to the increased rate of competition. But yes, one can acquire a good 360 in NEET Biology if one follows the below-mentioned tips.

  • While you are learning your lessons, try to note down the important topics or the keywords in a notebook, this process will help you in remembering better and also before the last days of your examination. Clarification of doubts becomes the next important tip. No one is born talented, and there is no one who knows everything since birth. Hence we all do have doubts. You must always clarify your every doubt by asking your teacher or anyone else who has got a clear idea about the fact and the subject. Clarification of doubts is of much importance as if you appear for your exams with the doubts, then that would lead to subtraction of marks.

  • Select the right book, while you have made your mindset to appear for a competitive exam like NEET, then you should always keep in mind that you have to choose the right book for yourself. We can say that NCERT books are enough for NEET exams or NCERT biology books are enough for you to prepare for the NEET examination.

  • Revision and practice, whatever exam it might be, but revision and practice are considered the key to success. Once you have finished learning the whole syllabus, start your revisions as soon as possible without wasting any time. To be noted that no new chapters or lessons should be started learning at this time. This time, i.e., the time before the examination is only for you to revise the lessons you have already learned. You are now coming to practice. We have heard the saying that “Practice makes a man perfect.” This is absolutely true. The more you practice, the more you understand where your faults are. Accordingly, you can correct yourself before time flies away. When you start practicing, you will see that there are many things that you have written wrong and which need to be corrected before the exams.

  • Giving Mock Tests, once you are done with your lessons or rather after completing your syllabus, start giving mock tests that are offered. The advantage of this is that you come to know about your status, i.e., where you stand in your preparation in comparison to others.

  • Practice previous years question papers to know the type of questions, the pattern and the time limit. When you start practicing the last year’s papers, you begin to maintain the time that helps you a lot during the examination. Time management is the most important factor that you need to maintain and keep in mind.


You might know how essential Biology is, just like other subjects. If you are someone who is about to give any medical examination, then Biology becomes the main subject, and you cannot run away from learning that subject. A major part of the questions in the competitive examinations such as NEET etc. comes from Biology. Students who think of leaving this subject in school have to study it during the competitive exam compulsorily or else they would not get good marks.

Hence, this article has clearly mentioned some interesting yet easy tips so that you may be able to score good marks in your upcoming examination.