How to Score 150+ in Physics and Chemistry in NEET - Scoring Tips

by Saurav Mishra October 09, 2020

NEET Scoring Tips

To score good marks and to get a rank is the dream of every student. But just before the exams, you think whether you would be able to make your dreams fulfilled or not. Well, if you are not sure about this, that means the fault is with you only. The reason is that you are not following the tips that would help you score more in your examination. Students before the examinations have a question whether the NCERT books enough for their preparation in Chemistry or if the books by HC Verma enough for the preparation of NEET examination. All your doubts would be clearly answered in this article so that you have no more doubts about your preparation.

In this article, we have tried to mention all the tips and tricks by following which you would be able to prepare for your upcoming examination. This article mainly deals with the tips by which you can score 150+ in Physics as well as in Chemistry. Besides this, we have also tried to include points like NCERT books and HC Verma books enough for your Physics and Chemistry preparation.

Tips for Scoring 150+ in Physics and Chemistry

There are certain tips that you need to follow once you have made your mind to appear for NEET examination. The below-mentioned tips will surely help you to understand how to score 150 in Chemistry NEET 2022 and pursue good marks.

  • Maintain a Timetable and Follow It- The first and foremost thing is that you need to do is write down a schedule and place it near your study table. If you have a timetable, then the time for all your subjects would be distributed in an equal manner. Only making a timetable just for the name would not work at all. You need to follow that in a strict way.

  • Get Your Concepts Clear- When you are studying something, then the concept regarding that should be clear enough so that it is easier for you to learn. Physics is a subject that deals with all practical applications and concepts, as well as some numerical. Hence if you have any unclear concepts, clear it at once. Chemistry, on the other hand, deals with reactions, atomic structures, etc. Hence your idea regarding this should also be evident.

  • Get the Best Books- If you are an aspirant who is going to give NEET exam; then you should at the first instance, get the books that are best for this exam in particular. NCERT books are always a good option for your NEET examination. NCERT for Chemistry is enough for your preparation for the NEET 2022 examination. HC Verma books, on the other hand, is also a good option and are considered the best for the NEET examination.

  • Go for Mock Tests- When you see that you have almost completed your syllabus and that your examination is almost knocking at your doorsteps, then the only way to make yourselves fully prepared is by taking Mock Tests that are available online. Mock tests are always a good option to go for just before your examination as it allows you to judge yourself as to which position is at your preparation.

  • Get a Tutor for Yourself- You can yourself prepare for your NEET examination but in case you are unable to do so then get yourself a private tutor who has gained experience in this field. An experienced person will always give you the right path to walk in.

  • Do Not Leave any Topic Incomplete- The big mistake that every student makes is that they jump from one topic to another. Well, this is the biggest blunder. Study in a serial manner so that you do not miss any  important topics covered in the different  chapters

  • Practice Regularly- Physics deals with numerical and Chemistry deals with diagrams and bonding structures. They sound easy, but they are quite hard. So, to score good marks in your examination, you need to practice frequently so that your concepts get more clear on every single attempt and your speed increases.

  • Follow up Previous Years Question Papers- Along with Mock tests and regular practice, you also need to practice the previous years’ question papers that can be downloaded easily. Repeatedly solving the previous years question papers will surely help you a lot in scoring 150+ in both Physics and Chemistry. Not only that it also allows you to know the pattern, the types of questions that come, time that is allotted and many more such important details. While you practice those past years’ question papers, you get to know the time at which you need to finish, and hence time management of yours becomes good.


To score good marks is not at all a big deal, but you just need to prepare well. Many get confused about how to prepare and what all to do so that they can get good marks. The tips mentioned above and tricks would act like magic. If you are one of those serious students who want to make a seat in one of the best institutions for your future studies then just follow these tips honestly and work hard. The results of your hard work will appear on your report cards. This article by us has tried to mention all possible tips that if you follow, will bring to you 150+ in Physics and Chemistry. Good Luck, young Aspirants!