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How to Revise the Entire Syllabus in the Last Month of the NEET 2021?

By Raunak VarmaOctober 09, 2020
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The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) is the most important exam for admission in MBBS and BDS courses across the country. And with the examination day approaching nearer and nearer, aspirants tend to keep their expectations high. The feelings are a mixture of pleasure and nervousness with a touch of overwhelming, particularly if the examination is simply a month away.

We have crafted an article containing methods of effective preparation loaded with some strategies, tricks, and a list of things to try and do during this last month of the NEET 2021 examination. After reading this article, you will get an idea of how to revise the entire syllabus in the last month of the NEET 2021.

As the time of NEET exam approaches, many aspirants realize that there is a lot to cover up, but the time left isn't enough. But, where there is a will, there is a way. So, with a proper and strategic approach throughout the last thirty days of NEET preparation, you can perform well in the exam.

All the aiming aspirants must have completed the required syllabus from the prestige NCERT and different reference books, by now. And some, if not completed, they must have at least done some major amount of portion. Irrespective of how much you have completed, this last month should completely be dedicated to revision and only revision.

You should realize that there is no time to start out something new. Hence, this last month should be dedicated primarily to revision and mock tests.

Under these circumstances, a student having stress is comprehensible. However, they're suggested to not let the stress have an effect on them. Instead, they should have a positive approach towards the examination because it is difficult to crack the exam with a stressed mind.

Tips to Follow During Last 30 Days Before NEET 2021

Preparing a Timetable

The key step is to create a 30-day schedule until the NEET 2021 examination day. Everything that's enclosed during this schedule is going to be your preparation strategy for the future one month.

Creating and analyzing this timetable mustn't take a lot of time. Max, 15-20 minutes are sufficient. And when you are over with your timetable, paste it on a wall in such a way that it is clearly visible to you.

So if candidates have skipped over any topic, they can include that in their 30-days time-table. But in case students are left only with the revision, then they should search the weightage of each topic from the previous years’ papers and give priority to the subjects accordingly.

Aspirants can also prefer a different technique, where they will revise the topics they find hard.


Now that you are starting with your time-table, the foremost thing to be added to your schedule is sufficient time for revision. You must have analyzed your weak and strong areas, so divide the time according to that.

It is must to add some time for breaks during revision. Nearly 6-7 hours are needed to do revision. Now, this point is comprehensive of all the breaks that you just soak up between 2 subjects/chapters. To utilize the best you can, and if possible, reduce the time of your rest period.

Watch Videos and Visualise

Nature has given the human brains a tendency to process visuals 1000 times quicker than text. So, while doing revision, if you are fed up of seeing texts and pages every time, then switch to videos available online, and allow them to be carved in your memory forever. Some recorded lectures are also available from various coaching institutes to revise and visualize the details.

Mock Tests

The next stair to climb is to practice mock tests. Unlike 6-7 hours of revision, this mock test practice only requires 3-4 hours. Also, to keep it simple, you do not have to take many mock tests. Just three are enough for a day. It is a very crucial step as they're going to get you into the habit of solving questions as if you are sitting in the exam, ultimately benefiting you on the examination day.

Recreational Activities

Allot some time in your timetable to do things that you just like doing, like playing sports, performing arts, painting, watching movies or listening to songs. It will refresh your mind and let you focus on studies in a better way.

Adequate Night Sleep

Candidates must sleep on time to keep their body and mind fresh. The expected time duration for sleep is 6-8 hours. This could sound like an excessive amount of sleep to some aspirants, as hard-work means less sleep and more practice.

However, it's necessary that you just get adequate rest before the examination. Not just that, but also your brain will get some time to relax as it will boost the neurons that will help your brain to function well on the D-day.

Keep Complete Faith in Yourself

Candidates need to have full faith in themselves as low self-esteem may lead to bad performance and can shatter all your goals. You need to realize that, for this day, you have worked so hard, and that is all going to add up to its value and can certainly profit you. After giving mock tests, do not forget to analyze your mistakes. This approach will surely fetch you a lot of marks in the exam.

All the best to all the candidates who are going to appear for the NEET exam this year. Hope these tips will help you to revise the entire NEET syllabus in the last month of the NEET 2021.

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