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How to Prepare for CUET 2023 - Know Complete Study Plan

By Manasvi GuptaMarch 08, 2023
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Candidates preparing for the Common University Entrance Test (CUET) must start their CUET preparation 2023 early. The National Testing Agency (NTA) has announced the CUET 2023 exam date sheet on its official website. As per the declaration, the CUET 2023 exams are scheduled to be held from May 21. 

CUET Preparation Tips 2023: 10 Ways to Ace Your Entrance Test

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Aspirants are advised to analyze the CUET exam's pattern, CUET syllabus, and marking scheme to score well in the CUET exam and secure a seat in their preferred university/course. In this article, we’ve curated a few tips to ease your CUET preparation 2023. Let’s find out:

Check Out Top Preparation Strategies for CUET 2023

How to prepare for CUET”? The majority of aspirants struggle with this question as the exams approach. The NTA conducts CUET to provide admissions to several undergraduate, postgraduate, diploma, certification, and research programs in 45 Central Universities of India. 

Given the competitive nature of the exam, taken by over ten lakhs of candidates, strategic CUET preparation is crucial as there are only a few months left. Read on to know how candidates should schedule their time to prepare for the exam.

1. Understand the Exam Pattern

Going through the CUET exam pattern is the very first & foremost step of your CUET preparation 2023. As per the current CUET exam pattern, candidates will be asked MCQ-based questions divided into four sections:

  • Section 1 A - 13 Languages

  • Section 1 B - 19 Languages

  • Section 2 - Domain-specific test

  • Section 3 - General test

Candidates will be given one mark for each correct answer, while there will also be a negative marking of 0.25 mark for every incorrect answer. Knowing the exam pattern helps students to create a strategic study plan and start preparations accordingly.

2. Know Your CUET Syllabus 

Once you understand the exam pattern, the second step is to get aware of the CUET syllabus. CUET syllabus is likely to differ depending on the language & domain-specific subjects of your choice. It consists of topical questions from current affairs, Mathematics, logical & analytical reasoning, etc. It is advised to list the subjects and mark important topics according to the weightage. It will help the candidates to know the topics they must study and manage their time accordingly.

3. Refer to CUET Sample Papers/Mock Tests

When should I start preparing for CUET 2023?” As you’re aware of the CUET syllabus & exam pattern, the next step is to solve CUET previous years’ question papers & mock tests to understand better the type & difficulty level of questions asked in the exam. It will help you know what areas you’re weak in as well as areas you’ve got good command in. You can also track your speed of attempting & solving each question to improve time management skills further.

4. Refer to the Best CUET Preparation Books

Once you’re clear on the domain-specific subjects you will select, the next step is to buy reliable and high-quality study resources. Though NCERT books are preferred for candidates to strengthen their base & understand the concept in-depth, candidates are advised to purchase at least two to three prep books for CUET, depending on the course they’ve applied for. Some of the best books for the CUET preparation 2023 are here as follows:

  • English Grammar in Use by Raymond Murphy

  • Complete Mathematics by Lucent

  • Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examination by RS Aggarwal

  • Analytical Reasoning and Logical Reasoning by Arihant

  • Disha’s Rapid General Knowledge

  • Concept of Physics Vol 1 & 2 by H.C. Verma etc.

5. Assign Enough Time To Each Subject

Scheduling things helps you achieve your goals if you plan them properly. That’s why it is crucial to schedule your time for CUET preparation. First, prepare a timetable on the topics you must cover, find out subjects requiring high priority, and set your daily or weekly goals accordingly. Next, manage your time so that your CUET syllabus gets completed on time. Then, stick to your timetable and follow it regularly.

6. Reading Newspapers is a Must

How to prepare for CUET? Developing a habit of reading newspapers daily will help you to stay updated on national & international affairs. This way, you can grab information quickly and enhance your vocabulary, boost grammar skills & reading comprehension. Spend at least 30 hours daily analyzing & reading the newspapers.

7. Never Ignore Revising Things 

While devising your study plan, make sure you leave enough time for revision to get the important or complex topics at your fingertips. You can have an effective revision plan at the end of every study session to resolve doubts, clear concepts, and boost your preparation. Avoid picking up any new topic to study at the last minute of preparations. Keep a couple of days before the exam reserved for only revising things.

8. Focused & Consistent Study Hours

Many aspirants ask, “is self-study enough for CUET?”. The answer lies in the quality & productivity they can bring during their study hours. In other words, it is crucial to distance yourself from all types of distractions while sitting for studies. Limit your social media time, and find a quiet study spot. The CUET exam preparation demands focused learning, practice, and revision.

9. Figure out your Learning Strategy

Once you’ve created a study timetable, it’s time to develop a distinctive learning strategy that helps you with your academic goals. You can start by making short notes after finishing each study session and revise them often. Try to keep your notes handy, so it is convenient to look at them anytime. Maintaining flashcards is a good idea. Identify your strengths and work on topics that may require extra attention.

10. Stay Calm and Relax

The candidates need to approach exam preparation with a relaxed & focused mindset. So, try to remain calm & composed. Don’t stress yourself by overthinking or comparing yourself with other students. Instead, stay focused, stick to your studies, and take breaks between every hour of studies to keep your mind relaxed and recharged.

To Sum Up

These are a few tips & strategies that students can follow during their CUET preparation 2023 to ace the entrance test. CUET is a highly-competitive entrance exam that requires a proper strategy to score well. Just follow your timetable dedicatedly, assess your learning & performance, and revise things frequently.

FAQs on How to Prepare for CUET 2023 - Know Complete Study Plan

1. How can I manage my preparation for the CUET and Board exams?

Create a timetable for both the CUET and board exams and find out the common subjects which are similar. It will help you save time. Plus, take proper mock tests to understand the exam pattern thoroughly.

2. Is NCERT enough to crack CUET 2023?

NCERT textbooks are considered good for boosting concepts, but candidates are also advised to refer to CUET guidebooks to perform better.

3. When should I start my CUET preparations?

Candidates should start their CUET preparations six months before the exam date.

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