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How to Crack the NEET Exam in One Year? — Top 10 Tips What is NEET?

By Preeti BhardwajJune 03, 2022
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Every medical student aspires to become a successful doctor. In a bid to achieve their dreams, millions of candidates appear in the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test, popularly known as NEET every year. It is the single medical entrance exam in the country, which gives entrance to various MBBS and BDS courses. Cracking the exam is the ultimate goal of every medical student. However, the competition is high and the stakes are higher. Simply studying won’t fetch you the required results. You also need a proper plan to achieve your aim and gain admission to one of the best medical colleges in the country. 

Top 10 Tips - How to Crack NEET in One Year?

  1. Consistent Hard Work

You need to complete your Higher Secondary in the duration period of two years. If your concepts of chapters from Class XI are clear, then you have an added advantage. If not, you need to put in a lot of hard work with some intense study hours to make up for the lost time. It is not an easy process but certainly doable.

  1. Focus and Discipline

Time management is one of the most crucial aspects of preparation. You need a timetable for NEET preparation in one year. Try not to follow the routine of others but concentrate on yourself and make your own routine according to your most productive hours. You need to manage time wisely between your studies and other tasks. Do not procrastinate and try to avoid excess use of mobiles or watching television. If you can give your best till the last day, you are bound to succeed.

  1. Chemistry and Biology Tips

Having good knowledge of these two subjects is essential to achieve success in the examination. You need to go through your study materials in detail and also take the help of NCERT books for the purpose.

  1. Physics Tips

Physics is a subject which requires clarity of concepts. If you do not have strong concepts, you will fail to solve the problems. So pay attention to have a grasp on the concepts primarily.

  1. Follow Subject Tricks

While solving questions from previous NEET exam papers, try to apply the tricks taught by your teachers as they help in saving a lot of time. The practice is essential to solve quickly and try to learn from the mistakes you make rather than getting disappointed.

  1. Make Your Own Notes

Making your own notes is a pivotal part of the preparation for such competitive exams. You should avoid studying from the notes of your friends or seniors and rather look to include your tricks and shortcuts in your notes. This can play a huge role in how to prepare for medical entrance in one year.

  1. Revision

The answer to the question ‘how to clear NEET in one year’ largely depends upon the number of times you can revise. Revising for the last few days can never be enough. You need to revise every day. You need to make it a habit and take out a slot during the day to revise what you have learnt. Before going to sleep, you can go through what you have learnt throughout the day for half an hour.

  1. Composure

Many students tend to not be successful despite a lot of hard work throughout the year because they fail to keep their composure and panic. Keeping control of your nerves is one of the secrets to achieving your dreams. You should not panic during the preparation but keep your head down and work hard. This will keep you confident on the day of the exam as well and you are bound to come out with flying colours.

  1. Clearing Doubts

Consult your teachers immediately if you have doubts or trouble understanding portions of your course. Do not pile them up for a later time and keep them pending. Clearing your doubts is an important part of the preparation and if not solved, could prove to be a potential barrier on your road to success.

  1. Not Avoiding Topics

You should not avoid topics because they are difficult to comprehend. Take the help of your teachers and understand them and clear your doubts. You need to keep an eye on every topic and every subject to attain success. Questions can come from any portion of the syllabus and if you neglect them, you may miss out on those questions on the day of the exam. Instead, work on those topics and try practicing more questions from those to overcome your fear and gain confidence.

Following these tips can help you clear NEET in one year. You need to have the correct attitude and zeal to work hard along with the perfect planning and preparation to achieve your dreams. So pull your socks off and get ready to fly high!

FAQs on How to Crack the NEET Exam in One Year? — Top 10 Tips What is NEET?

1. How many hours should I study for NEET?

NEET is one of the most coveted exams for medical aspirants. The competition is very high and one needs to put in a lot of hard work to attain a good NEET score. Students often get confused as to how much time they should dedicate to preparation for the NEET exam as they also need to prepare for their boards. Although many suggest starting preparing for NEET post the board examination, you can allow a couple of hours as 80% of the syllabus is common. After the board exams end, you should allow around 11-14 hours of the day according to where you stand.

2. Can I prepare for NEET in one month?

If you have not studied any chapter yet, it is not possible to cover the whole syllabus in such a short period. You can however do so if you work hard for 40 days continuously. This may sound a bit strange but you need to master everything of the 20% topics from which almost 80% of the questions come in exams, according to the papers of previous years. It is quite a daunting task as well but if you can work hard consistently and take the help of a few courses online, you can crack the NEET Exam and get admission to a Government College.

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