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Celebrate Diwali 2023 without Crackers: Here's How!

By MayukhaNovember 07, 2023
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Diwali 2023, the “festival of lights” is just around the corner. An auspicious day that symbolises the victory of good over evil and lights over darkness. In earlier times, celebrating Diwali was all about decorating houses, lighting up every dark corner with earthen lamps, exchanging Diwali wishes, performing ritual ceremonies, and organising small get-togethers to have fun with close ones. 

Diwali 2023

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But today, in modern times, the trend of Diwali celebration has switched over to electric illumination and bursting loud crackers. From children to adults, both enjoy the utmost level of excitement & adrenaline rush in the bursting of crackers and double it up with noise-making & sparkling crackers. 

But while enjoying it, no one ever thought about increasing air & noise pollution caused by crackers that filled the air with harmful emissions and put individuals’ health at stake, especially heart patients, etc. So, here in this blog, we decided to share some ways to celebrate no crackers Diwali this year and spread happiness, not pollution. Take a look.

Fun-Filled Ways to Celebrate Diwali Festival without Crackers

For the longest time, Diwali has been associated with bursting crackers. Today, it has become an indispensable part of the Diwali celebration. Diwali is incomplete without lights, crackers, and sweets. However, this fun also brings extreme air & noise pollution by crackers that are harmful to the environment as well as to health. 

How to Celebrate Diwali Without Crackers

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Therefore, by keeping the increasing threats of pollution & global warming, let’s get back to the traditional ways of celebrations and wish our relatives a happy Diwali without crackers.

Why do we Burst Crackers on Diwali?

Historically, Diwali is celebrated to observe the victory of good over evil and the return of Lord Rama to his Kingdom Ayodhya after defeating Ravana and completing 14 years of exile period. To mark this occasion, the villagers of Ayodhya lit up Lord Rama’s path with Diyas to bless them. 

However, in modern times, people added bursting firecrackers to celebrate the victory of Lord Rama over Ravana, king of Lanka. It is a way for people to show excitement & happiness at the return of Lord Rama by burning crackers. There is no definite reason why we burst crackers on Diwali. 

Here are the ways to celebrate Diwali without crackers. Take a look:

  1. Use More Diyas:

The essence of Diwali is lighting every dark corner of the house. So, why not go back to our traditional roots and go local by using the good traditional “Diyas” made of mud instead of electric lighting? 


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This is one of the best parts of using Diyas. They save electricity as well as add beauty to your house. Additionally, they are reusable, biodegradable as well as cost-effective. Opt for different types of colorful, & fancy traditional diyas. To add more fun, you can DIY paint them or glue fancy ribbons. 

  1. Decorate Homes with Rangoli & Home-Made Lanterns:

Rangoli is an essential part of Diwali celebrations and to celebrate no crackers Diwali, go for organic colors made of natural ingredients such as turmeric or rice powder, etc. These colors don’t have any side effects on health as well as a great alternative to modern Rangoli stickers that leave their stains on the floor & complex to remove.

Additionally, you can also use homemade lanterns as a substitute for crackers. Not only are they cost-effective, but also are safer for the environment. You can buy glitter or colorful papers, watch an online video, and show your creativity. 


  1. Say Hi to Green Crackers:

If you are wondering, “how to celebrate Diwali without crackers”, then this Diwali, you can avoid those air-polluting & noise-making firecrackers and go for green crackers. There are green crackers available in the market which are made using less pollutant raw materials, thus less harmful to the environment. They are eco-friendly and fumes emitting from these types of crackers are less harmful to people's health. You can also try seed crackers that burst into plants and give us the same joy.

  1. Spread Smile by Donating:

If you are choosing to celebrate no crackers Diwali, you can earn an immense amount of joy by serving the needy this year. There are thousands of children who sleep hungry on roads or don’t have enough clothes to put on. Do something for them. Donate clothes, give some sweets and make them feel a part of Diwali celebrations. Include your house helpers by inviting them into your happiness. The smile you see on their faces will make your Diwali Festival memorable this year.

  1. Throw a House Party:

Inviting your loved ones to your homes and spending time with them is the best answer to how to celebrate Diwali without pollution. Organize a house party, prepare a Diwali feast at home, offer beverages and enjoy with them by playing games, or dance, music, etc. It will be a great thing you will do this Diwali to bring happiness and fulfillment in your life.  

  1. Prepare Homemade Sweets: 

This year, instead of spending money on sweets made of artificial colors, make sweets at home and include children also in the making process. This way, you not only can save lots of money as well as ensure the safe health of your family by avoiding tons of sugar and artificial flavors. You can make coconut sweets or include dry fruits for a delicious taste.

  1. Exchange Thoughtful Gifts:

This Diwali, ditch those cliche gift ideas and celebrate no crackers Diwali by exchanging thoughtful gifts. Instead of wasting money on gifts that have only a formal value to the receiver, make an effort to give personalized gifts to each other and make them feel special. For example, you can give a pen drive with songs, a favorite book, etc. Homemade cards are also a good idea.

  1. Shop Local:

This year, promise yourself to have no firecrackers this Diwali and shop local instead of online & high-end shopping. Whether you are buying dresses, Diyas, any gift items, or decorative stuff, you should prefer local products made by local artisans. This way, you can help those locals whose livelihood depends on selling these handicraft items in festive seasons.

Wrapping Up!

Celebrating the Diwali Festival without crackers is a way to contribute towards the safety of our environment and keep the festive vibes alive by finding the next suitable alternatives. The festival is not only about spending money or enjoying a couple of hours but also about the health of society and the cleanliness of the surroundings. Share these tips with your friends/family and celebrate an eco-friendly Diwali this year.

FAQs on Celebrate Diwali 2023 without Crackers: Here's How!

1. Can we celebrate Diwali without crackers?

Yes. By opting for green crackers and supporting the traditional customs of Diwali, we can make our celebrations even more fun & exciting.

2. Why should we say no to crackers?

Bursting firecrackers cause emission of toxic chemicals like phosphorus and ammonium nitrate. It is harmful to people's health. Plus, they are also noisy causing sound pollution. Therefore, opting for green crackers is a good idea.

3. Why should we celebrate green Diwali?

Green Diwali is a way to celebrate festive vibes with minimum damage to the environment and Mother Earth. By avoiding or using a few firecrackers, we can help decrease air & noise pollution. 

4. Do bursting crackers have any significance in Diwali festival?

No, bursting crackers is not a mandatory part of Diwali celebrations. The festival's essence lies in illuminating darkness both within and outside, spreading joy, and strengthening bonds. While crackers were once a part of the festivities, their harmful environmental and safety impacts have led many people to embrace eco-friendly alternatives.

5. Is green Diwali celebrated in India?

Yes, Green Diwali is celebrated in India. It is a growing movement that promotes eco-friendly ways to celebrate Diwali, minimizing pollution and environmental damage. People opt for lighting diyas and rangoli, sharing sweets and savories, participating in cultural events, and exchanging gifts without crackers.