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Learn These Pollution Free Paper Crafts for Diwali

By Swagata SarkarSeptember 05, 2022
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Fun Handmade Diwali Craft Ideas to Try

Diwali is the time of the year we wait to celebrate and enjoy with our loved ones. We decorate our homes and make them look more welcoming to all the guests. One of the drawbacks of celebrating Diwali is the pollution created by firecrackers and candles. How can we reduce it? We can go for exclusive ideas with paper crafts for Diwali this year.

These Diwali craft ideas will give us the best decoration made by children. These ideas will not cause any pollution and will help us enjoy a safe Diwali. All these ideas involve using paper, glue, and different other decorative items that are available easily.

Beautiful Handmade Diwali Craft Ideas

Diwali is celebrated as the festival of good winning over evil. Lord Rama returned on this day to his throne with his beloved wife Sita and his brother Lord Lakshman. He won and killed Ravana, the demon lord, and retrieved his wife. All the subjects of his kingdom celebrated that day. Since then, we observe Diwali, celebrate the good over evil, and enjoy our time of happiness with our loved ones.

This year, let us pledge to spend a pollution-free Diwali by introducing paper crafts as decoration items. These craft ideas can be created easily at home and can also be used as gifts for all. Here is a list of Diwali art and craft items you can make at home.

1.  Paper and Stick Lantern

This craft idea is quite simple to make. All you will need is ice cream sticks, coloured paper, and sketch pens. The size of the lantern can be decided based on your choices. Your prime aim is to make square paper frames with ice cream sticks at the edges. Draw rangoli designs on four such squares.

Start sticking these sides to form a box. You will need 6 such square sides. Make a hole at the top and introduce a few of the LED lights from a line. Hang them one after the other on the walls or balconies.

2.  Accordion-shaped Paper Diya

Take a coloured paper and start folding it to form an accordion. Bend this paper in the middle and join one of the ends to form a semicircle. Stick beads on the straight line side and design a flame with yellow and orange coloured paper.

You can use an LED light to stick to the paper flame and then to the diya. Make more and stick them to the LED light line. When you light up the lights, it will feel like diyas hanging from the walls or from balconies. This is an easy craft for the Diwali celebration to avoid pollution.

Handmade Paper Diya for Diwali

Handmade Paper Diya for Diwali

3.  Paper Plate Rangoli

This beautiful Diwali craft for kids can be made with paper plates, bindis, colourful cotton balls, and glue. You can make any design using these household items and create rangolis using paper plates. You can hang them on the outer walls of your main gate.

Here is a unique idea. You can make rangolis with a paper plate and stick lights in them to make them look like diyas. You can also stick the accordion diya you learned to make in the middle of this plate.

4.  Paper Leaf Garland

Making garlands is very easy. You will need colour paper, scissors, gum, colourful threads, and sketch pains. Design a leaf on the colour paper and cut them with scissors. To make it easier for you, design a leaf on one side of the paper. Fold the paper to cut multiple leaves at a time. Make small holes at the top of these leaves to introduce the colourful strings.

This Diwali decoration with paper is the easiest. You can make many such leaf garlands and hang them at the top of doors or inside the worship room in your house. You can also entangle lights with these paper-made garlands.

5.  Cardboard Lower Lamp

This is a little difficult but doable Diwali craft ideas with paper and cardboard. Cut rectangular strips of cardboard and fold them to make circles. Stick petals made of coloured paper around them to get a floral shape. Cover the middle portion with a circular cardboard piece and colour it.

Make a hole on the top circular cardboard piece and introduce a rice light. You can now hang these floral cardboard lights. Use petals of different colours to make different types of paper flowers. There is no origami trick here. Simply, cut the floral petals as your wish and stick them to the cardboard side to form a flower. That’s it.

6.  Paper Fire-craft

This sounds quite intriguing, isn’t it? Well, there is no involvement of firecrackers in it. You can cut shapes from coloured paper and make firecrackers on a card. Stick glittering papers on it and make sure you make the virtual fire and sparkles with golden ribbons. This is the best paper Diwali craft card you can give to your friends and family. All you need is glue, blank paper cards, colour paper, glitter stickers, golden ribbon, sketch pens, and scissors.

Why Should We Follow Papercraft Ideas for Diwali?

This year, let us pledge to make Diwali safer and less polluting. With these innovative and fun-filled Diwali decoration paper craft ideas, rest assured that all your family members will be happy. They will all be engaged in such beautiful artwork and the family time you spend will be worth remembering.

These craft ideas can be easily executed. Based on these ideas, you can innovate and introduce your own and surprise all. Find unique elements to add and make these Diwali craft ideas the perfect surprise for your family, guests, and friends visiting your home. 

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