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How NEET Aspirants Can Overcome Fear and Perform Better in the Exam

By Raunak VarmaOctober 08, 2020
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NEET is one of the most competitive exams in India for which thousands of students apply to pursue their career in the Medical field. Clearing the national examination is a crucial step for all those who want to work in the medical field as a doctor. At times, these exams become more than a gateway to MBBS and start representing a way of getting acceptance in a competitive environment, which consists of their peers, family members, and relatives. With all these reasons, students start fearing from the NEET examination and end up spoiling their performance. Physics, Chemistry, and Maths, which were supposed to be prepared thoroughly by the students, begin haunting them in their dreams.

There are also such situations where students end up being anxious and stressed because of the NEET fear. But if we try to recall the occasions where fear led to any positive results, we will only find the failure stories of Medical Aspirants. So, it is better to focus on studying rather than fearing it. For students who are still stressed out because of their NEET or JEE exam and thinking how to overcome the fear of failure in the exam, the tips given below will help them to boost their confidence.

How to Overcome the Fear of Failure in the Exam- Tips & Tricks

Some of the tips and tricks to overcome the fear of failure in the exam are discussed below : 

Prepare with a Positive Approach

It is very important to deal with the negativity inside our minds and keep it in check. For this, start involving in healthy competition with your friends, where you help each other in overcoming weaknesses. Practice more and more sets with your fellow aspirants and on your own. Learn from your mistakes and clear doubts from teachers and friends. Always keep a positive learning approach towards your studies, which will definitely help you in focusing on your exams.

Think Less and Work More

As it is always said, "Hard work is the key to success." You must focus more on preparing rather than thinking about the consequences. Results are not in your hands, but your efforts are. Hence, be focused more on your preparation. After learning concepts and questions, make sure to revise it multiple times to increase the memory retention capacity. Self-introspection is also very important to understand your weaker sides. After attempting some mock questions, it will be easier to get an idea of the topics in which you are not good. Identify them and start practising. It might be difficult to cope up, but with some extra efforts, it will be easy to excel even in those subjects.

Know Your Exam Pattern

Whether preparing for NEET or JEE exam, students need to know everything about the exam pattern for a strategic approach. By visiting different sites, discussing from teachers, referring to books and refreshers, it is important to get a clear understanding about the exam pattern of NEET. Then comes the marks distribution. With a thorough analysis of the previous year's question papers, students can get to know about the marking scheme of NEET. This will also help them in identifying the subject and topics which will be carrying more marks. Overall, a thorough knowledge about the examination will help the students in being aware of their goals and make a firm strategy.

Plan your Schedule and Preparation

Before beginning preparation, it is good to make a plan and stick to it thoroughly. Planning helps in sorting out the preparation and also building short term targets. In your planning, make sure to give time for practising previous year question papers, reading NCERT books, and revision. Revision plays an important part in the preparation. Hence, make sure to revise whatever you study in short intervals. It is equally important to do all these tasks with full concentration, be it studying different topics, practising questions, or giving mock tests. Good preparation for the examination will definitely help students in being confident about themselves and performing well.

Set Priority

Prioritizing is the key to management. Hence, to come up with a better plan, it is important to set priority to subjects and topics, and then work accordingly. To perform this priority set up task, it is important for students to thoroughly go through the NEET exam syllabus and understand the mark distribution to various topics in every subject in the examination. Undergoing previous year question papers will also help the students in understanding the exam pattern and marks distribution of the paper. Subjects should be prepared and practised as per the priorities decided by the students.

Don't Let Yourself Demoralize by NEET/JEE Failure Stories

This is another problem for some students. They start comparing them to other students. However, this practice is very harmful, and one should stop doing it immediately after knowing about it. Moreover, students also start fearing by imagining the consequences of not clearing the exams. On the contrary, students can motivate themselves by reading out the success stories of other medical aspirants, who cleared the exams with their dedication. Even there are many aspirants who failed in their first attempts and prepared again and cleared the exam by giving their best.

Talk to your Friends and Family.

Talking is the best way to deal with this situation. To overcome the NEET fear, aspirants can try talking to friends and family members about their studies and what they feel. Along with this, helping fellow aspirants in dealing with the situation will also help you in developing a sense of positivity and confidence, which will definitely help you in bringing out the best in your performance. Spend as little as 30 minutes of your time in other recreational activities like exercise, yoga, meditation, or running, which will refresh your mind.

By trying all these measures, aspirants can definitely overcome the fear of NEET examinations and focus more on their preparations.

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