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How Many Physics Questions in NEET Come from NCERT or of NCERT Type?

By Asmita KunduJune 06, 2022
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Importance of NCERT Physics Syllabus for NEET Exam

This is the most common question that arises from many who aspire to appear for the NEET in order to fulfill their dreams by getting into the ocean of Medical Education. They have thousands of questions haunting themselves when someone induces the idea of taking the NEET exam.

The most common questions raised are “What is NEET?”, “Why should I write NEET even after performing well in such a difficult Senior Secondary Board Examination?”, “What are the questions that will be asked in NEET?”, “Are the NCERT books enough for NEET preparation?”, “Who will be evaluating our papers?”, “How are the scores awarded?” and many more.

The question in the title is one such question that keeps pinching all of you out there and you always end up finding no satisfactory answers. We, at Vedantu, have successfully narrated the whole story behind the number of questions appearing in the NEET exam with facts and figures. This will help all enthusiastic learners like you to learn with great zeal and confidence.

You may be wondering “Why study physics when I am taking up medicine as my career?”. However, Physics plays a vital role in understanding the concepts and ideologies behind many equipment and machinery that you will be using as your medical assistants. It is important for you to have an elementary idea of the structure and functioning of the devices that you will be using. For this, the basics of Physics should be strong enough.

NEET in Limelight

The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (UG) which we all popularly identify as NEET (UG) is an examination conducted every year for the admission of candidates to MBBS / BDS courses and any other undergraduate medical courses in any of the medical or dental colleges across the country. 

Physics is Not Your Cup of Tea

Almost all the aspirants who have the ultimate goal of reaching heights in their professional career as a medical practitioner think that Physics is no way going to help them as they are into medical subjects. With this, they send an inappropriate message to the young medical aspirants that Physics is not very important.

Research has shown that Physics has held its tag of being the toughest among the three major subjects from ages in the NEET exam. Medical aspirants have a perspective that the questions are always tricky and based on concepts. There is a zero probability of assumptions in Biology and Chemistry. Students often fail to crack the Physics questions as these questions involve complex numerical calculations.

The Key to Success

Though we have information that around 35 to 40 questions in NEET are dedicated to the concepts of Physics, we do not have exact information on how many questions are exactly from the NCERT books or other books similar to those of NCERT. However, there is no doubt that the NCERT books will give an outstanding head start for the NEET preparation.

Being aware that NEET is an objective type question paper, you should make sure that you practice a lot of MCQs. Hence, it is always recommended to refer to as many study materials as possible to gain maximum knowledge of the type of questions that will appear in the NEET papers.

In addition to the NCERT books which are the building blocks to crack the questions from Physics or any other subject, the students should also attempt to solve questions from several other reference books. It is a matter of fact that though the NCERT books cover almost all the concepts of Physics, the level of questions is a little higher in other reference books. This will help you to be prepared for the worst case.

The previous year’s question papers have revealed that 15 to 20% of the total number of questions in Physics are directly from the NCERT books and another 15 to 20% of the total number of Physics questions is based on the NCERT curriculum. However, out of the remaining questions, 5 to 10% of them are from the logic-based concepts which are considered to be quite difficult. 

Sharpen Your Tools

Physics constitutes 25% of the total number of questions in the NEET question paper for the 2022 exam. So, it is important for all of you out there to equip your skills with additional sharpening tools. Most of them get confused that Physics and Mathematics are the same. This is because the chapters that introduce us to the concepts of Physics are generally Mechanics, Calculus etc., which involve a lot of numerical problems.

With this level of number crunching, we shouldn’t be carried away with the thoughts of finding similarities in Physics and Mathematics. Don’t forget that, unlike Mathematics, Physics also has several interesting real facts and theories. Mental preparation lays a strong foundation for the students to crack all the questions in the NEET exam from Physics. 

Success Tips By Toppers

It is always true that we learn a lot from the experiences of others. The students who have performed exceptionally well in the NEET exams and have been successful in cracking the Physics questions have a list of suggestions to pass on to the younger generation. 

Here are a few given below

  • Kick start with NCERT books.

  • As long as the chapters and concepts are understood thoroughly, stick to the NCERT books only. 

  • Use your class notes as the reference material.

  • Grab the logic behind the derivation of equations.

  • Once you are thorough with the NCERT books, leap forward into other reference materials. Look back into NCERT books if the situation demands. 

  • Take up as many mock tests as possible before appearing for the actual exam.

Do Not Panic! It is, after all, an examination and not the situation of survival. Never burn the midnight lamps. Keep calm and relaxed. Devote your time to preparation and action plans. 

FAQs on How Many Physics Questions in NEET Come from NCERT or of NCERT Type?

1. Are NCERT questions enough for NEET Physics?

Yes, NCERT is sufficient for NEET preparation, and it should be the primary source for NEET candidates. If you look at the question patterns from previous year’s NEET Question Papers, you can clearly see that more than 85% of the NEET questions are taken from the NCERT books. Considering this, let us conclude that NCERT is the best study resource for the NEET exam.

2. How many easy questions come from Physics in NEET?

We can not exactly say how many easy questions we can expect from the physics section. But, NEET Physics Paper Analysis for the previous year is as follows:

  • The physics section was the most difficult and time-consuming.

  • In both sections A and B, 4-5 difficult questions were asked.

  • 70% of the Physics paper was numerical.

3. Name the important topics of Physics for NEET 2022?

Modern Physics, Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Electrodynamics, SHM-Waves, and Optics are the six primary units in the NEET Physics syllabus from classes 11 and 12. Remember, 45 of the 180 NEET questions come from the Physics section.

4. Is the NEET exam difficult?

We're dealing with the country's only medical entrance exam, which attracts thousands of candidates but has a finite number of seats. This clearly indicates how difficult NEET is.

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